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"Morning sleeping beauty." Skyler said as he walked into the bedroom with breakfast.

Sophie slowly opened her eyes and blinked once or twice, then smiled when she saw her boyfriend.

She sat up and leaned against the pillows as Skyler sat beside her, sitting the tray of food on her lap.

"Mm, what's all this for babe?" she asked, taking the pretty red rose and the french toast along with coffee.

"Just a welcome home breakfast." he smiled, leaning over and kissing her cheek softly.

Sophie smiled, then went to eating.

"So, the band has a meeting with our agent in half an hour, then we're suppose to meet with a record company, and hopefully they'll sign us" Skyler said as she ate.

"That's great babe! Good luck." she smiles after swallowing her last bite of toast.

After she drank her coffee, she set the rose on the bed stand , and the tray on the floor then she leaned over and kissed Skyler gently.

"I didn't know you were such a good cook." she smiles.

"Gran taught me everything I know." he winks, making her giggle.

Skyler looked at his watch "Oh! I'd better head out to meet the band! Don't wanna be late." at that he hopped off the bed, and he was almost to the bedrooms door when he turned back and threw Sophie a plastic card and a silver key.

"Key to the apartment." he said briefly, then Sophie picked up the card and looked at it,

"What about this babe? It has my name on it.."

"It's a credit card from the old man, he said 'have fun and splurge'" he winked before blowing a kiss to her, grabbing his jacket and walking out the door.

"Splurge, huh?" Sophie smiled, holding onto the credit card as she looked around the empty bedroom and apartment.

After a couple minutes, Sophie got out of bed and got dressed, then walked out onto the balcony overlooking the ocean.

"God, this place, a beach front apartment must've cost a fortune!" she thought to herself, then smiling she turned around and walked into the bathroom to fix her makeup.

After she finished with her makeup, she walked out into the living/kitchen area and found a phonebook.

"Yes, hello? Is this Masques apartment design?" she said into the phone.

"Sure is Ma'am! How can I help you?"

Sophie told him her plans and what she wanted, and he told her he'd send someone over A.S.A.P, so she walked over to the window and looked out as she waited.

Ten or twenty minutes passed, then her doorbell rang.

She walked over to the door and opened it to find a man in his early twenties with dark blue eyes and sandy blond hair.

"You Sophie Nicholson?" he said, his voice deep and scratchy.

Sophie cleared her throat and smiled, "I am."

He grinned and held his hand out and shook hers.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Luke Masques, and I'll be your personal designer."

"Nice to meet you too, Luke. Now tell me, you think we can get this place looking nice before, say about six, seven o'clock?"

"I'm pretty positive we can, if we start now." he smiles.

"Great! Now, where do we start?"

"Well, here in my papers, I have a info thing that we'll fill out, so lets get started."

They both walked over to the small table and he laid the paper in front of him, ready to write.

"Alright, so I'll ask the questions, you answer, sound good?"

Sophie smiles, "Sounds good."

"Alright, color for the walls?"

"Well, I was thinking for the whole kitchen/living area like a pale blue then for the bedroom and bathroom a more sky blue."

"Good, now since I see you already have a TV, bed, bedside table, dining table and chairs we can cross those off the list how about seating for the living area here?"

"I was thinking just a love-seat maybe tan?"

After about an hour, they had everything sorted out and good to go.

"Alright! Well, the way Masque's design works, is you give us the info and time allotment, and we'll do the best to please you, so while we work on turning this place into a lovely apartment you, my dear can go have fun, maybe shop, and we'll call you the second we're finished, sound good?"

She smiles, "Sounds Great! Thank you so much Luke, your amazing."

At that, she went into the bedroom and got her bag and grabbed her keys and her credit card and left Luke to the place.

Once she got to the lobby area, she walked over to the front desk, and was greeted by a bright eyed man.

"Ms. Nicholson! Here are your car keys, left by Mr. Claymore for you." he said, handing her the keys.

"Car? My car keys?"

"Yes, My dear, yours." he grinned and winked "Take this ticket out to the valet and they'll bring it to you.

"Thank you, sir!" she smiled, walking out the door and finding her way to the valet's.

She did as the guy said and gave the valet the ticket, the valet man smiled and walked off to find her car.

Moment's later he drove up in a slick black Audi, got out and nodded.

Sophie stood there in awe, not believing her eyes.

"Sky got me a freaking Audi?!" she said to herself, shaking her head in disbelief, then smiling at the valet guy and hopping into her new car.

The car was equip with GPS, Bluetooth and everything else one could think of.

Sophie looked at the clock, it was almost eight forty-five, so she figured Sky would be about an hour into the meeting, so she'd just call and leave a message on his phone.

She pressed a few buttons on the touch screen in the dash area and it opened the phone program.

"Call, Skyler Claymore." she said clearly.

"Calling, Skyler Claymore." the computer said back politely.

After a couple rings she got his voice mail.

"Hey, you've reached Skyler, yeah I didn't answer now, but I assure you I'll call back as soon as I get your message, so leave a message after the beep." Sophie giggled as she waited for the beep, then she took a deep breath to stop from her giggle fit and spoke.

"Hey babe, I know your probably still in your meeting, I hope it's going well. Anyways I just wanted to thank you for everything, this is so far the best first day-in-a-new-place ever, I love my car! Compliments of your dad?" she chuckles, pausing, then she continues "Anyways, I've got a surprise for you when you get home, be sure to call me before you head back, kay? I love you Sky, talk to you soon babe."

She hit's the 'end call' button and continues to drive.

Finally she found her way into town, LA was hard to maneuver in, but she'd get used to it.

She drove around looking for a place to park, and finally she found a huge parking garage, so she pulled up to it, paid and drove in to park.

Twenty or so minutes later she was parked and ready to shop, seeing as how she only brought three pairs of clothes.

Once she was on the main sidewalk, looking at all the shops, her phone rang, so she got it out of her pocket and looked at the caller ID.

"Mitchell Claymore?" she said, thinking for a moment, "OH! Skyler's dad!" she said, remembering the name, then picking it up.

"Hey! Mr, Claymore!"

"Please Sophie, call me dad, your way to formal." he chuckles.

"Okay, sorry dad." she giggles.

"How you liking your new Audi? And the credit card? "

"I love my car! It's amazing! And the credit card, goodness you and your son spoiling me rotten!"

He chuckles, "Of course my dear! You deserve everything in the world. And of course, I never got the daughter I wanted, so I didn't get to spoil anyone, well I spoiled Skyler quite a bit, but it's more fun to spoil girls."

"Well, thank you, so much dad. Hey, you anywhere near town?"

"Yes, indeed I am. I'm at my office."

"Great! If you have any time off, how about we have lunch later on?"

"Sounds good, call me and I'll meet you."

"Alright! Will do, dad. Thanks again."

"My pleasure, bye Soph."

After she hung up the phone and put it back in her pocket, she continued to window shop, then finally she walked into a store she had heard of called P.J London, which she figured was a good place to start.

After walking around the store for half an hour, and practically wanting everything she saw, she managed to walk out of the store with only two bags.

But, those bags were just a bit full.

After passing a few food places she found another store called Chemline, so she walked in.

An hour later, she came out with two more bags.

By the time she hit up Hollister and Abercrombie, it was eleven-fifty-four.

So she decided once she found a bench to sit on, to call Mitchell.

After three rings, he picked up.

"Sophie! Have fun shopping?"

"Did I ever! Oh, I asked someone in the last store I was in, what was a good place to eat around here and she suggested Park Grill Restaurant, it's just a few blocks from here, on Avenue of the Stars."

"Ah, yes that place is quite nice. I'll be there in say, five to ten minutes."

"Alright, see you soon."

Once she hung up, she looked up across the street, only to see Jonny Depp walking down the sidewalk.

"I love, love, LOVE California!" she thought to herself.

After she walked back to her car and put her bags in the trunk, she headed back to the main sidewalk to find her way to the restaurant, while she was walking she decided to call Sara for the fun of it.

The phone rang twice and she immediately picked up.

"Soph! how's California? Is it gorgeous, and sunny? Are there movie stars EVERYWHERE?!" Sara squeaked into the phone.

"Hello to you too Sara." Sophie laughed, "California's amazing, very nice and sunny and quite gorgeous. As for the movie stars, I saw Kristen Bell shopping, and Jonny Depp just walked down the side walk."

"Ohmigod! I so wish I was there!"

Sophie giggled, "Maybe this summer you can come stay with your dad?"

"Maybe, but mom still is kinda sore towards him."

"Speaking of your dad, I'm almost to the place where I'm meeting him for lunch, so I'll talk to you later, kay?"

"Kay! Tell him I said Hi, and that I love him and miss him."

"Will do, talk to you later."

As she hung up she stood in front of the Park Grill, so she put her phone back into her purse and walked in.

She walked up to the receptionist and smiled.

"Has Mr. Claymore come in by any chance?" she asks.

"He just got in, are you Ms. Nicholson?"

"I am."

"Then right this way."

The man led her to a nice table near the back and pulled out her chair for her before she sat.

"Thank you." she smiled back at him as he nodded and walked back to his place.

"You get prettier and prettier every day, my dear Sophie." Mitchell smiles.

"Thanks, dad. Your looking quite well yourself."

"Why thank you." he chuckles, his bright blue eyes sparkling like the stars in the sky.

After a minute or so a waitress came by and stood at their table.

"Good afternoon, I'm Jen and I'll be your waitress, what can I get you to drink?"

"I'll have non-sweet iced tea, please." Mitchell smiled.

"I'll have the same." Sophie said.

"Alright, I'll bring those while you decide."

After they both looked over the menu for a few minutes Mitchell put his down.

"I hear their fish and steak is quite sumptuous." he smiles, clasping his hands together.

"I think I'll try the steak." Sophie says after putting her menu on the table as well.

"Good, and I'll try the fish, then we can taste each?"

"Sounds good."

After a minute or so the waitress came back, and set their drinks down in front of them.

"Decided on anything?"

"We have." Sophie smiles, "I'm going to have the steak with veggies."

"And I'll have the fish with mashed potato's"

"Coming right up!" she smiles as she turns and heads back to the kitchen.

After a bit of silence, Mitchell cleared his throat, therefore catching Sophie's attention.

"So, did Skyler pick out a good apartment? I haven't a chance to visit it yet."

"Yeah, it's a wonderful apartment, right on the beach too, if you step out onto the balcony you have a perfect view of the beach and the ocean. It's got a nice big living room/kitchen area and the master bedroom and one guest room." she pauses taking a breath, "and it's very spacious, plus it's got nice storage space. It's absolutely perfect. I'm actually re-decorating it as a surprise for Sky when he gets home"

Mitchell leans on the table, hands still clasped and his chin resting on them, totally entranced by her depiction.

"That sounds very nice." he finally says, smiling.

"Hey, if your not busy after this I could show you the place."

"I would like that, very much!" he grins, unclasping his hands and clapping once.

They continued their conversation as it went to different subjects, then after a bit their food came.

Once they were finished eating, he insisted on paying so she let him, then they walked out onto the sidewalk.

"Well, my car's that way" she says, pointing to the direction she came from.

"And mines just down there." he adds, pointing the opposite direction "How about you can come with me in my car, and I'll have my driver go pick up yours."

"Oh, that sounds good, you sure that's not too much trouble?"

"Oh not at all! Pierre likes getting to drive new cars-" he pauses, opening the door and telling Pierre the plan.

So Pierre came out and stood beside Mitchell as they stood in front of Sophie.

"Just tell Pierre here where your parked and the address of your apartment and he'll meet us there." he finished, patting Pierre on the back.

So, Sophie did as she was instructed and gave Pierre her parking pass, keys and address, once he saw the parking pass he recognized the place, so she didn't have to instruct him on how to get to the parking place.

After Pierre was off, Mitchell smiled and hopped into the riders seat, leaving Sophie to drive.

Once she got in he looked to her and grinned.

"I figure, it's easier for you to drive to your apartment, than it is to instruct me on how to get there."

She smiles and giggles, "That is quite a brilliant idea."

So she put her foot on the gas and pulled out into the road.

Coincidentally the restaurant was only a few miles or so from her apartment, so they got there in about ten or fifteen minutes.

She noticed Pierre pull into a parking space just a few seconds before they pulled in and parked.

Once Sophie had her keys back and Pierre was back in Mitchell's car, Sophie led him to the elevator.

"Luckily this place has an elevator, seeing as how we're on the seventh floor." she laughed.

He laughs along with her as they stand in the elevator, heading up.

"Indeed that is lucky, it would be quite dreadful to have to walk up seven stories, epically if you forgot something and had to go all the way back down." he continued to laugh, remembering how his wife would forget one thing or another every once in a while.

"You know, Lucy always wanted grandkids, but Skyler always insisted Hailey had to have the first grandkid even though when he said that, she was nine!"

"So, Skyler and I have to wait till Hailey's old enough to have kids eh?" Sophie laughs.

"You never know, Skyler likes to change his mind, and I'm certain he should have since he met you."

"One step at a time." Sophie blushes, then the elevator gets to the seventh floor and 'bing!'

"Ah, saved by the bell." Mitchell laughs.

They walked down the small hall to the apartment door, Sophie got out her key and unlocked it, then before opening the door and stepping she turned back to Mitchell.

"Oh, my designer guys probably aren't finished, so just a warning." she smiled, then opening the door and letting them both in.

The tour took about twenty minutes or so, of course they had to be careful where they stepped, and so on.

After Mitchell had seen the whole house, Sophie walked him to the door.

As he was standing in the hall, right outside the door, Sophie leaned on the door smiling.

"Well, the apartment is magnificent! Apart from the construction, but I'm sure when their finished it'll be absolutely exquisite! So I'll have to stop back by, once it's finished."

"Thank you, it is quite wonderful-"

"Ms. Nicholson!" came one of the worker's voices.

Sophie giggled and looked back at Mitchell.

"Well, dad looks like I'm being called, I'll see you later, save driving."

"See ya, Soph, and thanks again for the tour. "

"No problem." she smiles, closing the door and walking back into the apartment to find whoever called her.

After walking around the apartment, she found the caller.

"And what's your name?" she asks, taking the teen with his dark brown hair and deep green eyes.

"Mark Masques, ma'am."

"Alright Mark, and call me Sophie, or Soph for short."

"Okay ma'- I mean Sophie." he grins.

"Now, what was it you wanted?"

"Well, we need your opinion before we paint the walls, there were two colors close to the ones you wanted, so we brought them both, so you could choose." he smiled, holding up the two color papers.

She thought for a moment and picked the one she liked the best, then she went into the bedroom and laid across the bed.

"If anyone needs me, I'll be in here- Oh! Luke!" she says, catching a glimpse of Luke's blond hair.

"Yeah, Soph?" he turns around and walks back to her.

"You think you can do this room first, or finish it, it looks about done, just needs painting, right?"

"Yes indeed we can do that, all it does need is to be painted, how do you like it so far?"

"Oh, I love it!" she smiles.

"Good! I'll get Mark and Matt in here painting on the double." and at that he turns to find the boys.

About three hours and twenty or so decisions later, the designers were all finished and gone, all besides Luke.

Sophie had fallen asleep on her bed finally, Luke didn't want to wake her but just as he was almost out the door, she woke up.

"Luke?" she said sleepily from the bedroom.

He shut the door and walked back into the bedroom.

"Your awake, I was just about to leave, I didn't want to wake you."

"You all finished?"

"All finished." he smiles, moving a strand of stray hair from her face.

"Mind if I look around?"

"Not at all, it's your place after all." he smiles.

After walking around the apartment for a good five or ten minutes, completely awed with the result of the whole thing.

"Oh, Lukeā€¦it's absolutely amazing! I love it! And Sky's going to love it, thank you so much!" she says smiling as she hugs him tightly.

"I'm glad you like it!" he smiles, hugging her back. "Well, I'd better head out"

"Alright, thank you so, so much again, the place looks amazing," she wiped the tears from her eyes and hugged him once more.

"It was our pleasure, on behalf of the Masques family, and a few friends, it was our pleasure." then with that, he opens the door, steps out and closes it behind him.

After a minute or so of soaking up the new appearance of the place, Sophie's phone beeped, so she went into the bedroom and got it out of her bag.

It was a new voice mail, so she called, put in the pass and waited.

"You have, one new message: My darling, I'll be home earlier than I planned, I can't wait to tell you all about today, it's about four, so I should be back by about five, maybe a little before, I love you. End of new messages, to erase-" before it could continue she ended the call and looked at the clock, it was four-fifty-seven.

Sophie decided to go into the kitchen to find something to eat, while she was doing so she heard a knock on the door, so she sprinted to it and opened it.

Only to be greeted by strong warm arms and a brief, but passionate kiss.

"Mm, welcome home babe." she smiles.

He looks at her and smiles, then he looks around the apartment.

"Whoa! You went all out Soph! this place looks amazing!" he says, completely surprised.

"I had a little, well a lot of help." she adds, as he walks around the place.

"It's amazing, your amazing." he smiles, walking back to her, wrapping his arms around her waist, then her legs and picking her up brides-style, therefore making her giggle.

He walked over to the new couch and sat on it, with her on his lap and his arms still around her waist.

"So? Did you get it?"

He was silent for a minute, then he grinned widely "Did we get it?! Hell yeah! The record was so entranced they couldn't even speak! They signed us right then and there, we start recording next Monday!"

"That's amazing! I'm so happy for you guys! You totally deserve it! You guys sound amazing." she smiles, kissing him once more.

"Yeah, we're stoked. Anyway how was your day, my love?"

"It was amazing, a bit after you left I went down to the lobby, and found I had a car, and of all cars an Audi! Thank you so much babe! It's amazing! After I was all calmed down, I went shopping, then I had lunch at this great place just a couple miles from here with your dad, then we came back here and I showed him the place, then the designers continued working, and I ended up falling asleep on the bed." she takes a deep breath and lets it out, "It was an amazing day, with an amazing end." she smiles, kissing his cheek.

"Well, the amazing end hasn't quite happened yet." Sky chuckles, picking her up again and whisking her into the bedroom and laying her on the bed.

And at that, was the best first day in a new place. Ever.

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