Hidden beneath the shadows in a dark eerie alley, I see her skipping down the busy street, talking, laughing with her friends. Everyone thinks she's perfect; I can see the jealousy in her friends' eyes. Beautiful long black hair and enticing dark blue eyes. She's gorgeous but she doesn't know it. That's not all either. She's sweet and smart. Always smiling, every minute of her life, she looks like she's the world's happiest person.

Not even close.

Hidden behind those stunning eyes, there's pain.

Nobody but me can see it, of course being the shallow people they are, but she's suffering.

I watch silently, leaning against a wall casually as a couple of guys wink at her and her smile gets a little faker.

Of course, I'm the only one who knows that.

She's far from perfect.

A/N: Let me get one thing straight: I am NOT a writer. Sure I read a lot and I have one story up but that was for a school project. Believe it or not, I got this from League Of Super Evil (you know the underwear episode with the guy in the alley?)

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