Chapter 1


It had been four months since it happened, and I went through it all. The horror I had been through; the ongoing brutality of this new world, and all I had ever longed for was a way to get back home.

It was too late for me now however, I had already completed the transaction and my price was my voice. I could never speak again, it was the price I payed for the pact of the new world.

The over lords brought me here, and it wasn't a choice. I was forced here, by them, and I will never forgive them for it. I was stolen from reality, I was stolen from the truth, and I had to pay the price for being stolen.

I was sleeping at the time. . . . my human body; so peaceful, and so painless, so simple, yet troubled by life. Now I wish for it more then ever, I awoke here, in the illuminated darkness of the new world. The very large two moons lighting up the world like a fantastic dream, and many different colored fireflies floated and buzzed like magic, swirling around ponds or small fields.

I was so naive back then, I had thought it was all a dream, since I remembered falling asleep and never waking up. My human eyes needed to adjust to the moons light, and my fingers trembled slightly from the cold. Most of all however, I was simply amazed at the beautiful world around me. I wanted to explore my imagination and keep dreaming, I loved the rush of fantasy, and at the time I would have gave everything to stay asleep.

That is when they came, they searched for me, and after a week of starving myself and waiting for the dream to end. They found me, and took me in. They fed me gourmet foods from this world and told me how magical and wondrous this world was. They even lied to my face and said they too were humans who stumbled upon this area. They asked me to join them, and when I refused I was tortured. I was hooked up to machines and experimented on. The thought of the horror and pain I went through still brought tears to my eyes on sleepless nights, but when I finally agreed on the condition I could wake up in my human world, they stopped as if nothing had happened. They made me sign a pact with the new worlds core, and they told me I would pay a price. I still agreed unknowingly, and the core stole my voice.

A pact is when one merges with something else to become something new, needless to say, I am not human anymore.

They lied and lied to me, again and again. "It isn't painful..." they would say, "Trust us, your one of us." their voices would cloud over one by one. "you can return anytime you wish if you concentrate."

I lived like that, becoming more aware of their lies each passing day, and look at what that made me into.

A monster of this world, that's what I am.

The glowing yellow of my eyes, the sharpened fangs, the shaggy black wolf like ears, morphed and clawed hands and feet, small spikes on each elbow, and the deadly stinger hidden by the black fur on my tail, said it all.

Dangerous, monster, scary, horrid, outcast. Whatever the word, I was it. I had unnatural powers and I could morph into a horrid monster that didn't at all look friendly, I was alone, friendless, feared, and filled with fury and anger towards them. I wanted revenge, I wanted to be human yet again, and most of all I wanted a friend.

Maybe I was selfish, but some part of me, even if it were a very small portion of me, wanted someone else to go through what I did. I wanted someone to suffer like I did, and I wanted someone to look as I do. Then, that person wouldn't run away from me when they see my glowing eyes in the darkness of the forests.

The three suns had risen slowly from different areas of the beautiful new world, one was orange, one was blue, and another was yellow and they all made different colors cast and reflect across the sky or reflective waters. Feathered winged butterflies had slowly fluttered out of their trees and made soft humming noises as they flew with such speed, and they chattered like birds in many arrays of colors. The small breeze that emitted from the sea had caressed my cheek as I lay down on the warm blue grass surrounding many cliffs and rocks that scaled the area.

I gave up hope a few days ago, and decided to enjoy my time being alive. Sure I had enough fantasy for a lifetime but this fantasy was now my reality, and my old reality was officially my new fantasy. It was something I dreamed about whenever I felt sad, it was something I looked forward to as I slept.

It was a peaceful day today, and I noticed many peculiar new animals roamed the forest nowadays. They seemed lost and confused, but having fun like some game as well. I couldn't understand it though, it seemed bazaar if you asked me, but then again everything was bazaar in the new world.

I had found a cave for shelter about a month ago, and have been living there since. It seemed suitable enough for someone like me, I was a monster and I was usually in my animal form because of the fact my shredded human form was too unnatural and useless to me in the wild. I needed my stronger build if I needed to run away, and I needed my senses to find food and safety.

I thought after I had made my pact and was free to leave, that I would be done with them, but I guess not. Since they had found me one morning and tried to capture me, I obviously ran away but I couldn't help but wonder what they were going to do with me of all creatures.

My name is Feral and I was stolen four months ago, I am now currently a shifter and I'm on the run from them. Be careful while reading this, because knowing the truth can make you become a target for them more easily. Be vigilant while you sleep, because if you allow your mind to open up, you too can become stolen and your fate could be worse then mine. Or anyone in the new world for that matter, stay on your toes and try to keep up, because I won't wait for you.

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