I wake up to total darkness and my alarm clock flashing and blaring like a banshee. I rolled over and tried to block it out.


"Devon turn that damn thing off before I come in there and shove it someplace that you'd find really uncomfortable!"

Ah, it never fails.

I rolled back over and after three failed attempts, finally managed to turn the alarm off.

Gods above how I hate winter. Why did the gods turn down the sun? I should write them a really nasty letter.

After stumbling our of bed and somehow making my way into the bathroom, I proceeded to strip our of my Scooby-Doo boxers. Taking extra precaution not to look in the mirror, I climbed into the shower, and turned the water on at the same time I pulled the little lever thing to turn a bath in to a shower immediately.

I yelped as the icy waters seemed to melt into my skin and sent shivers down my spine.

Oh yeah, I was definitely wide-awake now.

After spending about twenty minutes in the shower scrubbing myself down with my new spring meadow body wash and lavender scented shampoo, I reluctantly turned the water off, and climbed out, letting the cold air wrap around my body. I shivered as I reached for the comforting warmth of my towel.

After drying myself off thoroughly, I clothed myself with a navy blue tank-top and black baggy jeans. Now I was faced with the nigh impossible task of getting Sarah out of bed.

Lets just say that getting bitched at for twenty minutes is a good day.

I knocked lightly on the door.


"Come in." Om my gods, she actually told me to come in? usually its 'go the hell away' or 'get the hell out.'

Something is going on. I walked into her old Victorian styled room. It was really elegant except for her posters of 'Tokyo Hotel' on all of her walls.

Her taste in music was something to be desired. (A/n I do not mean to insult the band known as Tokyo hotel or bear it any ill will, it is just one of the only bands I can think of at this moment)

I looked around and openly gawked as my eyes fell on the empty bed.

"You just going to stare at a bed you know you're never going to get into or are we going to go to school?"

I didn't reply. I was to busy questioning the balance of the universe. Because obviously it was very out of whack.

She repeatedly snapped her fingers in my face to get my attention. A little cliché but it worked.

"So? Are you going to stare at the bed all day like a moron or are we actually going to go to the academic prison the population of people call school?"

"Um, sure?"

"Uh huh, well? What are we waiting for? Lets get going!" something is really wrong, shes never this cheery in the morning, not even on Christmas. Well, I don't blame her for that. The only gifts the two of us ever get are from each other and Keith.

I smiled as I thought of keith, he was so adorable, like a life sized teddy bear you could squeeze and cuddle when your scared. Yeah we have a past, not that you need to know it.

But don't piss him off, mine and Sarahs crap is all the crap he'll put up with, and for being only five foot six he could kick ass with the best of them.

Speaking of keith…

There was a knock at the door, there he is.

Sarah opened the door, "There you are, were waiting on Devon."

"Im ready to go when you are."

"Allright then, were off."

We headed out of our dorm and into the streets. Again I ask why is there such a horrible thing like winter. Its pointless. We were close enough to walk to the main buildings and sarah and keith needed the excersise.

They weren't fat, or even chunky, they were skinny. Which is why they need excersise, because theyre twigs. They need muscle. Especially keith. You see, Sarah doesn't get into very many fights, when she disagrees with someone or someone disagreed with her, she talked her way out of it, thus avoiding a fight.

Keith was different, when someone disagreed with him, he manipulated them into seeing things his way with logic. So I guess you couldn't say he was manipulating them.

But because he is fairly short with red hair he gets into fights with most of the male population. He usually wins but if he does loose the winner gets into a bitching contest with Sarah.

And Sarah is undefeated.

When people realized that they couldn't pick on keith without sarah screaming at them they started to back off. Not that he needed them too though.

And then there was me. I don't get into any fights. Due to my goth clothing and scary friends people ended up leacing me alone. As a wise person once said, "it pays to have friends."

"Hey Devon, watch this." I turned to look at keith when he blew a puff of fog in my face.

I glared at him but he giggled at me and I couldn't help but laugh at him and myself.

"Im surrounded by retarted babies. Someone shoot me." Sarah grumbled to no one in particular.

We ignored her and kept laughing to ourselves. I laughed even harder when keith stopped looking where he was walking and ran into a wall.

I suddenly remembered something.

"Hey Sarah, how come you were up so early this morning? Is something going on?"

"No, I just felt getting up early, I uh, had my marine anatomy homework to finish."

Yeah, no. Sarah never forgets to do her homework, she always did it when she got home. It was like an unwritten law or something.

'Sarah must always do her homework or the apocalypse will come about.'

…Sarah keep doing your homework.

It wasn't long before the three of us split up to go to our separate 'classrooms.'

I had biology now. Uh im majoring in this to learn about animals, not 'photosynthesis and cellular respiration.'

This crap is boring! Sometimes I wonder how I don't fall asleep in this class.

"Okay class," the teacher said in that dull, monotone voice of his. "we have a new student, please welcome Jamie Allens."

OH MY GODS ABOVE! Was the first thought I had, and then the words 'rainbow power' jumped into my head. Then I was back to gawking at him.

He had fairly straight inky black hair with blond streaks in it. He wore a black shirt obviously a size two small with a neon green leather jacket and dark, blood red pants.

He was so hot!

"Now, where should I seat you…" The teacher mused. A couple girls across the class straightened up at the teachers words. A couple more did little things to get the teachers attention in hopes of sitting by the new kid.

He looked at me, oh no, there is no way I could survive this class if such a hot guy sat next to me. Please not here please not here please not here!

"Go and have a seat behind Devon over there." NO! damn you Mr. Rogers, damn you! Fate will get you back for this!

He sauntered over to the desk behind mine. 'just ignore him' I repeated to myself.

"Well hello there." He whispered in my ear. "Whats your name?"

Stupid question. He knew my name, I guess he just wanted to hear me make a fool of myself.

"Im D-devon, um hi." Smooth Devon, really smooth.

He chuckled at my nervousness.

"Well hello there Devon, im Jamie, nice to eat you."

Eat? "I think you mean 'meet.' "Nice to meet you."

He laughed at me more. "Sure okay. Nice to meet you. But I have every intention on tasting you too." To emphasize his point he let his eyes wander up and down my body, lingering on certain places. Places his eyes had no business to be looking at.

"Mr. Allens, would you mind telling me what organelle contributes to photosynthesis?"

He groaned so that only I could hear. I guessed he didn't know the answer.

"Psst, its chloroplasts." I whispered to him.

"Thanks" I heard him mutter.

"Mr. Allens?"

"Is it the chloroplast?"

"Correct." He went back to his lecture.

"Thanks for that." He nudged me.

"Its no problem."

We sat in our seats, dozing off until class ended. When the bell rang I picked up my things and bolted from the biology hall. 'Please don't follow me' I chanted in my head.

I heard footsteps behind me. oh no.

"Hey devon, wait your ass up!" oh good, it was only Sarah. I waited for her to catch up.

"So whats got your panties in a bunch?" She asked as we walked towards our English class.

"Well, there is this new kid in my…" I trailed off as I caught the knowing look in her eyes.

"Sarah Henegan you had better spill everything you know about him of I swear to whatever diety you worship I will never cook food for you ever again!" I made sure to emphasize 'ever'

For a moment she looked reluctant to answer. Then her stomach growled and that was all the motivation she needed.

"He's gay, has an, and I quote, "amazing fashion sense." And he tops."

Okay, not a whole lot of information. But at least its something.

"Any info' that will help me know just what kind of person he's looking for?"

"No, but I could very easily call Crystal- wait a minute, why do you want to know?" she grinned evily. Man I hated that grin.

"Oh you can bet im not going to give in that easily. You have to work for it."

Shit! She wasn't going to make this easy was she?

She caught the look in my eye.

"Nope." Was all she said.