This story was influenced by Yurima's song "River Flows in You". IT's quite a beautiful song, and I recommend that you listen to it while reading this fic.

She had wanted to create a world devoid of fighting, a world with peace. Anything but the way that it had been then.

Eventually, she had created the International Peace Society, and through a long period of time, the society's goal was a success. The governments of the world agreed to never fight again, proof that fighting was an outdated way to settle things.

At least, that was what I had always envisioned, for someone to save people from fighting. My goal was for peace to reign over all, and for no wars to ever start, neither fighting. I wished for everything to never have to resort to violence, and I just wanted for people to be kind to one another. That was all that I had longed for. In short, it was my dream.

That was until I was caught up in the fighting itself, and was ordered to kill. Afterwards, I realized why people fight. It's because they are afraid of other people, and the unknown. It is a reaction towards what we cannot understand, and it causes more things to happen that others do not understand, causing everyone who is affected to fight. Eventually, this fear dies out, but not completely. When another fight emerges, we fear again, and the cycle is repeated. If no one was fearful, then our world would be devoid of fighting. But, we are not perfect, and thus we fight. Because of sin, we fight. We are helpless, and so we try to be strong. I turned to god, and asked him to help me be strong, for each day I was ordered to kill more. Eventually, I had a revelation through god, and decided that I would be at the top, so that I could help those below me, and in turn they would protect those under them. I know it's a childish idea, but what else was I supposed to try to do to atone for my sins?

After a while, I was at the top, and I helped those below me, and shared my ideals, so that they would in turn help me to make this world a better place. That was when I was truly thankful, and there was peace.

But then, it was all broken when an explosion occurred at a military facility, and the investigators later said the cause was a bomb that had been purposely detonated. That started the wars all over again, and many more people died, including one of my friends, who died saving my life…

The smoke obscured the battlefield, and I could barely make out silhouettes in the midst of it all. A gunshot was all that I could hear and a thump of a body as it hit the ground. I turned to my right, where I had heard it.

On the ground lay Thalia, my first friend in the military. It had been ages ago when we had first met, and I remember her reaching out her hand to greet me, just when we were young adults. Now, seeing my wrinkled hands, I remember what I had thought I knew when I was young. I was wrong. The world is full of sin, yes, and fear does make people fight , but there is another thing that makes people fight harder.

They fight for the ones they love, and for the ones that they had lost. Some do it for revenge, others because they want to protect those dear to them. I can't believe I had been so stupid as to think that fighting was only about the individual, no feelings involved.

I reached out towards Thalia, my wrinkled hand finding her equally wrinkly hand. I knew that she was dead, and yet I held her hand like I had shaken it when we were young. Tears streamed down my face, I had known that it would probably end this way, but I had never been prepared.


Screaming my lungs out, I headed into the battlefield to avenge my friend.

Now, as I am thinking of all of this, I realize that I had never achieved a perfect world. My whishes that I had had when I was young were not granted. Today, on my death bed, I realized that all I had been fighting for had never actually come true. Only once did my wish be granted.

But, I was being selfish again. Had I not been happy? I had had friends, and they had helped me along my quest for peace. They were what mattered. I was glad at that moment, and I think I died peacefully then.

Of course, my husband, Tim, screamed out for me, he said that he should be the one to die first. This is what I said to him,

"What matters most in the world to me has been realized, and I am glad that I had the time to get to love you…"

With that, I had died peacefully on my deathbed.

Later I realized that he probably had had no clue as to what the most important thing in the world was. Oh well…


That was random….

Anywho, this was (as I'll say up at the top) inspired by the song 'River Flows in You' by Yiruma. It's a kind of sad song… but it inspired me randomly to do this. And it helped me realize kind of that all of your individuality matters, and that you should love those who are dear to you. That's all I have to say.

The world that she originally wanted was a world where people, even if they don't know each other, are kind to one another, like they know them. It's kind of like Orange Lutheran High School, or at least what I think it's like. I'm still in middle school.

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