Bobby's First Steps

Most baby bunnies are born in the spring, when the grasses are sweet and moist and the plants give the bunnies seeds that are good to eat. Bobby Bunny wasn't like most other bunnies. Bobby Bunny was special from the very day he was born.

Bobby was born at the very end of the cold winter, when the sweet grasses and plant seeds were just starting to peek out of the white snow. He was always one step ahead of all the other bunnies, even when it came to being born.

And he caused enough trouble in the hospital for two bunnies. Or at least that's what the doctors told Mrs. Bunny. No matter how many times the nurses would put him in his basinet, Bobby would find a way to hop out and find where they kept the bottles.

"Our boy is special," Mr. Bunny would tell Mrs. Bunny.

"Oh, I know," Mrs. Bunny would answer, "Just look at him!"

Bobby had big blue eyes and soft fur the color of buttermilk. There were no other bunnies in the whole town that looked quite like Bobby. And of course, there were none with quite the same energy of the bouncing buttermilk baby Bobby Bunny. He could hop all over the house, and Mrs. Bunny could never quite keep up with him. The only way to get him to stop was to give him his favorite treat – fresh, sweet raspberries.

Now, one thing you should know about bunnies is, from the very day they are born, a bunny can hop, hop, hop all he wants. But he can't walk. Not yet, anyways. When a baby bunny becomes just a little bunny, he learns to walk. It's much easier then for their parents to keep up with them.

Bobby was still a baby bunny – not quite just a little bunny – when he woke up in his crib, really really really wanting some of his Mama's red, ripe, raspberries. Bobby sat up and looked around him. He had never gotten out of his crib before, but that was because he had never tried. Bobby could do anything he set his mind to, and he knew it.

So with a wiggle of his fluffy tail and a flick of his long ears, he gave a mighty hop and jumped over his crib railing. He hop hop hopped to the top of the stairs, then stop stop stopped. His long ears pricked forward and his pink nose wiggled. He heard something in the kitchen. And he smelled his Mama's raspberries.

Very carefully, very quietly, Bobby baby-hopped down the stairs, through the living room, to the kitchen. With his big blue eyes, he looked around the corner to see who could be in the kitchen and, more importantly, who was eating his raspberries.

The first thing Bobby saw was a long pink tail, with no hair. Then he saw a big hairy body, large round ears, and a pointed face. On that pointed face was a pointy nose and a mouth with big, pointy teeth. And in those big pointy teeth was a big, juicy mouthful of his favorite raspberries!

The rat (though Bobby didn't know that was what it was called) turned to look at the baby bunny. Little Bobby trembled in his PJs as the pointy-faced monster stood over him, red raspberry juice dripping from its jaws. Please, don't laugh at Bobby for being scared of a rat. He was just a baby after all, and a rat is much bigger to a baby bunny than it is to you or me.

The rat reached into Mrs. Bunny's basket of fresh fruit and pulled out another raspberry. Slowly, he held it out to baby Bobby. Bobby looked at the raspberry. He looked at the rat. He almost turned and ran away. But then he got a smell of that sweet raspberry and he reached out for it.

The monster quickly pulled it away from his tiny paws and tossed it into his pointy-toothed mouth. And then he laughed at Bobby. Bobby frowned, his whiskers twitching. He had never been laughed at before. He didn't like it. Bobby reached out with one tiny paw and boxed that mean old rat right on the nose. The rat stopped laughing, then growled.

Bobby stuck out his little pink tongue. The rat jumped at him and tried to grab him, but Bobby jumped as high as he could, and he jumped right over the rat. And then he landed on its tail. The rat screamed and turned around, trying to catch Bobby.

He gave another mighty hop and landed on the rat's back, grabbing a big round ear in each of his paws. The rat shook itself and ran in circles, jumping and twisting and trying everything he could to get that little bunny off of his back. But Bobby wouldn't let go.

Suddenly, lights came on and in rushed Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. Bobby let go and hopped off of the raspberry stealer. Scared of the lights (and Bobby too) the rat turned and ran out the back door. Bobby gave him a good kick on the rear as he ran past.

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny looked at the basket of raspberries. They looked at the back door, where the rat had disappeared. They looked at Bobby. Bobby looked back at them. Then he walked (yes, he walked!) right over to that basket full of raspberries and popped one into his mouth.

"Bobby's first steps!" Mrs. Bunny cried.

"I'll get the camera!" was Mr. Bunny's response.

Bunny stayed where he was and continued to pop raspberries into his mouth.

"You're only a baby and you already took your first steps!" his Mama told him as she patted his buttermilk fur. "I always knew you would be special Bobby!"

Mrs. Bunny didn't know it yet, but this was only the beginning of Bobby's adventures. After all, he was a very smart bunny and very smart bunnies rarely have very normal childhoods.