My brother owes me big time. That was the only thing I could think as I stared up at the large brick building. I hadn't been back to my primary school in eight years, and yet Nolan had somehow convinced me to pick up Melanie. It was odd to be outside the school after so long, everything looked so small.

I was standing in the car park, with the parents of the other children, waiting for school to end so that I could pick up my niece. I had my headphones on so I wasn't exactly paying attention to my surroundings.

That was a big mistake.

You know how everyone says that you should always be aware of what's going on around you?

Well, I suggest you listen to them instead of just smiling and nodding and doing whatever you please. Maybe then little girls with ulterior motives won't sneak up on you.

I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself though.

Glancing at my watch I realized that I still had about ten minutes until the bell rang and the kids came rushing out.

Then it hit me, Melanie didn't know that I was picking her up so I would have to find her in the midst of all the chaos. Great, exactly what I didn't need.

Looking around for a better vantage point I noticed a bench and started walking toward it when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I thought I was imaging things at first, but it happened again so I looked behind me.

The girl standing there couldn't have been more than twelve and since I don't know many twelve year olds I was confused. Then I realized she probably had me mistaken for someone else. I turned around and she motioned for me to take off my headphones.

I could only hope she didn't want to ask me to buy cookies, I could never say no and I needed to look for Melanie. I pulled out the earbuds and let them fall around my neck.

"Hi," she said smiling at me.


"Aren't you Teresa?" She pronounced it Ta-ray-sa which reminded me of when I was little for some odd reason. Most likely because no one but my dad had called me Teresa since the day I turned fourteen, everyone simply called me Reese.

"Yes?" I replied looking at her in confusion. She knew my name but I still hadn't been able to figure out who she was.

"Teresa Cassidy?" she asked getting excited.

I nodded and looked around to see if anyone was with her.

"That's awesome." She said. She began laughing when my brows furrowed. "I'm Nicole. You probably don't remember me, but you should remember my brother. You were in his year."

I looked at her again. She did look vaguely familiar but that didn't tell me who her brother was.

Then she smiled.

Well I'll be damned.

Kaylon Morales' little sister. Imagine that.

"Do you remember him?" she asked.


Should I say no? Then she might keep talking. Hmm.

It had to be him though didn't it? Out of the hundred or so kids in that class, it had to be Kaylon's sister that I ran into.

I suppose I shouldn't complain. I should just be happy that he isn't here.

"Wait here, he'll definitely want to see you."