He had been in the orphanage since he could remember, and he was sick of its walls. The orphanage had been rundown and even slightly dangerous. If there was to be an earthquake, one wave would send the building into rubble.

He was tired of the boring white walls, and his drab room, filled with nothing because he couldn't think of what to decorate it with. Alex was not boring; however, he was merely shy. And he hated his name. It was the name that they had given to him because he had come without one. He couldn't change it, just like what he could do to change the orphanage.

And yet, no matter how much he hated the orphanage, he couldn't escape from it, for it was his only refuge and at the same time it was his prison.

That's why, when he received the news that he was going to have an interview with someone who wanted to adopt him, he was afraid. If anyone would find out his secret, his peace would end.

And yet, he wanted to see new places and people. He wanted to finally be friends with someone who wouldn't betray him or gossip about him behind his back.

That's why he was partially looking forwards to being adopted.


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