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Alex stiffened when he heard those words. They were… looking for someone?

This is bad. What do I-

Hold on. Maybe they're not after you the way you think that they are. Maybe you've been mistaken for another person.

Yes. You're right. I'll wait,

The pieces are dancing, and I am waiting for an opening.

Then, when they stop, I will strike.

Alex acted like he hadn't heard a word, continuing to pick at his grilled cheese. It had a lot of butter on it now that he noticed. Most of it was burned, making the outside black. The cheese was yellow, vibrant against the burned bread.

Of course, he had already noticed this. He was merely stalling for time by staring at his food.

Couldn't you be more inventive than that?

Alex sighed. In the background, he could hear a whispered conversation going on between Jack and Natasha. He could make out some of the muffle words, but they had moved further away from him, out of his hearing range. He knew, however, that they were talking about him.

Alex continued to pass the awkward time in the kitchen by looking around at the ceiling, the countertops, and every architectural aspect of the place. When he was done memorizing that he continued on to the little things on the tables, such as the papers on the counter. He could see the headline of the top of an old newspaper that was peeking out from underneath more newspapers. It read:

Ross Family's Child Abandoned Presumably by Parents

The paper appeared to be old, yellowed with age. It made Alex wonder why it was still around, what sentimental value it held for Natasha or Jack. Maybe it was part of why they were searching for him. If so… then that would mean that they weren't professionals or working for someone. Leaving around evidence like that would be sloppy.

I'll read it later and see what I can find.

Alex turned to Natasha and Jack, watching them with slight interest. They were still whispering when Natasha noticed Alex's eyes staring at them. He smiled at her. Natasha whispered one last thing to Jack and walked over to Alex.

She put her hands on the back of the chair and smiled at Jack.

"Alex is our son now!"

Alex stiffened, and then smiled.

He smiled another false smile.

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