The Divine Happening

This girl. This girl with wavy brown hair and awesome glasses. This girl who wore skinny jeans and black converse with red shoestrings. This girl who wore a black, baggy hoodie with dark grey stripes. This girl who just happened to be in a bookstore. This girl who just happened to be in the same bookstore as I was. In the young adult section. Which is exactly where I happened to be. This girl who liked my shoes, and of course, had to say so. This girl who started up a conversation with me. And kept it going.

And as this girl and I had a conversation.. I realized something. I realized that this girl and I were the same. We were two pieces that would fit together perfectly. We were perfect for each other. And as our conversation went on, I realized that we forgot that we were on missions to finds books to read instead of talking to random strangers who just happened to be perfect for each other. So, of course, I had to state the fact that I couldn't find a book to read. And this girl just happened to know a book that I would like. So this girl went to a bookshelf and stood on the tips of her toes inside her black converse with red shoestrings. This girl stretched even her fingertips to reach a book on the top shelf just for me. 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist'. I was thinking that maybe we could change 'Nick' to 'Nikki', and I could be Nikki and she could be Norah even though my name wasn't Nikki and her name probably wasn't Norah.

This girl handed me the book that I knew was very special now, because she had stretched her fingertips to get it for me, even though I hadn't asked for it. But then I had to go buy the special book, and as I was buying the special book I realized I did not know this girl's name. And I had to know that her name was not Norah. Because Norah was a character in the special book that didn't exist. This girl couldn't not exist. This girl was real. I had to know the name of this girl that couldn't be Norah. So I went back to this girl. And I discovered that her name was Courtney. And she discovered that my name was Molly.

And then I did something terrible. I did something so terrible that it really shouldn't be spoken of. I said good-bye, and I left.. I walked out of the bookstore that just happened to have this girl that was perfect for me inside of it. I walked away from this girl that was the same as me. I walked away from Courtney. And I didn't go back, because I must of been in the mood to screw up. I left this girl, Courtney, in that bookstore, only knowing her first name. Only knowing that she wore black converse with red shoestrings. Only knowing that she would stretch her fingertips for me. I left the only person I had found that fit with me perfectly.

And as I rode home that night, in the backseat of my aunt's car, I held the special book in my lap, open to be read. Even though it was too dark to see a word. I held 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist' in my hands and stared at the patch of darkness where I knew it would be. Because this was the only physical thing I had of this amazing girl. This was the only thing I had of Courtney. And as I rode home, staring at my piece of Courtney, I thought about the 'divine happening' that had occurred today. This meeting with this stranger that just happened to be perfect for me. This girl that was effecting me so greatly. This girl that I was longing, aching, to see again. This amazing girl that I knew I could not, and would not ever forget..

So true story. If anyone was wondering.. :) I thought it would help to write down what happened. So I did and this was the product. :) Tell me what you think.