Lost in a sea of people,

Surrounded but alone,

Seen but unseen,

Heard but unheard,

Acknowledged but ignored.

Just another number,

In something that reaches millions,

Another face,

Another personality,

Someone that fits in somewhere,

Rejected in most places,

Because I'm thriving to be,

Something outside the norm.

Something outside your little hovel,

Of what's right and what's wrong.

And you watch,

Glancing from the corner of your vision,

So you can mock,

Send your scathing comment out.

Basically saying,

You don't understand who I am,

And you don't strive to.

Which is fine,

Stay in your ignorance,

Laugh at my back,

Stay your herd,

Because in know who I am,

Without your guidelines,

And I'm happy,

No matter what you say,

No matter what you feel,

I will never change.