The first thing I notice when I wake up in the morning is the smell that is currently wafting through my nostrils. There is something about it that is entirely familiar and yet I cannot place why it is familiar or why it is in my apartment. It smells as though someone has bottled 'clean' and begun marketing it as an air freshener. I know I know this smell. The word is right there on the tip of my tongue and yet I cannot remember what it is. Why are my thoughts so muddled and disjointed? I know I was slightly drunk last night, but I didn't think I was so drunk to wake up to the worst hangover of my life.

Bleach. That is what the smell is. There's something else with it though, subtle enough to be overpowered at times but still there. It's a scent I've never smelled before or if I have, I don't remember it. Why does my apartment smell like bleach? The last time I needed to use that stuff was almost a month ago and while the smell did hang around longer than I would have liked, it was definitely gone within a day. Oh my god, I didn't get sick did?

Suddenly my thoughts are interrupted by something elseā€¦a beeping sound coming from somewhere next to my bed. What is that noise? I know I did not set my alarm last night before I went out. Today is Saturday and I have absolutely nothing to do. There is no possible way I would have set an alarm last night. Why can't I remember anything that happened last night?

I force my eyes to open, a task more trying than normal, and struggle to take in my surroundings. My vision is blurry but I can tell I am not in my bed in my apartment. I squeeze my eyes closed for a few moments, hoping that my vision is clear when I open them again.

I open my eyes again and take in the room around me. The walls are a drab off white color, there is a dull, scenic painting hanging above the even duller bureau. One of the doors is hanging open just enough to see that inside sits a television. To my left there is a set of plastic white closet doors, a nightstand sits directly next to the bed.

The hospital. I am in the hospital. I have gotten so drunk that I managed to land myself in the hospital. Something about this setting does not seem quite right to me. I was not out for that long. I had two beers, not nearly enough to get me even slightly drunk. I hold my arms out in front of me and examine them carefully. I am hoping they offer some sort of clue as to what happened that ended with me in the hospital but they appear to be completely unscathed.

Why can't I remember anything that happened last night?