Hey guys. This is a short story I had to write for my English class. This is Part I and I'll be uploading the rest within this week. It's all done so don't worry about me not finishing like I always do ;)

For as long as she had lived in her peaceful, suburban neighborhood, Mia Calleti had never thought anything terrible could happen to her. She never suspected anything would go horribly wrong in her life. No one ever really does, though. We hear those warnings, those people who tell us to be careful and watch out for your self; and for a little bit, we listen to them. We take caution for a brief amount of time, waiting and watching for any signs of danger to come to us. But when we realize nothing will go wrong, we forget all about that danger and go back to forgetting about what frightening things could happen. But after she experienced first hand the horrifying events that could happen, Mia remembered to take caution. She would carry that caution, that fear of danger with her for the rest of her life.

Mia walked briskly down the sidewalk with her two best friends Jason and Heather. School had just let out and, as usual, the Friday afternoon was full of kids all over the neighborhood hurrying home. There was nothing more exciting in Milford, Pennsylvania than the beginning of the weekend.

"Can you guys believe the homework we have this weekend?" Heather groaned. She adjusted the strap on her backpack so that it would be easier to carry. "I mean, seriously; the teachers have nothing better to do with their lives than make ours a living hell."

Mia and Jason chuckled at her. "Why do you think they became teachers?" Mia asked her, smiling.

"Yeah, well," Jason started. "At least you guys don't take Bio. I have to finish my project that's due Monday."

"Wasn't that assigned three weeks ago?" Mia questioned.


Mia laughed at him. It was typical Jason to be procrastinating, waiting until the very last minute to start something as big as a project. He was always doing that, whether it was homework, chores, or getting ready for school.

"I started that the day after we got it." Heather proclaimed proudly, as she pulled her strawberry blonde hair into a pony tail. Jason rolled his eyes at her as they all continued walking down the street. Heather was the complete opposite of Jason. Although she was always complaining about school, she always had her work done as soon as possible. She was quick, neat, and precise with everything she did. And she was a well known perfectionist which she never failed to show others.

Somehow, Mia was stuck in between the two of them. While she didn't slack off as much as Jason, she wasn't an obsessed control freak like Heather. She wasn't slow, but she wasn't fast either. She didn't like things challenging, but she didn't want them easier. Mia was also really quiet compared to her friends. Heather and Jason could be heard a mile away, even by a deaf person. Yet Mia was as quiet as a mime, not managing to speak up when she should.

The three of them continued walking down the street, talking about homework for the weekend and their plans for hanging out.

"We're still heading up to my house tonight, right?" Heather asked.

Jason nodded and Mia said, "You bet." smiling.

Heather nodded in satisfaction. "Good, because I've got everything all planned out; I rented A Haunting in Connecticut last night and my mom and I went out to buy all sorts of candy…,"

Mia shivered and pulled her jacket closer to her body as a she listened to Heather go on about the plans for the night. It was the day before Halloween and as usual, they were all going to watch a freaky movie. Every year since fifth grade they had done this, making it a tradition. They would pick out a scary movie, buy a bunch of junk food, and then scream their heads off watching the movie at someone's house. Then, the next day, they all went trick-or-treating and traded candy at Mia's house. Although they were all in tenth grade now, they still trick-or-treated. In her opinion, Mia didn't care how old she was; trick-or-treating would always be something she did on Halloween. She loved nothing more than to be scared out of her mind by kids in freaky costumes and to go to the local haunted houses. Everyone thought she was so odd for her passion of fear and spooky stuff, but Mia couldn't help be love the thrill of her heart racing and the blood pumping through her veins as she watched a horror movie.

As the wind picked up and blew heavily against Mia, she reached into her backpack and pulled out a grey knit cap, pulling it over her chocolate brown hair.

"So, we'll meet at my house around seven?" Heather confirmed as they reached her street.

"Sure," Mia said. "Seven o'clock."

"Alright. See you guys there." Heather said. She turned around and headed down the street to her right as Jason and Mia turned to the left. Mia walked with Jason for another block. When they reached his house he called good-bye to her and she told him she'd see him at Heather's house.

Mia continued walking down the street, her hands in her pocket. She loved the fall but she just couldn't stand the cold and the wind today. It was unbearable.

As she kept walking Mia noticed Finn, Jason's Jack Russell Terrier, trotting along beside her.

"Hey, boy," she said to Finn, smiling. "What are you doing here?"

Finn looked up to her and sniffed the air as he walked beside Mia. Then, he stopped and sniffed the air. Finn suddenly started barking uncontrollably, yelping at the air. Mia looked at him confused.

"What's wrong, Finn?" she asked. She knelt down beside him, stroking his fur. Finn continued to bark repeatedly at nothing. Then, he broken free from Mia's hand and started sprinting back to Jason's house. She watched him scamper off, rolling her eyes at him. Finn was definitely the most hyper dog she knew.

When she turned back around, Mia's eyes settled on something down the block. There was a man walking around at the corner of the street. He had black thinning hair and was heavy set. Mia watched him walked around the corner, his head darting around. He looked lost and confused. Then, his eyes caught Mia's. He started walking towards her. Mia looked around to see if he had seen someone else he had known but it was just her who was on the street. She shifted uncomfortably and slowly started crossing the street.

"Hey, wait!" the man called to her. Mia ignored him and continued walking to the other side of the road. She got on the sidewalk and started heading towards her street which was just two blocks away. The man continued walking towards her. "Excuse me, I just need your help."

Mia knew she should just keep walking. "Don't talk to strangers." her mom had always told her ever since she was in Kindergarten. It seemed silly, but right now she just had that guy feeling to not talk to the man.

"Please," the man pleaded. "I just need help. Please."

She sighed and stopped where she was. She would just help the guy and then be on her way. There wasn't anything wrong with that. She turned around and waited as the man caught up with her.

"Please," the man began, panicked. "You've got to help me. I'm new here. I just moved into the neighborhood last week. I was walking with my little girl to the park. And when we got there she went to go on the swing set. But she's not there anymore."

"What do you mean she's not there anymore?" Mia asked.

"I turned my head for just one second," He seemed distraught and was no rushing threw his sentences. "Please, I can't find her. I don't know where she may be."

"I'm sorry. I haven't seen any little girl. I just got out of school."

"Maybe you saw her when you left your school. I have a picture of her in my wallet. It's in my car," The man pointed to a dull silver Sadaan parked a couple cars' lengths away. "Please."

"I don't know—," Mia began, but the man interrupted her.

"Please; she's my only kid. You've got to help me."

Mia looked at the man. His eyes were swimming with worry and fear. His mouth hung open, waiting for Mia to come with him. Mia knew she shouldn't go with him; just tell him she'll keep an eye out for a little girl. But looking into the man's eyes, she could tell he was beyond afraid.

"Okay," she agreed. "Show me her picture."

The man gave a sigh of relief and led the way to the car. Mia followed him and waited as he opened the passenger side door.

"Hang on," he said. Mia leaned in towards the door to take a look at the picture. "It's right in my glove department. I'll just—,"

But he never finished his sentence. As he opened the glove department, he stopped mid-sentence and spun around, grabbing onto Mia's shoulders. Mia gasped, taken aback and immediately pulled away. But he didn't loosen his death grip on her. She started to scream, crying out as he pulled her into the door. She struggled frantically to free herself, hoping someone; anyone would here her cries for help.

I shouldn't have believed him, she thought to herself as she clawed at his face, trying to escape. I should've known. I shouldn't have taken the risk.

Suddenly, her protective instincts kicked in. She dug into her pockets for her house keys. It was the only kind of weapon she could think of that would protect her in some way. She finally pulled them out and started jabbing them at him, piercing them into his skin and thrusting them into his eyes. He screamed and let go of her for a split second. Mia took any chance she could and started to turn to run. But he recovered quickly, grabbing at her waist and pulling her back into the car. She started flailing around, waving her arms all over the place. Then, she screamed louder and harder, her vocal chords vibrating furiously. If anyone heard her, just one person, she would be okay. But no one came out of their homes; no one passed by the road; no one walked down the sidewalk. It was just her and the man.

"Let me go!" she yelled, feeling her heart starting to beat faster as he held her down onto the seat. He reached under it and pulled out a sock. Mia flinched as he stuffed it into her mouth, silencing her cries. As much as she continued to scream, she knew her muffled screams would do her no good. She kicked violently at him, aiming for shins and stomach. He gasped, as if the wind was knocked out of him, but he didn't budge from his position on her. Once the sock was lodged in her mouth, he pulled out a white strip of fabric, tying it around her mouth jaw to hold the sock in place. He then took out a similar one doing the same around her eyes so she couldn't see. Mia kept kicking and clawing at him. She was not going to be kidnapped; not now and not ever.

But it was no use; the man now was tying a thick rope around her arms, securing them behind her back and another rope around her ankles. She fell over onto the floor with a thud, and gasped slightly as her head hit something hard and cold. She looked at what she had falling on and felt the air in her body seem to escape her as she realized it was a gun. The man yanked it from her vision and pushed Mia underneath the dashboard. She continued screaming and fussing around, hoping that someone would see or hear what was happening. But as the man shut the door behind him and fled for the driver's side of the car, Mia realized no one could hear her. No one was watching. No one was coming.

As the man got in the car and started the engine, Mia reached for the keys that were lying by her side. She grabbed them with her fingers and went to jab at the man. He turned his head and saw her. And before she knew what was happening, Mia's vision went blurry. Everything seemed to transform into slow motion and everything around her started to fade from her eyes. The last thing she heard was the man grumbling for her to shut up and be quiet.