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The next five days went by agonizingly long. Each hour seemed like a whole day and each day, a whole week. Every time Mia heard any kind of scratching, she looked to the window for Finn. But he only came back once every day and it was always right before dark. When he did come, Mia would be thrilled to see encouraging messages on his collar like "Don't worry" and "Help is coming". Someone was getting the notes she and Hannah would write on the collar. Every day, they would think of something to write. Mia wrote the make and color of the man's car and Hannah wrote down her name as well so that they knew both girls had been taken by the same person.

Those five days made Hannah and Mia have hope that someone would come and get them. But every message only had those encouraging phrases; until the seventh day. When Mia heard Finn at the window and went to see the next message that would appear on his collar, she almost gasped aloud.

"Hannah, come here!" she called quietly. Hannah hurried over and read the collar's words over Mia's shoulder.


There was complete silence as Hannah and Mia took this in. After seven days, all they had wanted was to be free from this prison. And now, tonight, they would be. Everything really was going to be alright. Everything would work out perfectly. They'd be safe in no time.

They were so excited, jumping up and down and beaming at each other, that they didn't hear the man come down the stairs. When he reached the bottom and saw that they both were standing up and the window was open, his eyes bulged out of his head. Mia was the first to notice he was there. Her face turned pale white, and she motioned to him. Hannah looked at him with fear in her eyes.

"What the hell is going on?" he thundered.

They both remained quiet, facing him. Mia felt her whole body start to shake and her stomach suddenly felt undeniably queasy.

"The window is open and you too are both standing up!" the guy yelled fiercly. He looked at both of them and then his face hardened even more. "You were trying to escape, weren't you?"

They both looked at each other and then back at the man. "No, it wasn't like that—," Hannah began.

"Shut up!" he bellowed, the deep voice coming out of his mouth. "You were escaping! And I can't have everyone see two girls trying to escape from my basement!" He pulled out his revolver from his pocket, pointing it at both of the girls. "You know what I have to do now, don't you?"

Mia gasped and grabbed onto Hannah's wrist. Her breathing stopped and she watched as he raised the gun towards their faces.

"The window was open. Someone may have seen you. So now, I've got to get rid of any evidence."

Hannah shook her head quickly. "No, you don't. No one saw us. No one was out there—,"

"You'll be first, Blondie!" he announced, moving the gun to her face. "I've gotten really tired of all that lip you give me. There's no one else I'd rather get rid of then you."

"But no one saw us! No one—," Hannah began frantically. She took a step towards him. But she never finished her sentence. Mia watched, horrified, as the man pulled the trigger of the gun and sent a bullet towards Hannah. Hannah immediately stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. Blood began to pour out of her shoulder blade and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

"Hannah!" Mia cried. Her eyes filled with tears as she knelt beside her. The man moved the gun towards Mia.

"You're next, so don't try anything funny!" the man proclaimed.

"Please," Mia pleaded with him, sobbing. "She's going to die. We've got to help her. We've got to get help, please."

"No! Now, stand back up!"

Mia looked at him, completely in awe of what was going on. After seven days, after getting hope that help was coming, after finding out that they would be saved that very night, everything had begun to unravel and now the chances of being saved were slim to none. She looked at Hannah in terror, watching as Hannah's breathing slowed almost to a stop. Then, she looked back at the man who was waiting for her to obey him. Just stand back up, she thought. Maybe he'll spare you.

But she wasn't going to stand up. Not after Hannah being shot. She had grown so close to Hannah. They both had shared the fear of being killed, the hope of escaping, and the secret of Finn and his messages. And now, she was about to die. And it was his fault. It was his fault that they were both in danger. It was his fault that they both were so frightened. And it was his fault that Hannah now lay on the ground, nearly dead, a pool of blood forming near her shoulder.

"No," Mia said quietly. She started applying pressure to Hannah's shoulder, trying t help her in any way. "I won't." She started whispering words of encouragement to Hannah, telling her everything would be okay, that she just had to stay awake.

"Stand up!" the man cried out. Mia looked at him, still holding down on Hannah's wound. Her head flew up as she started hearing sirens. They were coming. The police were coming, just as they said. She would be saved. Hannah would get help and they could both escape and go back to—

Mia's thoughts were interrupted as her body suddenly went numb. The right side of her torso begun to throb in pain and a cold chill ran through her veins. She fell backwards and caught her breath as a searing pain bursted through her. She held onto her torso, trying to hold the blood back. She kept telling herself to keep her eyes open, to not fall unconscious.

Faintly, she could hear car doors slamming and voices from outside. The man looked around frantically and then ran up the stairs. She continued breathing heavily and trying not to pass out as she heard footsteps and shouting from upstairs. It was getting harder and harder for her to stay awake and though the pain was starting to fade, numbness was beginning to overtake her whole body.

As she saw two men in policemen's uniforms and a policewoman holding down her kidnapper, she felt a glimmer of hope. And then she saw Jason and Heather both looking at her in horror, Heather starting to cry. Mia smiled weakly and then closed her eyes. The voices disappeared and the pain was now completely gone.