I could not believe it. My parents were evil. I'd built up status as the most popular girl in school. Only to have it thrown away. We're moving to North Derry . . . Ireland.

While I feel bad for myself, I feel worse for Storm, my brother. He and his girlfriend, my best friend, had just had sex for the first time. They were in love, and my brother . . . I saw him crying. He doesn't cry. Until now. Lucky for him though, next year he'll be 18. I have 2 years to endure, but at least I'm not leaving the love of my life like him.

Actually, it was probably better for me to leave. I was getting in the habbit of leading guys on, going out with them for a little, then deciding I don't like them right after they got hooked. It's not that I meant to hurt them(which I did, hurt them I mean), it's just, I wanted to fall in love. I just didn't find the right guy.

Bella has not cried once. I think she's doing it so Storm won't feel so bad. By the way, that's Storm's girlfriend, Anyabella. He calls her Anya, everyone else calls her Bella. Anywho, she's with us at the airport right now. Her and Storm are always touching, usually they're holding hands, right now they're sitting on the ground, she in his lap. That's what I want, love like that. You don't have to be together to stay faithful, but you you would prefer it. Where you try and stay strong, just for them. Without them, you know you would be like a zombie, just going through the motions of life, never enjoying yourself . . . wow I just made that sound really depressing, but hopefully you get what I mean.

Just then they called our flight number, we got in the line, Storm lagging behind, he kissed Bella, then just held her there for a minute, he was just getting in line when she fell. The croud gasped as one, while Storm and I ran over there, a circle of people already forming.

He lifted her head, kissing her forhead, and opening one of her eyes. Then he just held her there until an emergency guy came.

He was staying.

Bella had cancer.

I was still going.

Bella had a 80% chance.

Of dying.