Chapter 1

The School is pretty much deserted after eight p.m. Besides a few emergency lights in the hallways, everything's turned off making it dark and seemingly empty. Stacie's shoes smacking the ground, everytime she takes a step, just adds to the creepy atmosphere.

Stacie never stays after shool for this long. Being in Drillteam has its down falls, one being picked to put stuff away. Having everyone head home just makes it worse.

A cold breeze blows in through an opened window, making her shiver. She pulls her coat closer and continues down the hallway. Spotting the bathroom, she takes a detour and walks in. There's only one emergency light on which doesn't touch the stalls, keeping them dark.

Stacie walks up to the mirror and looks at her reflection. The light gives her skin an eerie glow which makes her look even more tired. Knowing that she had to drive home, Stacie turns on the faucet and splashes her face with water.

As she dries herself with her jacket, she hears a small noise from the farthest stall. Listening closer she finds that it sounds like crying. She walks to the stall and gently knocks on it.

"Are you okay?" Instead of an answer, she hears a click and the stall door opens just a crack. A sudden burst of nerves fills Stacie up. She quickly swallows it and pushes the door open further. It opens slowley. The light comes into the stall and starts to reveal something in the corner. Stacie realizes that it's someone crouching.

The person lifts its head and the light makes its eyes shine. Stacie quickly takes a step back.

It twitches.


The door makes a creaking sound as it's opened. A figure slowley walks out of the bathroom. Shiny, red liquide drips from laytex gloves and a dark blue hoodie. They lift up their hands and stare at the now stained gloves.

A calm smile comes across their lips. They twitch.


Hey, this is my first actual story. The first chapter is very short as you can tell. the second one is going to be a lot longer. Anyway, I know that this isn't written so greatly but that's why i put it on here.

I really want some very instructive advise. Please tell me what i'm doing wrong and how to fix it!