John Emerson broke Megs' heart long ago, but no he's back and his life is about to turn upside down as someone seeks to take out their revenge on him.

Meg Wijaya has her own secrets and becomes determined to get closer to John though she is unaware of the danger she puts herself in.

Will love be able to trump the dark secrets both John and Meg have? Can John protect his family and the one he loves?


The phone rang as a young man walked into the police station and sat on his black leather chair behind the desk.

"Hello, this New York City police station. How can I help you?" John Charles Emerson answered quickly.

"Sir, my wife is in the bank and I am very worried about her because she hasn't returned home since 2pm. I have been contacted her and her brother multiple times and no one has answered. I'm really worried... and she's seven month pregnant", his voice had a subtle tone of hysteria.

"Sir, we will definitely check the area out. What is the address of the shop your wife was meant to go?" John told him as he wrote it on the notepad.

John hung up the phone and stood up to grab his badge and his gun as he walked out of the police station.

"John. Wait for me!" said the familiar voice.

John whirled around and saw his partner rushed toward him.

"What's up, Alex?" John asked as he put the motorcycle helmet on.

Alex was a big fella, standing at six foot tall.

His hazel eyes filled with excitement and wonder, compliment his messy blond hair.

He was twenty six years old and he has worked with John as his partner since they met on their first day of the training in police station.

"Where are you going, John?" Alex Washington asked with worried expression on his face now.

"I am going to check out the shop and see what happened," John explained.

"I am coming with you, John," Alex insisted.

John nodded as he got on the motorcycle and drove it off first.

Alex got in his police car and followed his partner to investigate the shop.

Around the corner, they saw that many pedestrians were crowding around the area, worried noises filled in the air.

They parked near the 7 eleven and got out of their vehicles.

"What is going on here?" John shouted over the people who were crying.

"Sir, two thieves rushed into the bank with the guns and won't let anyone get out of the bank, "the blonde young woman sobbed.

John muttered, "Thank you", and he whirled to face his partner now.

"Alex, go call the police station and ask the others to come!" John explained quickly.

Alex nodded as he called the other cops that were located around the area.

It seemed as if the civilian had only managed to contact the police a minute before John and Alex arrived.

After a minute, six other police cars and two vans have filled with FBI agents inside arrived.

John and Alex met others, quickly arranging a plan.

They were instructed to hover around the bank, checking to see if they can get it, whilst one officer will calmly speak to the thieves over a speakerphone.

Alex found a door that was able to be open, behind the store.

He quickly motioned it to the other cops through the radio and on cue, walked in very slowly.

He saw two men, wearing the beanies covered their faces but it appeared that they were quite young.

They were aggressive, grabbing people's bags with guns waving in their hands.

Alex saw a young, pregnant woman huddled on the floor, looking extremely depressed whilst a young man next to her was holding her hand and whispered to her.

Alex clearly announced, "FBI, PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN!"

The two men immediately stopped what they were doing and the taller man screamed at the short one, "GET THEM!"

As the shorter thief ran at the pregnant woman with the gun Alex quickly rushed and

grab the shorter thief by the neck preventing him from approaching the couples.

The woman is screaming whilst the young man is yelling "Don't hurt us."

The cops rushed in to help to grab the taller man and Alex was in the middle of handcuffing the shorter thief, "You'll regret doing this for rest of your life, mate".

Suddenly, the man come out of nowhere from the behind the aisle and started shooting randomly, "F*CK OFF!"

"Oh, SH*T!" Alex yelled as he was the closest to the third thief.

All the other cops included John shot the third thief.

But Alex don't have time to response quickly and was targeted multiple times.

John roared, "Alex!" and leaping at the third thief, knocking him on the ground.

His gun dispatched from his hand and he laid down under John's weight.

The other cops rushed toward John's side to handcuff the third thief and others rushed toward Alex's side.

Alex was bleeding and he muttered randomly.

John rushed toward to him. "Alex?"

Alex is looked at John, "Whoa, man. I didn't see that coming".

Alex's arms were bloody as he got shot on side of the neck and his chest but his chest was covered by the bullet however blood kept oozing out of his neck.

John paled and applied pressure on his neck, "Hold on, Alex. Hold on!"

The other cops rushed to call the ambulance and they rushed to put thieves in the police vehicles.

At that very moment, the pregnant woman fainted from shock.

Her brother was screaming in panic, "Jess? JESS!"

The crow from outside was im chaos, through all the screaming and the commands.

John could only hear Alex's short breaths.

The young woman and Alex were rushed to the hospital immediately.

John sat at the waiting room, dreading for the worst.

He had experienced the situation so many times before a small part of him implicated that maybe this time would be the last straw.

His co - workers were talking to the doctor when John's attention perked up, he saw that his co - workers reacted distress.

One of the co - workers covered his face.

John's heart dropped slowly.

The co - workers turn around and looked at him with their sympathy looks, "Alex didn't make it, we are sorry, John".

John nodded his head and walked away, his whole body was in shock.

His first thought this was just a dream, he has been in this situation before so this was not real.

A hand touched his left shoulder and he whirled around.

"Sorry. I don't mean to startle you like that", Detective Sharon Anderson explained.

"Its okay", John said wearily.

"I think you should go home and rest", Detective Anderson told him.

"Thanks", John said shortly and continues to walk off.

"It will be better eventually. John", Detective Anderson called out.

That made John stop walking and his temper and his realization of Alex's death make him in explosive in fury.

"Who the hell are you think you are?" John said angrily.

John's expression of hate and angry never failed to go Detective Anderson's heart go cold as her heart always still pinned him.

Detective Anderson said, "I am sorry, John".

John ignores her command and walked off, tempted to get rid of that her beautiful face.

The fact was that she was the daughter of Chief Anderson that didn't help and although she was good in her job, her cold exterior implicated to her thought that she was better than the rest of her recruits.

John walked into his apartment and sat on the creamy leather sofa in the dark as he cried alone that night.

He shut his eyes and try to fall sleep but he could see the scene that replayed in his memory that will always haunt him so the sudden appearance of the third thief and shoot Alec.

John felt regret and guilt about everything.

From that day on, John became a cold man.


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