Ch. 1

I groan as my alarm goes off for the first day of my sophomore year, I get up and get a bit more dressed up than my usual jeans and tee shirt since I'm starting a new school this year. As I throw on a bit of makeup and pick out which pair of flip-flops I'm going to wear I smell my mom start to cook breakfast. Pretty soon I hear her calling me "Faith it's time to eat." This pisses me of extremely this summer we moved from Tampa back to this small town in Georgia where my mom grew up so she could be closer to her parents for their last years of life, I have always hated this place there is nothing to do here and I am so tired of my mom telling me what to do constantly. I have always been the perfect daughter, I am almost sixteen never drank or smoked a day in my life illegal drugs were out of the question I have a 4.0 and have always been a teacher's pet, all for my mom I am her only child that still lives at home the rest of my siblings are spread out through Florida, but this year I am ready for a change I want to live my life and become a regular teenager but I have no clue how that's going to work in this small town there can't be any good parties or anything here can there?

As I walk down stairs my mom gives me a look that I ignore, I know she hate what I'm wearing but its simply a tank top that just shows a bit of cleavage and a pair of jeans that are tight on the top and my newly dyed auburn hair curling gently down my shoulders. She just ignores it and eats in silence; I leave without a goodbye and catch the stinky old bus. I realize everybody knows each other except for me I can tell this is going to be a horrible day before I even get to school.

When we pull up I realize this is a tiny school, my mom came and got my schedule because I was sick so I had never seen the school before. I get completely lost trying to find my English class and walk in five minutes late. As I find my seat I see him, an amazingly hot guy with a famers tan and a cowboy hat on, I have always had a thing for country boys and then I realize I sit right next to him.