The tiny meadow was Morgan's favorite place in the world. Away from her parent's constant arguing about Dad's workaholism and Mom's incessant nagging. Away from Luke's recent drug use and school-skipping. Away from worry and stress and simple day-to-day life. Behind the house, deep in the woods at the edge of the slightly overgrown lawn, was a small patch of sparse grass, smooth ground bathed with cushioning moss.

For whatever reason, the trees didn't grow there. Morgan had discovered this place one day in an attempt to escape home and now she came as often as she could. The small alcove was just big enough around for her to lay down and spread her arms out wide, and the nearby tree trunks grew from the dirt just inches from her fingertips. The first few times Morgan had come to this place, she had brought a blanket to spread on the ground, but she never did that anymore. She preferred to lie on her back with nothing between her and the earth, but a dampened t-shirt, soaking up the moisture in the moss.

Once she was comfortably lying there, she would stare up at the sky and daydream. In this special place, Morgan refused to think about the stressful things, or worry about things she couldn't help. Instead, she gazed up through the tree branches, staring peacefully at the sky. Whatever type of trees surrounded her, they had dark, craggy bark, like dry blackened skin, reaching out with their branches like fingers. Hundreds of tiny black fingers crooked this way and that in a lopsided oval frame around a tiny blue patch.

The exact shade of blue always varied, sometimes a thick blue like one would see behind a 747 on a Airline advertisement. Sometimes, the color was less pronounces, a fading gray-blue, or washed out blue that nearly looked colorless. And then there were the days where the sky was coated with cottony clouds, so all Morgan could see were rolling billows of white. No matter how the sky looked framed with tree branches, this was the only place Morgan was entirely peaceful, able to forget the world and its hassles. She was surrounded with silent, numbing nature. And no matter how busy the world was, Morgan was fine here, encompassed by trees and sky.