Through The Vast Mountains

I walk through the caves of love and of toil
Catching a glimpse of well-known soil
It ain't the place where I'm longing to be
There's just someone there who I need to see
Through the vast mountains I sink through
Down into the depths searching for something new
Never have I known just how low I can go
But I stand now in awe to feel the nether-winds blow

Something arises and makes me feel unwell
Can't see past the boundaries of the darkness that fell
A girl with no shoes comes up from behind
She says "do not move; I know that you're blind"
Through the vast mountains I can hear her voice
It lingers all through these mines and leaves me with no choice
By a fountain of life she makes me bow down
I tremble 'cause I know she will let me drown

Like Calypso she keeps me a captive of lust
I search through my soul, and I know what I must
There ain't nothin' to keep me here
Just fear and a frozen tear
Through the vast mountains I have to move on
In a bed so cold and blue; I leave her thereupon
While I walk through the mountains I can still hear her wail
But there is nothing to her, but a sad shrouded tale

So while I follow myself I can't help but think
Someone ought to find me, a long lost missing link
Inside of these mountains I pass without aim
I need to see the other side, or the light of a flame
Through the vast mountains I carve my own way
To find what I'm looking for, to find some kind of day
But when I get there I don't know what I'll find
Something crystal clear, or something wild and undefined

Lost in these thoughts about the light from a star
On my inner eye there's a sun, but it is oh, so far
To walk such a distance in nothing but night
I start to realize; everything needs light
Through the vast mountains all love is always dead
I take each step with care and all hope is spread
Take a look at the colors of sorrow and strife
Soon I can only see colors of wonder and life

Heaven unfolds and the skyline is clear
I remember what I came for when I see you standing there
A journey is always a dangerous thing
But it's life and it's love in a red fiery ring
Through the vast mountains I should have known all along
There is no one place where we all belong
But at the edge of our life, and on the shore of time
Is where dreams come together, and stay in their prime