Who are you, whom I know not?

You I've not met, who stole my heart.

I ask your friendship—say why not?

I give you love, and I'll not dart.

Several times I've felt this bond:

But once, a gauche, a love I'd known,

Once more, before, a friend I'd made,

But these have come and gone in course,

And love has hurt me—vital source.

But now a droit again I feel

Someone who does my love now steal,

But I've not met her yet at all:

I know no name with which to call.

I pray I meet you soon, my friend,

My love, my heart I do defend,

But God, His Grace, has let you in.

I would you keep, if me you'd let;

I would be yours, if me you'd take.

I knew you 'fore I met you,

What curious match is this?

A gauche, afore, these taught me well

How I should love my path, right, now.