Chapter oneā€¦

it was a nice warm sunny after noon. i had just gotten out of my classes for the day and was on my way home. there was a bit of a breeze that made my cheeks a little cold, but other then that it was a warm day. i stared in to the sky and watched the clouds move. i always walk by a park, there were never any kids that came to it any more. so i went to sit on the swings and watch the clouds a little more. that's when i noticed...i was being fallowed. i stopped and looked around. but there was no one to been seen any where. i pushed my back pack up on my shoulder a little more and walked toword swing set. once i was at the swing set i put my things down and sat on one of the swings. i looked around one more time, and there was nothing. so i looked back up at the sky and saw that they had moved more. then all the sudden there was some one be hind me.i just about fell off the swing when the person caught me and stood me back up. i looked at him and he was handsome. to handsome..."I thought that you could use some company and so i fallowed you here. My name is Jamar, Jamar Tarik. what is your name my pretty?" waiting for my reply, he just smiled at me and waited. "I'm Sojia Dagen. why would you fallow me like that? that's kind of creepy. if you don't mind my say so." i said as i looked at him more closely. his skin was so pale that it looked as if you could see through it, and his eyes were a vary deep blue. like looking out at the ocean the blue just going for miles and miles. a short but strong nose seemed to help pull this face together. even his lips were fuller then most men that i have met. seeing these lips made me want to kiss them. his hair the color of coal. and with that while i was awaiting his reply had made the asment that i would like to date him maybe."Well, i fallowed you because, im don't make first impressions to well, and i didn't want to get rejected by such a pretty girl. do you have much family? a boy friend that you have to go too?" at that moment it looked as though his eyes changed a color. a strange color. "No, i have no family. and right at the moment im not seeing any one. im trying to stay focuses on my classes so that i can move far away from this place. there are too many bad memories here. why do you ask?" thinking to my self, *why did i just say that all to a complete stranger... i never ever say anything like that... that is odd my head feels kind of foggy...*i saw him smile one last time and my world went black.