A/N: Hello! This was a rather... kiddy free verse I had in my mind for some time. I finally put it down into words yesterday.

I'm quite pleased with it, but I prefer my first free verse on fanfiction (my account there is also under the same name) to this one. Tell me what you think of this.

Uh, there's sort of a meaning behind this free verse/poem, but I myself am not too sure what it is XD What do you think?

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T h r o u g h the W i n d o w

She'd always demanded

For even m o r e

Than what she had

Nothing was enough

Her world had to be

P e r f e c t

(Though as everyone knows,

There's N O such thing)

So one day she f l o u n c e d through

Her beautiful house

("Beautiful" is an understatement)

The most beautiful

That anyone could ever ask for

(Though she always asked for more)

A window caught her eye

It was plaindrabboring

She was appalleddisgustedhorrified

How could something like that

P o s s i b l y exist

In her beautiful home?

Sh through it

Oh, what a sight!

Everything she could p o s s i b l y ask for!

It was the P e r f e c t world

Better than the one

She saw in he s

Everything she ever d

Everything she could ever w a n t

gLiStEnEd with P e r f e c t i o n

She pushe the window

Had her dreams finally




All she saw was their old

g garden

She shut the window

Was she h a l l u c i n a t i n g?

Through the window

Again she saw that

Beautiful world

That tantalizing, alluring world

Like a P e r f e c t, shiny apple

That hung just o u t of reach

So real!

Yet non-existent

In all its P e r f e c t i o n

T h r o u g h the w i n d o w

Each day, she would


Back to it, like

A moth drawn to light.

Each day she would press

Her face against the glass

She couldn't sleep

Nothing in her dreams

Coul her any longer

Now that she had seen

That P e r f e c t world

T h r o u g h the w i n d o w

Every day, her d e s i r e to enter that world

all the more stronger

It wasn't good

To be so attracted to that window

And that world which would only cause her


Yet, every time

She found herself on that corridor

"Jus peek!"

She'd to it

And gaze t h r o u g h the w i n d o w

Until her eyes glazed over.

It was an a d d i c t i o n.

One day

Lik r

She stared, and stared

If only, if only!

If only she could





Into the glass and join

This beautifulamazingwondrous world

If only, if only!

She pressed yet harder against the glass

Her eyes wide and bright

But l o s t

Lost to that world

L o s t.

She was overcome by her desires

It would be the only thing she would ever

Dream of again,

Think of again,

Wish for again,

If only she could have access to it!

She was completely l o s t now.

Perhaps she had pressed too hArD

Against the window

Because it started t n...

She could see it!

Her P e r f e c t world,

I now be hers!

The windows were almost now...

She was coming!

It was embracing her

Welcoming her

And she f l u n g herself out

T h r o u g h the w i n d o w

A/N: Was it confusing? It was long, I can tell you that. I know she didn't have a name, but I didn't really feel the need for one, especially since it's kind of in poetry form.

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