Started-September 6th Completed-September 21st

Annis Pearl walked into the dark blue tent, expecting to find some boring wooden jewelry. She waved her hand dismissively and displeased at the woman's selections. A sudden bolt of burning heat shot up her elbow, into her brain warming it soothingly. Two thin tan hands held a purple amulet decorated with a gold symbol of some kind, at her throat. Annis swallowed turning her eyes to see a boy her age. The chain on her neck felt full of something strangely unsettling, bringing blurry images towards her vision.

"Do you like it? It's definitely something unique, isn't it?"

His voice was course like sandpaper, but at the same time soothing in a submissive way. He was rather tall, maybe five nine or six foot. A silver snake slithered through three punctured holes in his left ear, going nicely with the black t shirt and gray jeans he sported. An easy going smile tugged at his thin lips, a secret light to his indescribable silver hued eyes. Dark brown hair worn choppy grazed his collarbone. Her eyes were drawn to the lightly indented scar going across his right eyebrow playfully.

"Who the hell are you?"

Annis watched as he laughed with an edgy tone to his leering voice.

"That's what I want to know."

She took off darting on foot as fast as she could, her ribs collapsing from loss of breaths. There ironically, stood the person she had run away from, leaning against the walk sign. He looked down at his finger nails only looking vaguely interested. He grinned at her laughing his signature darkly amusing laugh.

"Ironic isn't it? The man you ran away from was already at your planned destination. "

Annis allowed a small shiver to maneuver down her spine, blushing furiously from the perfectly imperfect boy standing in front of her.

"Anyways, I'm going to tell you why and who I am if you walk with me."

She turned on her heels, her mind reeling.

"As everyone says," curiosity killed the cat."

He turned looking over the furiously blushing Annis Pearl. Her red hair a curly mess grazed her shoulders, pairing nicely with her high cheekbones and pale lighted skin. Her almond shaped eyes were innocent, the in describable bluish green hues setting a fire to her gaze. Her height was average, her five, five looking rather vulnerable the monster who stood but three feet away. He drew in his breath, pasting on the amused mask to hide his emotions. Pretty or beautiful were too over used to describe her looks. Ravishing he thought, that's what she is, ravishing.

"What is there something in my hair?"

He shook his head sighing, absorbed in the idea of telling her everything about what was going on.

"No, it's just you remind me of someone."

Of course! Now he knew why he was so drawn to her. She resembled the little girl he used to meet down at the river every Wednesday. The little girl was so happy and excited by the world around her. A rippled image crossed his mind about when they had a rock throwing contest.

"I bet I could skip this rock farther than you!"

Her little freckled fingers clutched the flat smooth rock, sweat oozing out between her fingers.

"You're on! But I think there should be a prize for the winner. Oh, I got it! You get to order that person to do one thing, and you have to do it!"

Her smile darkened a bit by the fierce determination that burned in her heart.

"Oh you are so on!"

He won, and ordered her to tell him her true feelings at the moment. Her cheeks inflamed her eyes directed towards her purple sketchers.

"Salem, I feel that I care about you a lot, and alone because my Mother died. I feel sad and scared of thunder storms and lightning, happy when Wednesday is here."

Salem vaguely remembered the fierce little girl breaking down into tears in front of him.

"So what the hell do you want? I have errands to run."

He shook his head, clearing the gloomy clouds around his thoughts.

"I said we would walk and talk, didn't I?"

She opened her mouth ready to retort an insult, when the sky boomed thunder. Her knees caved in a feline like screech escaping her throat. Ever since she was little, she hated storms.

"What, is Boudicca scared of a little rain?" He jeered, elbowing her playfully.