"What do you mean by the one? And no, I have never seen such a person, is he important? And what the hell is a marking?"

The Shadow Man disappeared, the dark laughter in his place. Her stolen breath was returned once again.

"Oh yeah I forgot, you are completely uneducated in the ways of our people. Okay so this Shadow Man wants to kill off all mortal existence, and take the Earth as a gift, to the so called God. And the marking I mentioned, well it means you are one of his. According to legends, you will be the knight in shining armor, to bring the Shadow Man's severed head to the Land of the Deceased."


"Don't make such narrow accusations."

"I'm not it's just positively absolutely irrational."

"Ah, I cannot wait to hear your opinion after I explain a portion of the real world to you."

"What's that supposed to mean? That the world we live in, is a fucking lie? I think not, Salem."

She turned on her heels, stalking down the street.

"Hey, stop!"

She took off running as fast as her nimble legs would carry her. Before she knew it, she was rounding the corner to the parking lot. Scanning the pricey cars with her narrowed eyes, she spotted the baby blue Mini Cooper with the peeling paint.

"God, I hope it starts!"

Her vehicle wasn't always the most faithful to bluntly put it. The motor coughed and spluttered painstakingly long. She smacked the dashboard screaming silently as tears sailed down her eyes. Nothing about her face was different, except for the distinct tears in her eyes. Then, magically the car roared to start.


She pulled out of the parking lot, speeding hurriedly towards the exit, smiling the smallest smile producible, the glimmer of happiness peaking out behind the storm. She laughed in place of crying, misunderstood emotions surfacing. Outside, the sky had begun to change back to the dreary setting. Her laughter was tainted with the sadness of being alone, not having anyone to confide her daily activities to.

"The best people are those who make best friends' of themselves."

She quoted bitterly. She watched as she drove past her apartment's exit. On to a new life, yet again, she thought. The rain pounded on against the window shield, creating a soothing rhythm to calm her ecstatic nerves. Deep behind the clouds, the sun shone silver from the conceived moon behind it, as if to say, hello silver sun. Hello silver sun, indeed.