Song: Magic Carpet Ride - Fat Boy Slim

My violet eyes fluttered open to the sound of a soft melodic humming outside my window, my very high up window, my fourth floor window. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard this humming come from beyond my balcony. I mean what could possibly course that sound so high up?

Curious, as to what could have caused this noise I slowly slipped out of my king sized bed and padded across the soft carpet to the currently opened doors that led to my balcony. The cool summers wind caused my silky, fairly skimpy negligee to become static to my body.

I slipped through the white curtain sheer that was blowing in and out onto the stone balcony. The cold floor sent a shiver through my body as my left foot left the comfort of the warm carpet and collided with the stone. However I was very soon warmed up again as I felt the warm summer nights air whirl around me. Looking at the moon I figured it must have been around 3:30am.

I walked forward cautiously and peered around the great abyss. I call it that, for all I knew it could have been a great abyss as my eyes had not yet adjusted to the light so it was fairly difficult to see much by the moonlight yet.

Then I heard it again, that soft beautiful melodic humming. I felt like it was drawing me in. It was as if had a rope around me and was pulling me in towards it. My feet suddenly moved without my even noticing. They were taking me towards the edge of the balcony. Looking out over the edge, I placed my hands on the stone railing and leaned over.

As I looked over the edge I saw the outlining of something right in front of the balcony, however I could not quite make out what it was. Although it did frighten me a little, I mean what on earth could be up this high in the middle of the night? And then my eyes adjusted a little and a saw the outline of a person hovering in mid-air.

I let a gasp escape from my mouth as it rounded in surprise, for floating in front of me was a man on a magic carpet. I swore to myself that I must be dreaming. I tried to move, but I found myself rooted to the spot, mesmerised by the beauty of this man. For some odd reason I didn't feel scared at all, in fact, rather at peace.

He spoke, startling me out of my daze, "Ma chère Célestine, I finally meet you at last." At saying this he stood up slightly on his magic carpet letting a marvellous charming grin spread across his face.

I gawked at him, openly, it was completely embarrassing. My eyes roamed over his masculine figure; he was tall, perhaps 6"4", and his body was so chiselled. I let my eyes wander to his biceps and I quickly stifled a gasp as I saw how muscular they were. He was shirtless and I could not help but stare at him. He was the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my entire life. His eyes were this enchanting rainbow of sorts. Around his pupils were rings of pure gold, and coming off of that were a range of purples, greens and blues. This handsome man had me captivated.

After about 15 seconds of staring I quickly recomposed myself and spoke to him.

"Well you could hardly call this a meeting Monsiuer, you have just shown up on my balcony, on a what? A magic carpet? Preposterous, now may I ask why you are here? And how on earth you are making that contraption float four floors off the ground?" I asked him, perhaps a little too haughtily.

I don't know what had gotten into me; I mean he was the most gorgeous specimen I had ever seen! Oh that is right, he very well may have been a serial killer come to abduct me in my sleep for all I knew.

"Douce Célestine, please, no need to call me Monsieur, my name is Crown Prince Roman Frederic Aeron Draconis de Valence of Althernia. However, you may call me Roman." He finished, flashing me his charming grin. Wow, what a mouthful of a name I thought to myself. I just stared at him a little longer, because something didn't seem quite right, I mean Althernia? I had never even heard of the place!

"Very well, Roman, you do however realise that each of your names derive from different countries, alluding to the fact that it is completely fictional. In conjunction with that fact: Althernia? There is no such county that exists in this world." Taking my hands off the stone railing I crossed my arms across the front of my body, trying to cover the vast amount of creamy skin my negligee exposed.

Roman moved closer on his magic carpet, his large hands reaching out for the railing. I re-coiled slightly and then stayed rooted to my spot, eyes locked on this magnificent specimen. He rested his forearms on the cool stone, his chiselled body leaning towards me.

"Have you never dreamed of another world Célestine? A world beyond your own, created with all of the things you adore? A place more mesmerising than anything you have ever envisioned; filled with wonder, magic, brilliancy and ever-lasting possibilities, yet still maintaining the safety, peace and desire of everything you already know to be true?"

As he spoke his luminous eyes shone, and I mean they literally began to glow. In fact his entire body was projecting some sort of translucent glow from his skin. Roman's smile charmed his entire face as he spoke of things that excited him, as he told me his world.

My arms fell to my sides, my feet betraying me as they slowly walked forwards toward the stone railing once again. The golden locks that cascaded down back swayed gently across my face in the breeze and my eyes still remained transfixed on Roman.

Placing my hands once more on the stone, half a metre away from his I asked, "How do you even know my name?"

"I know all about you, Célestine Alaina Desiree Beaulieu. You call to me in your sleep, in your dreams. You let me into your mind and show me who you are. I know all about you Mademoiselle Beaulieu, ma vision douce petite. You called to me, asking me to come for you…"

He slowly moved closer towards me, his hands sliding gracefully along the cool stone, leaving a faint trail of glimmering warmth where his hands moved. My eyes followed the path of his hand, mesmerised by the magic. In my stomach I could feel the butterflies beating their wings tirelessly as his hands grew nearer. I couldn't move, some part of my body, the part that controlled my motions felt as though this were right, as though I knew this warmth and this magic, as if it belonged in me.

His hand gently glided over the top of mine, "…and I of course came at once."

I took a sharp intake of breath as my heart began to race at un-usual speed. Roman's hand felt so natural placed on top of mine and yet it was the most un-natural hand I have ever come across. I could barely place my bearings as I tried to compose myself internally; trying desperately to place this feeling of security, as though I knew all these feelings already, yet I simply could not place them.

"Votre vision douce petite? Monsieur, I know nothing of you and yet you are calling me your sweet little vision? Why would I call for you to come to me if I know not who you are? And additionally, how could I possibly call you without knowing who you are or even knowing that I did so? Everything you are saying is completely ludicrous!"

I had pulled my hand out from underneath his and began pacing the stone balcony in attempts to drown out any odd faint feelings that were beginning to grown from an unknown origin within me.

I tucked my left bangs behind my ear and then turned to look back at Roman; his luminescent skin had dimmed a little at the retrieval of my hand.

"Douce Célestine, you do know me. On the contrary, you know me better than anyone. I call you my little vision for you appear to me, out of your dreams you find me, appear to me to my world. My world calls to just as you call to me. There is a part of us within you, I can feel it, and it is the part of you that calls to me in your dreams, that part of you that lets me inside. You know me ma chère, and I know you."

Roman's eyes were so ever-telling, I could not tell yet what colours meant what emotion but I could see as his mood changed, different colours shone brighter and dulled at his change in temperance. His magic carpet rose a little higher, he stretched out his hand into the open night's air towards me as if wanting me to take hold.

I looked at his hand wondering whether or not to trust this man, "Why do I remember none of this then? How is it that I do not remember you or any of this world?"

"Trust me ma chère, you will remember in time. It is all inside of you, even I am. It will come to you for it is a part of you, otherwise you would not have been able to call to me." Roman's voice was sweet, soothing, almost with a compelling quality to it.

"…do I trust you? In this world you speak of, I mean?" I spoke quietly, taking a couple small steps toward his out-stretched hand. At this his finger-tips projected a faint glow; this man could let know emotion go un-noticed.

"You mean in my world?" I nodded, "…you trust me more than anyone. More than anyone from either your world or mine," his eyes sparkled under the beam of the moon as I extended my small hand towards his. I could not believe what I was doing, but there was some part of me that knew I could trust him. It was not any feeling that I could describe, I simply knew.

My slender fingers gracefully slid into the curved opening of his palm and as his fingers wrapped around my hand there was a glow. Not any glow Roman had emitted thus far, but a flame-igniting, sun-shining, fire-burning kind of light that wrapped around our hands almost binding them together in a perfect mould. My entire body felt as though magic had been seeped into my blood stream and was now coursing through every blood vessel in my body. I could feel it from the tips of my fingers, to my stomach, to my toes, to my head and to my heart. I had never felt such beauty, or had a feeling such as this before in my life.

My violet eyes began to shine a little brighter as I looked up to Roman. His charming smile was aglow on his face, simply adding to my new found feeling of safety.

"I told you that you could trust me, Célestine," his voice almost purred as his hand drew me nearer to his magic carpet.

"Yes, I can feel it now. I can feel that I can trust you and yet I still haven't a clue as to who you are. All I know is that I feel some pull towards you, like magic."

He offered out his other hand for me to take, as I did so another glow of what I presumed to be magic shone around our hands for a moment and then faded away to a soft shimmer.

Gently pulling me onto his magic carpet he replied, "The pull has nothing to do with magic, ma vision douce petite, it is entirely due to you and I."

He let my hands fall to my sides as one of his gently made its way to low of my back, encouraging me further onto the carpet. A shiver ran through my body at his touch, an electric shiver it felt like.

I looked up at him with what felt like the most innocent look and asked, "How is it that I connected with this place? Connected with you?"

"Do you know the meaning of you names, Célestine?" Roman queried as he sat down on the carpet, one leg out-stretched, the other tucked into his body as he motioned for me to sit as well.

I shook my head as I sat with my legs bent to one side as to protect exposing myself, "I had never really paid it much thought."

"Well your first given name, Célestine, means heavenly, like an angel and all things magical. Desiree means desire, to long after the impossible or the equisetic and Alaina means beautiful one. Then your surname, Beauleiu, means beautiful place. Your names make up who you are, you're names are filled with magic, beauty, possibility and yet it also thrives in your blood. There is something special about you, Célestine, you belong to greater things than your world."

He leaned forwards to take a hold of my hand, "Take a look around, ma chère, magic is everywhere; you simply have to know it exists."

I looked to my side where I expected to simply see my balcony staring back me, the sheer curtain being sucked in and out of my room, instead I saw open space. I gasped and tried to move as close to the centre of the rug as possible, squeezing my eyes shut.

In doing this I heard Roman chuckled and shuffle closer, "Ma vision douce petite, open your eyes, I want you to see the wonder and magic in your own world before I show you mine."

As I simply shook my head I felt him shuffle closer still, causing my heart to increase its speed and my skin begin to tingle. Roman then very gently placed one of his hands upon my thighs, eliciting a quick intake of breath from my lips; I could feel the magic seep from his finger-tips into my soft thigh. My heart rate began to rectify and my breathing shallow again, then I felt his other hand softly take my cheek in the palm of his hand.

"Célestine, mon ange, please open your eyes, I promise you that you are safe with me. Feel the contact of my skin with yours, the radiating brilliancy within our natural touch, the natural presence of our skin together. Feel the emulating security my body gives to yours."

Slowly I opened my eyes and suddenly it all felt so natural, his close proximity washing away my uncertainties. His hand moved away from my cheek and I looked back out over the side of the magic-carpet, my large mansion was become but a speck in the distance as my eyes moved over to the river.

"I see no magic Roman?"

"Like I told you, ma chère, you simply have to know it exists," and with that he lifted his hand and waved it through the nights sky, eliciting a glow from his finger-tips spreading out through the sky.

So I looked back out over the city, trying to remember everything I had seen so far that night: a man on a magic carpet, a man like no other I'd ever seen, light, energy and magic, feelings and faint memories that I could not describe, touches that felt like I'd been receiving them my whole lifetime. With that I shut my eyes tight and upon re-opening them, saw my city, my beloved Paris as a wondrous spectacle of light.

The water in the moonlight was no longer a murky brown colour but a rich cerulean blue that shone as though on its rivers floor where millions of diamonds reflecting back to the sky. And the sky! The sky was no longer a black abyss, but purple, indigo and dark blue all with a metallic tinge, drawing me into its lustrous allure of beauty. The trees, the flowers, anything of nature was no longer a bland colour or washed out but had a hint of magic about it; I could feel Mother Nature in its presence.

I almost half expected to see faeries dancing along the bridge and about the Eiffel tower.

Telling Roman this he simply chuckled, "Remember we're still in your world ma chère, those belong to mine."

"It is simply exquisite, Roman," I told him, prying my eyes away from the beauty below. Upon turning my eyes to him I noticed that his had changed yet again, the gold rings more prominent, over-shadowing the other colours as it glowed lightly.

Slowly I reached my hand out to his face, my finger-tips ever so lightly brushing across his temple and down his cheek, not once our gaze breaking.

"Tell me about your eyes, what do their colours represent in conjunction with your emotions?"

"That ma chère, Célestine, is one thing you shall have to uncover all on your own," he replied, reaching up and taking my hand from his face, gently bringing it to his lustrous lips and ever so lightly placing a kiss in the palm of my hand.

A heavy blush arose in my cheeks and I tilted my head away so that my long golden locks would cover my girlish nerves.

Roman chuckled as he released my hand, "Do not be embarrassed, ma vision douce petite, I have kissed far more than simply your hand after all."

I looked up at him startled, previous embarrassment forgotten, "Excuse me?"

"Nothing ma chère, Célestine, forget I said anything." He turned his face away from, however not before I saw the golden ring in his eyes dim a little.

"Why is it that I called to you anyhow, Roman? And you are a Prince, why would you answer me?"

"Why you called me specifically?" I nodded, "because you felt a pull towards me. I felt one towards you as well. Long before you came in search of me I felt you, I could feel you through our worlds, though I knew not who you were. There is something between us, something that cannot be defined by worlds, it is simply felt; between you and I."

Roman turned again to look at me with a longing gaze, as though he wanted to take me in his arms and never let me go. My hand, barely without my realising reached out for his and slid perfectly into his opened palm.

I never got tired of seeing the glow that captured our hands as they came together, it made me feel special, as though this man meant more to me than I could yet realise; which of course, he did.

"I can feel it, Roman," I told him; playing with his fingers, watching the glimpses of light dance around our fingers at their every move.

"Feel what, ma chère?" He smiled. Although it was not a wide, mouth filling smile as before, but more of a sweet, loving smile as he too watched our hands and the magic we created together.

"The pull; you are right, I can feel it. It feels as though I have known you for years, as though you know me better than anyone."

"Well, ma douce, that is most likely because I do know you better than anyone; you simply cannot remember yet. But do not worry, you will in time."

Smiling, he stopped our fingers playing with each other and instead simply held it tight as he let me watch my city fading away in a tiny blur of light and brilliancy. He took us speeding up through the clouds, which now too sparkled under the moonlight, beyond the city limits and into the sky.

"Are you ready, Célestine?" Roman turned to me, eyes aglow with a hint of excitement.

"Ready for what, Roman?"

However I needed has asked, as for a moment later the clouds began to disappear and I saw us descending upon the most magical, beautiful city I had ever seen.

"Welcome, ma vision douce petite, to my city, Althernia."