Song: Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap

"You can never catch me! I am faster than superman!" Her radiant smile spreads to the tips of her cheeks as she giggles uncontrollably whilst trying to out-run us.

"Give it up April; you know you cannot last forever! And when you finally tire we will be there ready to pounce and tickle!" April's sister, Raleigh, turns to me, bright blue eyes shining with amusement and life, pointing for me to go around the other way to try and trap her.

I catch a glimpse of April's long blonde hair swish between the sugar cane not far from me; sinking low into the crop so she could not see me, I quicken my pace, ready to spring on her.

However her infectious laugh is contagious and soon enough I find myself bursting into laughter, giving away my position. April squeals as she hears me, bolting in the opposite direction.

"You do realise this goes beyond any boyfriend code there is right? You're not supposed to gang up on me with my sister!"

"I thought you wanted me to try and fit in with your family?" I yell to her, wondering how on earth she became so fit.

"Wrong, I said I wanted you all to like each other and get along! I said nothing about fitting in and harassing me!" The playful banter in her voice gives away that she is obviously trying to distract me enough to change course and slyly get away from me.

"But you see April; I plan on sticking around for a long time, so I kind of want to fit in. And if tickling you mercilessly with your sister is the key, quite frankly, that is too fun for me to pass up!"

"You are pure evil, Hunter James Stirling!"

I chuckled loudly, "It's why you're so attracted to me babe! But just keep in mind, I will catch you, it is after all in my name!"

Another flash of blonde long hair right in front of me and I know that I have got her. True to my name, I slink up quickly and quietly, then pounce, right on top of her.

"Ouch, Hunter! What the hell are you doing, idiot?"

"Oh, oops, sorry, Raleigh, saw the long blond hair and didn't notice anything else," I quickly get off the poor girl, and offer my hand to help her to her feet. "Your sister sure can run you know; any chance of her wearing out soon?"

"Not a chance, my friend. She wasn't cross-country champion for nothing, you know."

In the distance I hear her beautiful laugh again, mocking us as we try to figure out how to catch her.

"I told you that you would never catch me!"

"April Quinn, you cannot run forever! I know I am too irresistible for that," laughing at my boyish arrogance I take off once again, sprinting after my girl.

"Ohhhh, sure, Hunter! You keep thinking that babe!"

"Raleigh, hurry your ass up, I want to catch this girl and teach her a lesson already!"

These Dawson girls sure did know how to make life in the country less bland and boring. Especially April, from the first moment I met her she had me captivated with her infectious smile and life-loving persona.

"I am trying to think of a strategy, silly!"

In thinking of April and how she makes my life worth living I suddenly have to tell her, and if it works as a strategy too, all the better. But I have to tell her, it is practically bursting within me.

"APRIL!" I yell, as loud as I can, I want her to hear me. I want the entire country to hear me.

"What Hunter, finally giving up?" She laughs, yet again.


It was as loud as I could muster, with as much, energy, love and want as I could throw into it.

Then silence. I keep running, wondering if she is going to reply.

"What did you just say?" I can hear in her voice that she is caught off guard and has momentarily stopped running.

"I said that I love you, April Quinn Dawson!"

I hear the rustle of sugar cane and know that she has started running again.

"Hunter James Stirling, I LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK!"

I can feel my face splitting into the largest grin, my legs suddenly receiving a hit of adrenaline, sprinting faster than before.

I take a jump in the air and scream as loud as possible, "YES!"

"Don't think this changes anything, Stirling! You will still never catch me!"

"At least now you know that I will never stop chasing you! You don't stop chasing the things you love!"

"Shit, you guys make me sick! Hunter, stop this lovey crap talk before I abandon you on this mission and you lose my helpful skills forever!"

"Eye, eye, Captain Raleigh! Ready or not, April, here we come!"

Then we start sprinting, and I mean really sprinting, life-dependency type sprinting. I can see that she is tiring as we begin to gain ground on her. We are slowly getting closer to goddess of a girl, with her daisy-dukes and crop tank-tee, beautiful golden hair tangling in the breeze.

None of us are speaking, all of our energy it focused on running as fast as possible. We are getting so close now, only a couple of metres away.

"April, just so you know, as soon as I am done tickling you, I am going to kiss the life out of you!"

Her glorious face turns around to look at me as I say this, smiling at me she replies, "Hunter; I am completely okay with that."

As she turns around to look at me we reach the edge of the sugar cane field. April un-noticing sprints right out of the crops, Raleigh and I at her feet. As April speaks those words of beauty to me I see the road behind her.

She keeps running, ready to sprint right over the road. None of us see it coming. April turns her head back around to keep running away, which is then when I notice the chain of speeding cars coming around the bend in the road.

I scream at her to get out of the way, "APRILLLL! MOVE!"

Raleigh beside me is also screaming at the top of her lungs.

It is too late though; she is sprinting too fast and has already started to hit the road.

Though I know it is impossible I am still sprinting. I am trying to get to her, I cannot let this happen.

But it does, she turns her head to see the noise; her eyes widen in horror and realisation as her infectious smile falls away from her face.

And in this one swift motion of a speeding car, my girl is gone.

My cheeks are damp, yet crusty still, from all of my salty tears. I cannot fathom that April is gone.

I am sprinting through the sugar cane as fast as my legs will take me. But I know that I will never arrive, because I can never arrive at her beautiful body every again.


I stopped running to listen to the wind, maybe if I try hard enough her voice will carry through the wind and I'll be able to hear her again.


But no matter how many days that I come out into these fields, no matter how many times I scream her name, no matter how loud I yell, she never comes back.

"April..." I whisper, one last time as I sit upon the edge of the road.

Leaning down to the scorching hot tar, I gently press my lips against the gravel where I last saw her. I feel as though I can kiss her one last time.

I then slouch back and watch the speeding cars; cursing every single one that drives right over April's spot.