It's silent and solemn

Their gold eyes are broken

Their hearts are empty

No words are spoken

It's a gray winter morning

Sorrow walks in slow succession

Reaching his final resting place

The casket begins it's last dissension

It's an oak boarded box

With pristine white roses settled atop

Finding the world with eye shadowed pain

He cried as the rain wouldn't stop

It's finding compassion in only blank paper

Living only today

Dying only tomorrow

He was never here to stay

It's a wet moment

As tears fall down his lover's face

"He looks so alive," he mutters into his fathers jacket

So at peace in a lace lined casket

It's his final goodbye

To the one he was crucified for loving

"It was worth it," he would lament

His lover would disagree, "I'd rather him be alive,"

"It's like living in a dream,

I could wake up and he would be here,"

"He's not coming back," his father says

Then, swiftly ruffles his hair

It's quiet and peaceful

As he's buried in the ground

His lover shuffles his feet

But, otherwise, there's no sound

"It's over," he whispers to his father

His eyes swell with tears. He turns and walks away.

"You had him while he lasted.

Nothing's ever here to stay"