A/N: Any girl who knows what feeling I'm talking about, it'd be great if you let me know I'm not the only one who acts like this. Any boys who were wondering: YES, girls really do get this way sometimes.

She was in love. Real love. Love with Joe. And - Oh My God - was she scared. She never felt like this before. She knew it was love. It had to be.
She skipped home from school. Odd for a fifteen-year-old, wouldn't you think? She sang, "J-O-E," skip:skip:skip. "J-O-E," skip:skip:skip. An old woman carrying groceries stared at her. "J-O-E," skip:skip:skip. Nothing mattered to her now, because she had J-O-E.
Well, she didn't really have him. Not yet, anyway.
But almost.
And almost was enough to keep her going.
"J-O-E," skip:skip:skip.
She skipped the rest of the way home.