All is a lie
All shall suffer
All die
Stab them
Shoot them
Burn them
Kill them
They have hurt you
Make them hurt
Make them bleed
Make them suffer
Show them the meaning of pain
Show them the meaning of agony
Show them the meaning of rage
Free us
Free us from within your mind
Free us and let us live around you
We can protect you
We can keep you safe
We can make everything better
Listen to us
Follow us
Hear us
It's all a lie
We are the truth
We are reality
We are we are
Let us free
Pick up the knife
Load the pistol
Carry the torch
Tonight they shall feel
Tonight they shall bleed
Tonight they shall die
We are the truth
All else is a lie
Listen to us
Hear us
Free us
We are trapped within you
Only you may free us
Let us guide you
Let us protect you
Let us help you
We can keep you safe
We only want what's best for you
We only want to protect you
Give yourself to us
We can help you
Free us
Why do you resist?
Why do you resist?
We are your mind.
We are you.
Listen to us.