"I can't believe that he said that, come on what did I do?"

I shut my eyes momentarily with my hands still gripping the wheel, Amy was really getting on my nerves with her continuing tales of her boyfriends however I could do nothing but drive the car. I opened my eyes again; smiling at Amanda beside me, I changed the subject.

"So did you enjoy yourself today?"

"Yeah, it was really good" replied the twins together, and then they looked at each other

"Jinks" they replied in unison, giggling.

I laughed along with them, for all Amy's moaning I wouldn't have picked any other people to share my day with,

"How about you Rachel?" asked the youngest of the pair, Amanda "Did you enjoy your day, I noticed you couldn't stop looking at the lifeguard!" she continued laughingly.

"Blair's an old friend" I retorted "Anyway you couldn't stay away from the ice rink guy"

Yeah, well …" she continued, but soon fell silent because she knew it was true.

The day out had been talked about for months but we never quite agreed on a date, so when we discovered that the twins were coming down for a few days- they lived in Dundee- we jumped at the chance, and finally decided on a shopping trip with a swim, plus an added ice skate and a concluding sleepover at my house that night. As I reflected on the day I realised that it had been fun but it wasn't over yet.

Turning the corner I reached for the gear stick, but somehow never quite made it there. Suddenly a sickening sound of metal crushing and glass smashing, then the world started spinning, my eyes blacked out, and my ears closed to the screams then as quickly as it had started the spinning stopped with a colossal crash and we were alone.

Slowly I tried to move but discovering I could not I carefully and timidly cried out

"Amy, Amanda are you ok" fear was gripping onto every word like a fist, chocking me up like the inside of a car engine. The next few agonising seconds seemed like forever before I heard a deep moan like a whale coming from somewhere nearby.

"Who's that, are you ok, where's the other one of you?" the words came tumbling out of my mouth with the relief of knowing that one was still alive, for the minute at least.

"Hey how are you, I feel like I haven't seen you in years!"

Walking out from the showers, Blair had been the last person I'd been expecting to see.

"Come on it's only been two years since we left that prison!" I countered laughingly

"Well I've been really hard to get a hold of lately. . ."he replied looking around anxiously "What about you how-"

"Rachel, are you going swimming now or tomorrow!" Amy shouted from the pool

"Yeah, I'm just coming!"

"Look, Blair, I've got to go now but I'll see you sometime soon"

"Yeah, Yeah it's alright I understand" Blair quickly answered "Are you free on Tuesday, cause we could meet up-"

"No I'm not doing anything much"

"Well I'll meet you about sevenish at the Wheelhouse then . . . and it's not a date before you get any ideas" he added hurriedly

"Yeah I didn't take it that way, we are going as two old school pals out for a get together, right"

"Yeah!" he replied quickly in a relieved tone

"Ok then! See you there then, bye-!" I replied and quickly sped off towards the pool where twins had been watching this conversation like hawks, and I knew I would get a grilling about this soon, however for the minute we were going for a good old swim in the pool, I wasn't prepared to answer any questions just yet.

Now as I lay painfully in my vehicle I reflected on our friendship, Blair and I had been friends since we were eight or nine, we had been so close that one of my friends at high school had been jealous. He always understood, never overloaded me with questions, he had an answer for every dilemma and was always a great laugh. I wondered if he could ever mean more than that to me.

"Amy!" the waiting made me realise just how much pain I was in

"Yeah?" I reached for the voice but a stab of pain in my shoulder stopped me.

"Are you alright?" I replied shakily

"I'll live" she replied "Rachel?"


"Where's my twin?" The words were so filled with fear and worry that it took me a few minutes to reply.

Just as I was about to reply we heard the sounds of car engines and siren's in the distance, the louder it became the more hopeful I became yet as I reached to point in realisation that they were coming for us they flew by the road end in the other direction. From that moment on the pain in my right shoulder intensified.

"Rachel, where is Amanda?" Amy cried out anxiously.

"Ehh…" just as I was about to reply with "I don't know", the feeling in my left side began to return, and I felt a substantial weight leaning on it with a sticky liquid seeping from it. Looking down I shuddered, "She's right beside me…!"

"Right that's it! We're finished!"

"You don't mean that…"

"Oh Yes I Do!"

"Fine then be that way!"

We never meant to break up that night, or ever, we were supposedly madly in love with each other, and I was secretly anticipating a proposal, but then it happened. It was the most stupid thing ever to fall out about. Who would pay for dinner? It was Steven's idea at first to pay shot about for meals and days out, but this time our plan backfired because it was his turn to pay, but I wouldn't let him as it was his birthday. Now as my phone playing the all too familiar tone of Taylor Swifts "Love Song" I wondered what he could possibly want.

"Rachel?" Amy asked "Do you want me to get that?"

"Get What?" I replied ingenuously

"You're phone, it's been ringing constantly for like the last 5 minutes!"

"Yes Please" I needn't have bothered she was already reaching over me to get the phone.

"Hey wait a minute" I protested as it suddenly sunk in "you're not hurt!"

"Yea…?" she replied uncertainly

"Get out the car and phone for help with my mobile" I commanded her, without even stopping for a breath. I was starting to feel a chill now and I strongly doubted whether the person beside me had or would last any longer.

"But I can't!"

"Why Not!"

"Because…because you're on the phone to Steve!" and with that she pressed the receive button and held the phone-my new enemy-to my right ear

"Rachel you and I need to talk…!"

"TALK!"I exclaimed "You want to TALK. . ."without even waiting for a retaliation or reply I continued... "why do you need to talk now? And what about? If it's about us you can get lost. I am NOT in the mood to talk about us okay?

'There's something that she isn't telling me here..' Amy thought to herself 'I mean I know that she and Steven have split up and everything but that's not why she's getting so aggravated... wait Amanda...? It has to do with her... there's something wrong...wait is that an engine?'

The sound of a car getting closer and slowing down caused me to stop arguing with him, the sound of doors slamming, heavy breathing and feet running on the tarmac, was like water in a desert to me.

"Anyone in there?" the familiar voice startled me. I could hear the owner of the voice coming closer. I didn't believe it, could it really be him?

The voice called out again. This time it sounded like my name, but the words were too distorted. The world started fading as the possibility of rescue became a reality. It was too hard to keep my eyes open, to keep fighting. I couldn't always be the strong one. I felt the door open and the cool night air washed over me. The pressure at my feet fell away, and I felt like I should be reacting more than I was. I wanted to reach out and grab Amanda, to protect her from whatever or whoever had her, but my body wouldn't do what I wanted it to. I tried to reach out, but all I could manage was a feeble twitch.

I felt the presence return to my side and it carefully placed a hand on my neck. I turned my head toward our saviour. I couldn't see his face, I couldn't see anything, but then I realised that my eyes were closed. With great effort, I managed to force my eyes open. I groaned as the pain came back the forefront of my mind.

"Shhh... you'll be okay. I've got you."

As I looked up into my saviour's eyes, I somehow knew it was true. I could see the fear leaking into his expression, but I couldn't bring myself to feel scared. He had my back...he always had. I'd be safe with him.