- Libita Smith -

I slammed my hand down on my alarm clock.


Another wonderfully amazing school year! I'm practically dripping with excitement I thought dryly.

That's me; Libita Smith, still as sarcastic at 7 in the morning.

I quickly finished my shower and got dressed.

After making my bed, I silently tip-toed down the stairs.

Grabbing an apple, I practically ran out the door feeling as if I could breathe now that I was out of that place called my "house". House, not home. Home is a place in which you are comfortable and happy in.

Truly happy.

I sighed getting prepared to be as fake as the leather on a belt.

I hurried to the bus stop.

- Felix Sole -

I blinked my eyes open once dawn hit.

This was a routine, one I was sadly used to.

Yet, Instead of hurrying before the she-monster awoke, I stared at myself in the mirror.

Black bedhead hair I never needed to comb and tired dark blue clouded eyes gazed back at me, always trying to figure this place we call a world out.


The one word that described today.

New School. New People. New house.

New life.

- Libita Smith -

I took a deep breath and plastered on a smile so fake, it would make Barbie cry.

To me anyways.

I walked into the school and immediately noticed the whispers and murmurs.

New Kid, I thought and immediately turned around and used the other route to my first class.

- Felix Sole -

As I stepped in the school, the chatter of greeting friends abruptly stopped and the whispers started up.

Inwardly, I rolled my eyes as the high-pitched, banshee-like, carrot-coloured caked-faced toothpicks (read: bimbos) started invading my personal space.


Just another Year.

But just when I was about to lose all hope in women of the Earth, I saw the annoyed face of a girl barely turn around and swiftly walk away from the crowd.

I noticed the fakeness of her smile but maybe it was just me.

A/N: So? Did ya like it? I know, I know a bit cliché in some sense but it's just the beginning. First chapter only, will be reposted but I just wanted to get the idea up to see who wanted me to continue this and who didn't. Wrote in a rush, sorry!

Anyone who can figure out the resemblances of their names will get a shout out and a cyber-five ;D !

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