Wake Up?

I can't stand it when I sit back
And think of all the times
I dread lyin down
So I sit here and think of rhymes
There's a hole in my head
And there's a leak in my brain
With every single second
I feel myself goin' insane
I'm a masterpiece
A disasterpiece
Everything's a game
No matter what I do
It all just turns out the same
I know I'm still young
But the world is on my shoulders
I want to set it all ablaze
But it all keeps gettin' colder
It's like I'm slippin' while I walkin
As I'm goin' nowhere
Like I got a gun to my head
For that Russian Roulette dare
I can't stand to see it like this
I'm always lookin back
I'm starin over my shoulder
Wondering if I fell off the track
I need to get my shit straight
And sweep all this bullshit away
I need to stop livin' this nightmare
And wake up to a new a day
Because I'm still asleep
I'm not awake
My eyes are closed and I am blind
My mind is shut my ears are deaf
Will I wake up in time?
So will I die before I wake?
To Shangri-La my soul to take?
Or will I wake before I die
And see the evil snake tongue fly?
But I'll never wake
I'm locked in dream
Indulging glorious fantasy
There's only I inside the mind
And only voices speak to me
They call my name
I hear their sound
They take me to
The Underground
It's not a Hell
It's Paradise
Where no one has to pay a price
Where all are free
Where all are one
Your eyes are open
See the sun?
But once again it's just a dream
There is no sun, your eyes are closed
They'll never open
It's what you chose
So should you live in fantasy?
Or try your turn
At reality?

I don't ever want to wake up...