Beautiful Melodies

By: Strawberripinkicakes


Music. The one and only thing I love. The beautiful notes and pitches. The harmonies. The melodies. I can still remember the first time I heard music. I was three back then, and my Aunt took me to a concert. I remember watching the man playing the violin, and the way the notes touched my heart. That day was the first time I smiled in my childhood. My parents died on my birthday. My father, Izumi Kinjo was killed in a car accident on his way to the hospital to see me. My mother died of giving birth to me. Why would God let my parents die? Why am I the one who killed them? I blamed myself for everything. At the small age of 4, I was aware of the evils of this world. My heart was full of hatred. I hated everything, everyone in this world. Music was the only thing that made me smile. My story, starts here.

10 years ago.

"Aika Kinjo! You may not hit the other children! If I catch you doing that one more time, I'm going to call your Aunt!" Sensei warned.

I walked slowly into the punishment corner. I didn't mean to hit her. My hand acted on its own… But, why would anyone listen to my side of the story? Nobody cares about me. I hate them; I hate them all, so, so much. No one understands me, I hate my life. Why can't I just die right now? I wish I never had been born, that way my parents would still be alive…

I attempted suicide at the age of 4. I held on to the railing of my balcony, ready to fling myself over the edge. I couldn't do it though. I heard violin music coming from one of my neighbors houses. The music was ever so beautiful. The sounds and different pitches struck a chord in my soul. Music had saved me, saved me from dying.

8 years ago, Birthday.

"Ai! I bought you a gift!" Aunt called out using her nickname for me.

I walked into the living room and found my aunt sitting on the sofa with a medium sized rectangular box wrapped up. Aunt had bought me a cake. It was my favorite, strawberry-vanilla ice-cream cake. After eating a few bites of cake, aunt urged me to open the present.

"Come on Ai! You'll love it! I know how much you love music, so I figured that you deserve this now that you are 6." Aunt said excitedly.

I slowly unwrapped the paper, opened the box, unzipped the case, and found myself face to face with a beautifully hand carved violin.

"Auntie…I…" I said speechless.

"You're welcome sweetie! I have private lessons already arranged for you starting today! This is your first violin! When you grow bigger, you'll have to change violin sizes! But it is your first violin, so enjoy it! Let me take a picture!" Aunt took her camera out and snapped the picture.

After cleaning up the living room and opening the other presents, I took my new violin with me and ran into my room and shut the door. As I held the beautifully handcarved violin up, it seemed to instantly find my neck and I placed my fingers over the strings. I started to play automatically. I had never had a violin lesson in my life! The notes kept on flowing, from the bottom of my heart. The more I played, the more confident I was. Aunt walked in on me playing. She starred at me with her mouth wide open and eyes wide.

"Ai! You played… so beautifully…" Aunt said as she cried.

"Auntie! Don't cry…" I said.

"No, darling I'm okay. You have your parents' gift. The gift they always wished their only daughter had. I'm so happy that God gave you this wonderful talent sweetie! Use it well…" Aunt replied with a bright smile on her face.

And that's when all the lessons began. They soon led to Piano, Cello, Guitar, and Flute… Any instrument you gave me, I excelled at it. There was no instrument that I could not play. Aunt was so pleased that she was planning something's on her own…

One day, 4 years later, Aunt told me to sit down with her in the living room. She told me that she had finally saved up enough money so that I could attend Tokyo Academy of the Musical Arts. She also told me that my parents attended that school when they were young. After that, Aunt gave me a new violin. It was the full size. The last violin size there was. I would keep this violin for the rest of my life, and possibly not switch again. By now, I was playing many complex pieces. Aunt was so proud of me. I was kind of sad since I had to leave the place I grew up then; but then again, I was going to attend the most prestigious music academy in the world.

Chapter 1.

Now, January 12th, 20xx

"Good morning class, this is Aika Mae Kinjo. She comes from Sapporo, Hokkaido. Please welcome her." Harumi Sensei said.

I walked uncomfortably to new seat as everyone glared at me. My grip on my violin case handle tightened. I glared back at all the idiots staring at me. One girl with emerald green eyes, and light brown hair stared directly at me. Her eyes were full of disgust and envy. She whispered something to the blond haired girl beside her, and she whispered something to the red head. The blond girl's piercing deep blue eyes glared at me, sending chills down my spine. As I took my seat, I could feel their gaze burning a hole right through me. What the hell do those girls want with me? I didn't any shit to them.

"Hey Kinjo. You say you're from Hokkaido? The countryside? You must be merely a farm girl. This school is for the rich kids, alright? Poor farm girls don't belong at this academy. I bet your violin is a piece of shit as well." The brunette said as she walked past me and grabbed my violin case out of my hand.

"My name's Akane Takahashi. This is Michiyo, and Yuuki. In case you don't already know, we rule this school. It's ours. My daddy is the vice principal of the school, so if you mess with me, you could be expelled." Akane threatened with an evil smirk.

"Hmm… You're last name's Kinjo? Do you happen to be related with the great Izumi and Rika Kinjo? Because they were once famous violinists. Emphasize the were. Akane's family hated them. Which gives us more of a reason to hate you. The Kinjo's always got in the way of things. They were nothing but nosy, stupid, selfish-

I grabbed the blond by her shirt collar and yanked her up in the air. Many people crowded around us.

"Put me down you crazy bitch! Don't cause a scene Dammit!" Michiyo yelled.

"Listen, the next time you go around calling my dead parents something rude, I'll make them drag you into hell, were you and your little friends belong." I said with an icy tone. I put the little bitch down. She looked at me with terrified eyes. I smirked. Akane and Yuuki looked at me simply astonished. After a few milliseconds they were back in reality.

"You did not just do that Kinjo!" Akane shouted, she tried to push me to the floor, but I remained standing.

"What the hell was that for? You stupid… I'll make sure Principal Daddy Takahashi hears about this. And on your first day of school too… Your little dead parents are going to be disappointed…" Akane said with sarcastic sympathy.

"Alright, listen. You and your little friends should leave me alone alright? If you bother me, or anyone else one more time, you can kiss your sorry little ass good-bye." I warned, than I walked off towards the music room. Many people cheered, clapped and hollered for me.

"Go Kinjo! Woo! You told that Queen Bitch right!" Were some of the things they cheered.

Hn. Turns out nobody had the guts to stand up to Takahashi and her clones before. And I did it, on my first day of school as well. As I walked into music, I saw a girl with long black hair and crimson red eyes look up at me. She was so pretty, but her eyes looked like they were filled with pain and guilt.

"Class, this is Aika Kinjo, she comes to us from Sapporo, Hokkaido. Please make her feel welcomed!" Yuri Sensei announced.

I took a seat beside the pretty girl. She looked briefly at me, and then picked up her violin.

"Here's your music. We're playing the different seasons by Vivaldi today. We are starting off with Spring." The girl said in a quiet voice, almost like the wind.

"Thanks…" I said with no expression whatsoever on my face.

"I'm Reika Imai, you can just call me Reika, spare me the honorifics." She said.

"Umm… yea…" I said as I picked up my violin and warmed up.

After playing all my scales really fast up and down the violin, the class starred at me in awe.

"Holy crap! How do you play like that?" this girl yelled from the back of the room.

"I don't know… Practice?" I suggested, but my attention kept on focusing on the black haired boy. He had sea blue eyes and black hair. If you think about it, that's a really weird mix. His gaze fell on me for a second, and he merely looked away.

"That's Kazuhiko Hidaka! The hottest, smartest, coolest guy in school! He is so dreamy! Plus his violin playing skills are so amazing! He is fantastic! If I were you, I wouldn't get near him! Akane Takahashi has PERSONAL PROPERTY OF AKANE TAKAHASHI tattooed all over his body." A cheerful and lively brunette who sat on my right.

"By the way, I'm Akahana Hanazono." She said.

"Yea… Hey. I'm Aika Kinjo." I said quietly.

"Aika… Hey, doesn't that mean love song?... Oh my gosh! Do you happen to be Izumi and Rika Senpai's daughter?" Akahana screamed with delight.

"Yea… They're my parents… they were… at least." I said.

"Oh my gosh… I'm so sorry! I didn't know!" Akahana gasped.

"Yea, whatever." I replied.


God. The 1st two periods were pure hell. The experienced music class was playing pieces I played back when I was 8. I think this academy has problems, people here belonged to different cliques. I, obviously didn't really belong to one yet, so I spent my breaks sitting alone in the library or sometimes in the cafeteria. Anyways, the point was I didn't really have any friends. Akahana and Reika didn't really talk to each other out of class. Akahana hung out with the preppy type. Reika sat with the quiet and mysterious type. I didn't really belong anywhere. The school pretty much consisted of the Popular&Rich, the Sluts R Us, the Shoot Me Now, I Wanna Die, the Preppy, the Mysterious, the Super Genius, the I'm Better Than Everyone Else Here (though they really were such lame ass kids.), and the Outcasts. I was the only one in the Outcast/Loner section. Akane, Michiyo, and Yuuki belonged in the Popular&Rich group, so did the Hidaka guy. What's up with him anyway, It seems like he's looking over at me constantly. He should stop-

"Are you okay?" a male voice said.

"Yea, I'm fine." I said in a stern voice. I didn't even bother looking up. I bet it was one of those Popular&Rich bastards again.

"Are you sure? I'm really sorry about your uniform… and your lunch. Why don't I make it up to you and buy you something else, and don't worry I got the dry cleaning bills for your uniform." He said again.

"Umm… If you're going to make me pay you back, than no. Cause I'm broke." I said with an icy tone.

"Why would I do that? I'm the one who got you in a mess like this. By the way, I'm Jin Tanaka." He said.

Jin Tanaka had light brown hair and a pair of hazel eyes. His smile was true, unlike those fake smiles that you show when you feel uncomfortable or awkward. He was really good looking, even if he is rich; he's sure nicer than the rest of them.

"So, are you new here? Cause I don't think I've seen you before." Jin said.

"Yea… I just came like today. I'm Aika Kinjo..." I replied trying to be friendly.

"That's nice. Your name, I mean. Doesn't it mean love song?" Jin asked completely focused on me.

"Yea… it does. My parents got married because of a love song that my dad wrote for my mom, hence my name." I replied trying to stay positive.

"Why does your last name sound so familiar…? Wait… do you happen to be the Great Izumi and Rika Kinjo's daughter?" Jin asked in bewilderment.

"Yea. I wouldn't say the great. Well, I haven't actually met them so…" I began.

"I'm so sorry. I wasn't aware…" Jin said as he put his arm around me.

I glanced with an arched eye brow looking over at his arm. He seemed to turn red and quickly shove his hands in his pockets.

"Sorry about that… Umm…" he said awkwardly.

"It's alright." I said trying to smile.

After Jin bought me a new lunch and helped me ask the secretary for a temporary uniform, hesat with me while I ate my lunch and asked me lots of questions. We talked about music, and he told me that he plays violin and cello. Jin also told me that he was half Chinese and Japanese. I guess he is the first real friend I made. He told me "See you around."

Since break was 2 hours long, I walked through the gardens of the school. I was entranced by the flowers and the smell and everything just seemed so beautiful, so I pulled my violin out of its case and started to play Beethoven's Violin Sonata No.4 Movement III. It wasn't a very famous composition, but I loved playing it. I started to play, and the rest of the notes just started flowing. My vibrato was obviously really big, so when I finished my fingers hurt. Many people were around me watching and they started clapping. They were all cheering. Everyone except for Kazuhiko Hidaka. He was watching in the front, and as I packed my violin up and took my stuff. Someone walked up to me.

"Your B's are too flat." Kazuhiko said with a cold tone in his voice.

I was speechless and kind of surprised. I wanted to slap that bastard across the face, but I held it in. Since I'm guessing, no one slaps or talks back to someone like Kazuhiko Hidaka.

To be continued…

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