My life's a journey; it's hard and it's long,

I made a few good turns, but mostly I did wrong.

I don't quite know how things turned out so well,

'Cuz what I'm doin' could only land me in hell.

Don't know where I'm goin', where I am or were I been,

I can tell you one thing; my path is black with sin.

Every decision I made could well ruin everything,

But I'm on the right path, thanks to the grace of the King.

He sent his son to be nailed to a tree,

He said to his people, "Take your cross and follow me."

That's the only reason I got hope in this life,

My shining guide through the pain and the strife.

Life is pain; there ain't no way around that,

I ain't gonna tell you my troubles are past.

But when this is over, it'll be alright,

'Cuz Christ paid my ransom and won the fight!