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Within a day of running away from the castle, Gwenevere found herself in a small town, just outside the royal grounds.

She walked through what seemed a town square, where there were marketers selling fresh fruit and vegetables, along with poultry and meat.

Gwenevere walked up to one booth and bought an apple.

As she bit into it, the cold juice of the sweet, yet sour apple dripped down her hand.

"Did you hear? Of the runaway Princess?"

Gwenevere turned her head towards the people that were talking as she ate her apple.

"Yes, yes, and on her wedding day too! What a disgraceful girl."

Gwenevere shook her head and started to walk away from the two gossipers.

"Aye, did you hear? Of the lost prince that was said to be dead? Some scallywag said to of saw 'em runnin' about in the next town over."

"There's a prince, near here?" Gwenevere thought to herself as she walked through the down.

Later on, she stopped at another booth to ask directions.

"Excuse me." she said, in her sweet, sweet voice to the man behind the booth.

The scruffy looking man in his forties looked up at her.


"I'd like to know how long it would take to get to the next town, and how one would get there?"

The man scowled.

"That town is a place of chaos, a pretty little girlie like you shouldn't be in places like that."

"I realize that sir, but just answer me?"

He sighed as he dropped his shoulders.

"Follow that there path outta the town, it'll take an hour or so by foot."

"Thank you sir!" she smiled, scampering off.

After a couple minutes of walking through the town she heard something and stopped to listen.

"Dag-gum stupid horse, useless creature." she heard a man mumble.

She followed the sound of the mans voice and found him standing by a horse, which was sitting on the ground.

She walked up to the man and stood behind him.

"Maybe I could be of assistance? I'm good with animals." she said.

The man turned in shock, then grinned at her.

"Be my guest, the stupid thing won't budge," he paused, pointing back towards the horse "Fact, if you can get her to move, you can keep her." he finished, backing up a few feet.

Gwenevere walked forward to stand in front of the horse.

She knelt down so she was on it's level.

"Hi pretty girl." she smiled, patting the horses muzzle.

The horse whinnied at her.

"That's a good girl, now stand up." she said as she stood up slowly.

Moments later, the horse slowly got up into a standing position.

The mans eyes bugged out.

"Good god, you really do have a way with animals."

Gwenevere just smiled at the man and patted the horse's neck.

"Well, I'll live up to what I said, she's all yours."

Gwenevere blinked.

"T-thank you so much! This will make my journey much easier." she smiled, running up to the man and kissing his cheek.

Moments later, he had the horse set up with a bit and reins.

"Sorry, I got no saddle." he said.

Gwenevere walked over and hopped up onto the horse.

"It's alright, I took riding lessons when I was younger." she smiled.

She took the reins and nudged the horse with her feet.

The horse started to trot forward.

"Thanks again!" she waved as her and her new horse fell out of sight.