"Lex is a stupid name, Lex is a stupid guy, LEX is a dumb excuse for a human being! Why would you ever think I like him?" it was then that I sensed it, he was right behind me and my speech from earlier was failing to come out. Oh man. "For the same reasons I still like you and cant forget you," We were so close I could feel his breath tickle me, and my stomach turn to jell-o . "and the way you call me Lex does wonders." he said getting closer. Crap, I should have called him Alex.

Lauren ; Lorie

I was kicking pebbles and questioning who I was or if I was really kicking pebbles on my way to school which just confused me even more because I was kicking pebbles but after all that had happened, what was real and what wasn't? I looked up at the sun, it left me blind for a few seconds, I had missed the buss once again and decided 'ah, what the hell, I'm already late, what's an hour more?' but an hour more had turned into…one, two… three? Yup around there. Now I was extremely late and not so sure if I wanted to go to class or altogether, school.

'Should I go to school? Nope, no school for me,' and that was my eternal debate about going to school. So were to go now?

I was standing at the buss stop, but I had no bus fair, well keep on moving. Now I was coming near a park, ugh, I hated the park, but I went anyways and sat on a swing like I did… that day...

See, I hated the park for the same reasons I liked it at some point, I know it sounds really weird, and confusing, but when don't I sound really weird and confusing? but if you only knew my reasons you would also find them logical and totally sane.

Well it was a long time ago, I had met a cute guy. Wait, cute? No. Handsome, attractive, extremely gorgeous, beautiful! Well plain and simple, he was hot. Ahhh. Those were the fond memories.

We had spent the whole summer together, it actually seemed odd. A guy like him, there, with me? I mean he could have had any girl, even some top model. Believe me when I say this, HE. WAS. HOT. Emphasis on HOT- ta - ta.

Anyways this so called 'hot' boy was the whole reason for my uncertainty and doubt, there has never, ever! been someone that has ever left me so confused like he had, he left me questioning everything… even if it had all been real but it had been real, because I had just seen him yesterday and I had the same feelings.. Stupid Lizzy, if it weren't for Lizzy I'd would of never ever bumped into him.

See Lizzy is my best friend for about…ever! She's been there with me through thick and thin, and even when I just didn't want her there. That's how close we are and its exactly the other way around, I'm always there with her too. Ever since grade school when we shared a cookie because I gave mine to the class pet thinking he would eat it not just leave it there, stupid hamster. Well she came over and offered to share her chocolate chip cookie and ever since then nothing has separated us. Well enough about her back to him.

Lizzy had taken me to Megan Silverstone party, party of the year might I add, it was awesome and going great. I had my very tight and close fighting dress that I had worked all week to buy and my favorite pumps that were not only killer but super se-xy. And my hair, it had actually listened and stayed in place, everything was perfecto if we're speaking appearance. I looked fine! Gorgeous, beautiful, and no I'm not conceited just confident, especially that day. I had danced, I had drunk, I had partied and I was having the time of my life, but he had to come, appear out of nowhere like he always did and just ruin it. I was talking to Kyle Adams, hottest jock ever when I just sense him, weird I know but I never claimed to be otherwise.

He was standing there in his 6' feet toned glorious body, ripped jeans and just plain black shirt, he's the only person that could make casual look good. He has jet black hair, and amazing body as I mentioned and the cutest smile but that doesn't come out to often only when he lets his guard down. Along with that the most dark penetrating pair of eyes, so deep you could get lost in them. Just looking at him gave me shivers of delight, I hated that.

He was surrounded by girls but looking at me. Yea I should have felt special but I didn't, I felt angry, how dare he look at me and expect me to just forgive him. He had…he had! well no need to say what he had done, thing is he had done something so selfish and he thought I would just forgive him. Ha! No.

I continued talking to Michal or was it Kyle.. Well anyways every time he would just appear in my mind, no matter what I did he was there, even if he truly wasn't. Turned out I left the party and went home, I texted Lizzy telling her everything and to not be mad at me I just couldn't stay any longer, not with him there.

As I walked home, I realized I didn't think this through, walking in the street, at this time, and in what I'm wearing was not the smartest idea, I was no longer feeling confident but a bit scarred and cold. And then it hit me, I look like a stripper, a cute stripper! 'Maybe I should go back to the party and ask for a ride' ran through my mind, but who would offer one? the party was just getting started and Lizzy the only person who would didn't have a car, we had came with Spencer her boyfriend which I doubt would give me a ride home.

Ahhh! How I hated this, he would always manage to put me in these positions, always! but he would always fix them well when we would hang out. I mean hes not the bad guy I'm making him seem, he was the total opposite. that might have been why I fell so hard for him and hurt so much when he… when he did what he did.

Alex ; Lex'

I had been contemplating on going to school but instead grabbed my leather jacket, pack of cigarettes and headed out, I had woken up late so what's the point of going to school. As I made my way to the door my grandma called.

"Alex?" , I couldn't just ignore her no matter how much I didn't care of what she had to say.

"Yes." I asked but didn't look at her.

"Where are you heading off to?"

"School." my answers were sharp and direct.

"Oh, but its eleven o'clock?" she seemed honestly confused.

"We go in late today." I said with a clenched mouth, I hated to be detained, especially just for dumb things.

"Oh, well off you go." she said with her elderly smile right in place, I didn't turn to look at her but it was something she didn't fail to have on.

As I walked down the street, with a cigarette in hand and nothing to hold my attention for long my thoughts went to something my brain just couldn't get rid off no matter how hard I told it to. Those fond memories of Lorie. It had been like a jolt of energy ran through me when I saw her yesterday night. She had been sitting there with one of Point View High's jocks, Kyle, fucken prick. Worst of all he was looking at her like a piece of meet, but who wouldn't the way she was dressed, she was practically offering herself to him. Lorie was not just some possession, not just some...

It infuriated me how she could just bring up so many emotions in me, that one of the reasons I just had to separate myself from her, leave. But seeing her last night, I couldn't keep my eyes off her, not even all the girls around me could compare to her, when she locked eyes with me everything felt right but when we broke apart her angry and bit of hurt crushed me. But I told my self this is good, I cant let just a simple gesture like that get to me, that why I had to do what I did. At the time I didn't know it would hurt her so much but I guess it was for the best. It had been the first time I had seen her in a while, she looked good.

It was then that I realized I had gone to the park, there was a swing swaying, the one she always sat on. It was there that we first met.


I had seen her sitting on a swing set just reading a book, it pissed me off, who does that? Its the fricken park, you don't come here to read. I just had to tell her something. I wasn't this much of an asshole, its just that I was pissed and had to take it out on someone and she was there. I made my way up to her, stood in front of her and waited for her to put the book down and pay attention to me but she seemed too into it, and didn't notice my presence. It was then that I spoke up, running out of patience.

"What are you doing?" I said in a deep tone and not nice, she dropped the book startled and glared up at me obviously not liking me or the simple question, I smirked pleased with myself for startling her.

"Its called reading" she said as she was about to pick up her book but I was quicker, she was reading some three-hundred page book it seemed "you should try it sometime." she grumbled after.

I rolled my eyes, "why here? don't you have a house?" she looked me straight in the eyes.

"yes, and I also have the ability to read anywhere I want too, now can you leave me alone." she said as she grabbed the book from me and continued reading, I would of left but she was good looking and the fact that she snapped back at me didn't settle well in me.

"Well can you go read somewhere else." she glared at me.

"Can you GO somewhere else."

"Well I was here first and I want to use the swing, its my turn." she was getting mad.

"No you weren't, and there's more swings over there" she pointed to another area, but I wanted to keep on talking to her.

"Yea but I like this one." I said getting closer and grabbing the chain holding the assemble together and for the first time she paid attention to me looking me up and down, "like what you see?" maybe it was the tattoos or the way I was dressed or even what I said but she got up and walked away. "were you going?" I asked following her but only halfway.

"Can you leave me alone, you already managed to ruin my day."

"Really, that easily?" I smiled, but she didn't answer just stormed of. she was fun to tease and I had a feeling this wouldn't be the last I saw of her. And it wasn't…

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