The next day, I stood on Noah's doorstep with a seething Lauren and an excited Sam. I had no idea why he was excited when he knew it would just be the five of us, including Noah's grandma, possibly. We all knew why Lauren was angry and the reason being the birthday boy himself. Now, what about me? What was I feeling? Well, I was regretting ever waking up this morning with the idea of dropping by Noah's house.

I didn't know what caused the sudden idea, but it's never a good idea for me to sleep on decisions and wake up groggily. For a fact, that's when I make my worst choices. This was one of those choices, if you didn't already figure that out.

So, I was thankful when the door opened and Noah wasn't the one standing in the doorway. His grandma stood there instead, with a wide grin on her aged face. You could smell cake and cookies even from the outside of the house. Hmm… Maybe this wasn't a bad idea after all.

Noah's grandma opens the door wider, welcoming us into her home. As I walk pass her, she gives me a look of pure thankfulness and surprise. As soon as Sam and Lauren were in she shuts the door.

"Help yourselves to some chocolate chip cookies. Noah should be down any second." Grandma Anderson assures us, going into the kitchen and tearing open a stack of napkins.

Sam is the first to grab a cookie and to sit down at the island. "Don't mind if I do," He replies and proceeds to stuff his face.

Lauren giggles while I roll my eyes. We both take our seats at the island and wait for the birthday boy to arrive. On the outside I probably looked calm and collected, but on the inside, I was a nervous wreck. Would Noah and I even speak? I didn't want to be the party pooper especially when it's his birthday party. I couldn't ruin it for him for my own reasons. He was still kind enough to invite me even if we were in a little fight. Maybe all I needed to do was take the next step and get back our friendship. Being a couple was probably out of the question, but I wouldn't mind it...

A loud creak snaps me out of my mental spazz attack and pulls me back into reality. A loud Sam shouts through a mouthful of cookies, "Happy Birthday, man!"

I turn in my chair from the cookie crumbs pouring out of his mouth to see Noah with a surprised look on his face. It wasn't from the congratulations, either. The cause was sitting in the exact chair that I was sitting in. The cause had a present in her hands. The cause was none other than yours truly. Yours truly and Noah were having a very long staring contest. Then, as if he had just noticed Lauren and Sam, he smiles. I saw what was going on here. They got a smile while I got some kind of weird look. Was he going to ignore me or something?

"Thanks, Sam. Be sure to close your mouth next time, though. I don't want to see that on my birthday," Noah replies, doing that guy hug thing with my brother.

"Yeah, happy birthday, Noah." I'm shocked to hear this come out of Lauren's own mouth. The next part shocks me even more, though. They hug. Crazy, am I right?

Feeling it was my turn to speak up, I say, "Happ-"

Noah turns to look at me at the same time his grandma asks if we were enjoying the cookies. So, instead of talking, I hang my head so that my hair covers my face.

Why was I here when my bed is still sitting at home, begging me to come back?

- x-x-x -

So, apparently, going to the movies was a part of the plan. I left my present in Noah's car, tucked underneath the seat, to make it seem like I hadn't brought one. Noah probably didn't even notice it, so it wasn't a problem. At the moment, I was actually excited. We were going to see a movie that I've been waiting to watch for quite some time. Its a horror movie with ghosts and every other supernatural beings. The weird thing was that I remembered telling Noah about it and him promising that we'd see it.

When we enter the movie movie theater, Sam and Lauren instantly turn to face Noah and I.

"How about we get some snacks while you guys go and save us some seats." Sam offers, obviously hinting at some privacy between my best friend and him. I look towards Lauren who was currently blushing like a tomato. I guess I was being thrown under the bus with Noah just so that they could have some couple time.

Noah's eyes and my own meet on instinct and look away in embarrassment. What a great idea. Go have your couple time while I sit in a theater, too awkward and nervous to say anything. I think such an idea deserves a round of applause.

"Okay... I'll guess we will see you guys in the movie." Noah replies; though it was useless since Sam and Lauren had already made a beeline for the snack line. They better get me some Rainbow Nerds for all the things that they put me through.

Noah and I walk in silence all the way until we claim our seats in the theater; then we sit in silence. One by one the movie quizzes appear on the gigantic projected screen, until a movie preview comes on. A movie preview that might as well had named it after my life. It was a romance movie where the guy is some weird, troubled hoodlum and the girl is quiet and normal. I'm sure Noah was noticing our relationship with the preview. It was hard not to miss. Not to mention, the guy in it had a few piercings just like Noah.

The preview must spark some kind of telepathic powers that Noah and I shared because we both turn to look at each other.

"Do you remember the last thing that I said on the phone, last night?" He suddenly asks me, catching me off guard.

Of course I remembered what he said. It wasn't exactly hard to forget. I still couldn't believe that he missed me. He was the one who thought it would be wonderful if we weren't together or even friends. I mean, I guess I felt the same even if I was sort of mad at him.

So, I decide to play it safe, as well as dumb, and reply, "Uh, we said goodbye? Other than that, I'm pretty sure that was the end of the conversation."

Noah looks into my eyes as if he's searching for something. I couldn't blame him; I'm a terrible liar. I don't exactly practice in my room on my mirror.

He looks away, down into the darkness where his feet rest. "Okay then, I might as well say it again."

Mother of all things that are not meant to be said again. He was actually going to say it again, live and in person. Hopefully something happens to interrupt him so I don't have to sit and listen to this. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side and possibly never will be.

"The truth is, Camellia," He looks up from the ground and back up to me, "I miss being with you and I've been thinking that I want to... Be with you, that is. So, can you please think about that and our future?"

As soon as he says this, I feel like I'm about to pass out. Butterflies flutter about in my stomach and my head spins three hundred and sixty degrees. Surprisingly, I wanted to hear it again. It was a nice change and I actually liked it.

With a smile, I respond, "Yeah, I will." Oh, how I wish I had stopped there, but no. I'm too stupid to do so. "And for the record, I missed you, too."

We blush in synch, but we don't look away. I'm not sure what is happening at the moment, but to anyone else, it would seem as if we were leaning in. And for future reference, I would just like to say that I was not the one to initiate the kiss. It wasn't exactly Noah, either. It was-

"SAM!" Lauren's voice comes from behind us. Sam immediately takes his hands away from Noahs and my heads.

Now, Noah and I are staring at each other with side eyes. By default, did this mean that Noah and I were back together. I didn't stay to think about such possibilities, because I ran out of there as fast as lightning. Noah ran faster, though; so fast that he was able to turn and stop in front of me.

What we did was fully on purpose. We kissed, and he started it. Okay? Okay.

I didn't know what this meant, though. Could we actually be together, again?

-x –x- x-

Somehow, Noah and I ended up missing the movie. Instead, we made the two front seats in his car recline so that we were laying down. Music from one of his CDs was drifting throughout the car and in our ears. We had gone back into the movie theater to buy some popcorn and candy for us and we were eating the junk food. This was actually much better than an actual movie; it was possibly the best thing in the world. It was great since we weren't worrying about the future and what was going to happen in it.

"You know… I could just sit here all day. It's great not worrying about anything." Noah says, reading my mind.

I smile, taking a swig of the blueberry ICEE out of the cup with a white polar bear. "That's weird; I was just thinking the same thing. Can you read minds or something?"

Noah giggles which is something that I haven't heard in a while. It was refreshing, as if we were still best friends and there was no problematic drama. It takes me back to the first day we met. How annoyingly weird I thought he was being. I had thought that he was some kind of druggie or even a troublemaker. When he just had one piercing and I wasn't the cause of the newer ones; or even when he was just Noah and not the newer version of Noah. I wanted him to actually be happy with me.

My last thought leads me to ask him about his happiness. "Noah… are you happy, now? Were you happier when we were just best friends?"

He looks over at me, surprised. His surprised look then turns into a cheerful expression. My confused look turns into a shocked expression as I realize what I had just said. It sounded like I had just implied that we were back together.

"So, what is exactly does 'now' mean?" I watch his eyebrows waggle and I can't help but blush of embarrassment. He wanted me to actually say it? I could not do that, under any circumstances.

"What do you want it to mean…?" I raise an eyebrow at him, turning the question on him.

He shrugs and faces forward, not so comfortable with the question, now. I can just sense the uncomfortable air around us, now. So, I reach behind me, beneath the seat, and pull out his present. The present wasn't a big deal, since at the time I was in no mood to make it since I was mad at him, but it still kind of came from the heart.

Noah takes it from my outstretched hands and says, "You didn't have to get me anything, you know."

Rolling my eyes, I reply, "I know I didn't. Just open it, before I do it for you."

So he opens it, as slow as a snail. He takes the small things out of the box and smiles in appreciation. It was custom made headphones with a design that I made on them and a gift card to get a custom made piercing of any kind.

"Camellia… Thank you so much. I really like these!" I was glad that he was happy, since I had no idea if he would or would not like my present. It sure lifted a big weight off of me. "And you know… I think I want 'now' to mean that we're best friends, unless you want to be my girlfriend again."

My smile fades now that my draw was dropped to the car floor. Wonderful… what was I going to say?


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