The Daredevil

Andrew woke up, 8:00 his clock said, He was about to go back to sleep but then he remembered this was the day, the day that he showed everyone what he was capable of. He jumped up and started getting dressed. Down the stairs his mum, Jo Johnston was making his breakfast, so Andrew raced down the stairs and plunked himself down on a seat at the large oval shaped table

"Are you ready Andy?" inquired his mum

"Think so" he replied through a mouthful of toast there was a lump in his throat as he said it and he felt like he was going to be sick

"Your dad would have been proud of you"

"Yeah I think he would have" Andy's dad had died in a horrific car crash 5 years before in which Andy and his mum had been seriously injured in.

"I miss him" said Jo quietly, lost in thoughts.

"So do I"

"Do you want me to drive you down?"

"No I'll be alright Mum" said Andy "wish me luck"

"Good luck son" said Jo as she kissed her son goodbye

Andrew walked out to the garage where he kept his bike, whistling America- by Razorlight – which he only normal sung when he was nervous. Walking over to his blue, red and white spray painted BMX bike which was lying propped up against his mother's new washing machine, all he was thinking about was his dad, the only reason his bike was the colours it was was because they were his dads favourite colours and they were also the same colours as Andy's favourite team Glasgow Rangers. Soon he was wheeling his bike out into the drive where it sat and glistened in the sun for a few minutes before Andy hopped on it and cycled down the road toward the park, where the 60ft ramp had been set up especially for his use. The aim of that mornings exercise was to do what most of the experienced BMX biker's haven't done, to do a somersault of the 60ft high ramp and land with no safety gear or mats on the ground. His dad had done it so Andrew didn't see why he couldn't do the same.

The big moment came, the press had all lined up, he had though that doing it early in the morning would mean there wouldn't be so many, but there was a huge crowd. Standing about 150ft away from the ramp to give himself a good run up, he surveyed them, like bees around a honeycomb.

He started his run up (on his bike). Reaching the end of the ramp he flew up it, and did all he was supposed to do, half of the somersault was completed then something hard hit him on the back and everything went quiet. He had failed.

The headlines the following morning were "Boy Dies Trying to Follow in the Footsteps of His Father".