Summary: It was her brother who summoned the demon,

so why in the world world was he hanging around her?

She decided that it was because he just wanted to be






Ellanor rolled her neck as she stepped into her quiet and empty apartment, placing her purse and phone on the kitchen counter. She slowly tied her short bob of a haircut into a small ponytail, several strands falling back into place by her ears. She heard a small beep emit from her phone as she grabbed a water bottle from her refrigerator, letting her know that she received another text message. Leaning against her counter, she grabbed her phone and read over the message, giggling as she placed the rim of the bottle against her lips.

"A boy?"

Her breathe caught as her heart skipped a beat at the sound of another voice in what she thought was her empty apartment. She put her phone down, her eyes narrowing as she placed a hand over her heart, walking out of her kitchen to see a man standing in her living room. Ellanor recognized him instantly, watching as he tapped food into her large fish tank.

"What. The. Hell?! You can't keep sneaking around like this—it's getting ridiculous. I'm always jumpy. Learn to walk up to a door and knock. You know, what humans do to let people know that they are here and want to enter in a normal way instead of breaking in?"

"I didn't break in," he replied with a smile in his tone, screwing the lid back onto the fish food.

Her arm dropped to her side, "You know what I mean." She shifted uncomfortably as she stared at him watching the fish. When she got to see his actual form, her mind still tried to fully wrap around what he truly was. He was wearing human clothes, but the t-shirt he was wearing and his slightly pointed ears gave away that he wasn't trying to mask his appearance around her. His hands and forearm were colored an inky black as if he dipped into black paint, stopping directly at his elbows where his tan skin began. His fingernails were sharper than the normal human male, the pointed nail of his index finger tapping lightly at the glass of the fish tank.

"What're you doing here?"

"I came to see you!" He replied as if it was the most apparent question ever.

He turned to smile at her; that damn smile that was so wide and pleasant, but she knew better. Mischief was always behind his cute, boyish smiles. "And your brother shooed me away since he was so sure of getting lucky with his lady he took out on a date. I had no where else to be, my dear, so I waited until you came home."

The smaller woman crossed her arms over her chest, "Well, I'm home now. You can leave."

"And you don't even praise me!"

"For doing an excellent job on giving me a heart-attack again?"

"No. I removed your clothes from your dryer and folded them. Spilt juice on your carpet and cleaned it up wonderfully—you can't even tell that I did such a thing."

She blanched at the mentioning of juice being spilt on her new cream carpet, but as he said, she couldn't see a spot when he pointed to where the mess had been. Of course, he could've been lying about the location …

"Thanks," she replied with hesitation, passing the taller man on the way to her bedroom. He was always somewhat kind to her, but he was taking it too far with finishing her laundry. That was something new. After spending a mere second thinking about it, she assumed he simply got bored. She shut her bedroom door in his face and began to remove her clothes, searching for larger clothes to wear to bed when the time came. Not much to her surprise, he was there when she opened her door.

"I thank you for not…popping up in there while I was changing into my pajama's."

His brows furrowed, "While I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to see you naked again, I'd rather not having a large object hurled at my head. You're lucky concussions are no worry of mine."

She gave a small smile as she passed him, remembering the time he showed up in her apartment uninvited while she decided to walk around in the nude. The nearest object she found was her small blue boom box and all she could think of was to yell and launch it in his direction. He was stunned at the sight of her naked body that it hit him directly in his face. Otherwise, he would react much more swiftly when something was coming at him in a dangerous manner. "Maybe that wasn't the most appropriate thing to throw at you, but I knew it wouldn't bring any harm to you. Like I said, knocking does wonders."

"Like I said; don't walk around naked in your apartment."

She threw her hands up as she reached her couch, falling onto it and folding her legs under her rear end. "It's my apartment! My front door is always locked so therefore; I see no problem with my choice of walking around naked in my apartment." As always, he was right beside her on the couch like her shadow; like a puppy. Although she didn't mind the attention, she didn't quite understand the man. She was afraid of him and she thought it was the right thing to be cautious around him at all times since no one knew what was going on in that twisted mind of his.

Of course, she would be stupid to fall for him. Of all people, him. She wanted to slap herself repeatedly, throw herself down the stairs, bash her head against the wall—anything to knock some sense into herself.

"How," she began slowly, her blue eyes looking to him, "how is my brother doing?"

The corners of his mouth twitched upwards as he rested his arm on the back of the couch. She inhaled deeply through her nose as a thin, black tail slithered slowly out from beneath him, his eyes staring out of the window as the sun began to set. "Finally acting like your younger brother exists? It's been six months since you've last seen or spoken to him."

"He killed a man!"

"Many humans get that urge when something so 'terrible' happens, correct? Technically, I did the deed."

"My brother summoned you and made you do what he wanted to do. He didn't want to get caught—he—no, it's still wrong what he did."

He opened his mouth wide as he yawned, his sharpened canines visible to her. While they weren't so sharp that they resembled vampire's teeth, anyone could tell that they were slightly longer than a humans. "The man raped his girlfriend."

"That's no excuse!"

His pale yellow eyes switched to her, "You're still so upset about it. What do you care? You didn't know the man and you didn't see me torture and kill him."

She shut her eyes briefly, "That's—I wouldn't expect you to understand."

"Because I'm a demon?"

"And he still keeps you around," she murmured, her blue eyes dropping to her lap as he reached to play with some of her black hair.

"I bother you that much?"

It bothered her that her younger brother that she was once so close to had the ability to do such a thing. To summon a demon to do his dirty work and to laugh in happiness once the demon reported back to him that the deed had been done. It worried her that her brother still kept the demon around because he wanted him to do more or that they were doing more behind her back. She saw no other reason for her brother to keep him around. He didn't treat him as a friend, only calling him whenever he needed something. She wasn't so sure what that 'something' was and she continued to be kept in the dark. Ellanor frowned, bringing her eyes back to him as he twirled strands around his finger. "Has there been more? Killings?"


"Ellie," she bit out darkly before continuing the conversation. "Has there?"

"I'll say that your brother is having a lot of fun having me around, Ellie," he replied evenly, momentarily averting his gaze from her unyielding stare. He served her brother; not her. He didn't have to answer any of her questions, even if her stare had him a second away from spilling his guts out to the adorable twenty-year-old. He knew it would break her heart to know that her brother felt that he had a lot of power in his hands and that he had no issue with throwing that power around to anyone that wronged him lately. He was also aware of the fact that this human who hadn't even summoned him was getting closer to having him completely wrapped around her little finger. "Can I kiss you?"

She blinked quickly, giving him a weird look at the sudden turn of the conversation. "What? N-no…jeez," she muttered, nervously tucking her hair behind her ear.

"I got to before," he replied stubbornly, his tail twitching in annoyance.

"That was…" She got up from the couch to end the discussion. Ellanor wasn't sure what that was when they shared their first and only kiss. "That doesn't even need to be spoken about."

"Because it was incredibly mind-blowing and you can't find the words to describe it?"


His face fell at her answer.

"Now, pay attention. There's more questions about my brother."

"Agghh, I hate talking about your brother! I could care less about your fucking brother. It's a relief that I can leave him soon."

"…I thought he chooses how long he needs you."

"What? Not at all. I have the upper hand. Demons always have the upper hand, Ellie. There's a price to pay for any human that wants me by his or her side."

"…You have his soul," she mumbled, "that sounds like a big enough price."

"True, and it is. Let's call the soul snatching a down payment and now he needs to pay another price when periods of time pass."

"Which is?"

"Why are we talking about this? You get so moody when it's about your evil brother."

"Because it's interesting and I've been reading up on stuff! I want to know what he did to get you."

He rolled his eyes. If he had his way, he would just never share the details with her. "First, for any human there's giving me their soul. To summon me, there needs to be a sacrifice of some animal. They have to do it themselves or it won't work. Simple enough, right?"

The thought of her brother sacrificing a kitten or puppy made her sad. She didn't want to ask what he put up for getting a hold of the demon.

"To keep me, the sacrifices get larger. You know, it moves onto a newborn baby, then to an adult and then the number of human adults increases—"

"Disgusting." Ellanor got up from the couch, completely done with the conversation.

"You asked!" He shrugged when he received a glare. "If it makes you feel any better, he hasn't reached the baby point yet, but he's getting close. I don't think he'd do it…kinda, I guess." He sat by himself on the couch, his sentence met with her bedroom door slamming.

About thirty minutes passed before Ellanor felt her bed shift, opening her eyes to look into his pale yellow that were eerily bright in the darkness of her room. They sat in silence; something that began to become a little awkward for her. Him being so close and ready for her attention didn't help her at all with the urge to be all over him. The demon kept a respectable distance, but it took nearly all of his self-control to resist pouncing on her and stripping her of her clothing. Ellanor narrowed her eyes dangerously, "Just because you got away once with climbing into my bed…"

He had made himself comfortable in her bed as she slept one night and much to her dismay, she was drawn to his body warmth and woke up to find herself cuddling the touchy demon. "Why must you dislike me? It's not my fault your brother is crazy and decided to dabble with shit he shouldn't have."

"I," she began, sounding positive of the reasons she was planning on listing. She found herself at a loss for words. The demon constantly cheered her up on her down days. He supplied her with chocolate and ice-cream during her monthly cycle without her asking or mentioning her cravings. He asked what the problem was every time there seemed to be one and his attention never swayed as she rambled on whether it was all nonsense or not. He often complimented her looks despite the fact that she enjoyed being in over-sized sweats eighty percent of the time.

He came off as a human man should've been, but she never encountered. But he was a demon and she had no doubt that she was losing her mind.

"You're bothersome," she murmured truthfully, averting her gaze from his steady own.

"You're pretty bothersome yourself," he replied evenly.

Ellanor shot up in her bed. "Me? How am I bothersome? I don't ask you to stick around. If I bother you so much, then go find someone else to…pop up around!" During her tiny outburst he rolled onto his back with his hands behind his head. His eyes noticed the curve of her neck that led to her bare shoulder that bad been exposed due to her large clothing. He shamelessly made note that a bra was not present under the shirt. His eyes traveled up to her annoyed face. "I don't need you around—" She stopped her rambling as he sat up as well, making himself comfortable against her headboard.

"True, but you want me around. You just won't admit it."

"I don't want you around—"

"See? I may have not mastered the ability to get into the thoughts of humans since I have trouble focusing on things…but I can pick up bits and pieces." Ellanor became quiet and he was sure it was due to being slightly stunned that he could tap into her thoughts. "I know that you play the game of not wanting me here when I show up, but I show up mainly when you're wondering about my whereabouts. It's quite a bit, isn't it?"

"That's…" Her cheeks were on fire from humiliation and slight anger due to her being found out. "That's an invasion of privacy!"

He didn't care. "But you're bothersome because you just won't say that you want me around and that the only reason you resent me is because I'm helping your brother dig himself a deeper hole. You need to understand that I can't turn down clients and I'm not the one to be mad at." Her mouth was tight and even though he played dumb most of the time, it was clearly all an act. She resisted only a moment when his hand grabbed her tiny wrist, tugging her closer to his body. He used a bit more force to tug her onto his lap, her hands placing themselves on his chest to keep a distance as her cheeks continued to heat up. "Stop being mad at me."

"You're really bothersome," she murmured annoyingly, letting the demon take the tie out of her hair. He threaded his fingers through her hair, impressed that she was holding his now heated gaze.

"You were a hard one to crack. I'm surprised. Normally women fall at my feet with their clothes off."


"And I continued to chase after you…let that be added onto the list of bothersome things about you. Not too sure why I bothered trying to get close to you." His brows furrowed in perplexity, "And it's not even just for the act of sex…because if that's what I wanted I would've taken that when I first got here."

She didn't expect a demon to completely understand what feelings were, but she wasn't sure what he was feeling herself. Like? Love? Companionship? It didn't matter. He would be gone one day. Though she fell for him, she'd try her best to keep it to herself. "…You're a demon."

"I know you have hesitation with trusting me, but demons can be quite trustworthy when given what they want."


His warm hand had found its way under her shirt, a chill shooting through her body as his hand left behind fire on her skin. Ellanor had made the move first, much to his surprise. Her rigid body became relaxed as she leaned into his body and pressed her lips against his for the second time since he entered her life. His hand that was currently running up her ribcage gripped gently as she granted him access to her mouth to let his tongue mingle with her own. He heard her inhale as his thumb brushed the underside of one breast, two things he planned on getting more familiar with later on. She parted from him first, much to his disappointment. He hadn't had enough. Her skin was as soft as he imagined on more than one night while he had nothing else better to do and he enjoyed the way she tasted. A crafty smile creeped onto his face, "You're mine. Any requests?"

She cleared her throat, "No…no other women."

"I'm your demon."

"We don't…need to talk about my brother anymore either. I think I'd rather be ignorant."

He pulled her more firmly against his body. "Not a problem." His nose brushed hers lightly before he took her lips in another kiss that he was determined to make last longer than the last.

Here she was, making out with a demon in her bedroom. One part of her told her to run like hell while the other wanted to be in his presence as much as possible.

It was decided.

She was simply crazy.

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