One Shot

Hide and Seek


I've said it once and just for the last time, I'll say it again: Sometimes life just isn't worth living. As of now, I'll get over my big phobia of life and just live with it. Though, I think even though I've just declared 'my living with life now' thing, I guess I'd already started a while back.

As I stared up past the boxes and looked towards the door I couldn't help but smile at who was standing in the doorway. Leaning slightly against the doorframe, his dark blue orbs looking and wandering about the room for something among the many boxes and clutter of tools. Or maybe someone.

I admit it, I'm hiding from him.

I'll give you the short run down on what had just happened before all this hiding nonsense:We'd been talking, mostly him, about the latest place his band was going to play at, while I just stared at his lips, not paying attention to anything that was coming out of them. I had kissed him, brushing my lips softly over his- just to shut him up- and just before he could reject or respond to my little moment, I had jumped back and I ran out of the room calling behind me, 'Bet you can't catch me!'

For me to do something like that was just unbelievable. I didn't usually kiss anyone unless I was certain the man liked me as much as I liked him. Though, from experience, it didn't always work out that way, sometimes I just fell for the wrong man. But this, this felt right.

If he wanted the next kiss he would follow me.

To be honest, it had been quite a while since I had kissed anyone and I guess when I had finally met him I knew, that besides his cockiness and sarcasm, I would eventually fall for him.

After thirty seconds of thinking of what had happened I started to hear his loud footsteps behind me. I could feel his smile and angelic eyes on me before I turned and found myself making my way around all the pile of boxes and tools that cluttered the big garage we had. It was a good place indeed for me to hide in and I had the many memories and proof of the times my brother and I hid in here as kids from my father.

Hearing him pick up his speed and sprint past the garage door and go down the corridor to that led to the stairs, I felt a smile grow on my face. As quickly as it came though, it vanished as he popped up into the doorway a sly smile on his lips. Peaking behind a pile of boxes that reached about 2 metres high and expanded 3 metres wide, I cursed silently about how he always managed to find me and my hiding places.

A trickle of sweat beaded at his temples trailing down softly and silently between his blue orbs and angling down past his left cheek. Somehow between looking and searching between and among the many boxes and cluttered pieces of tools a smirk began to replace his sly smile and I cursed softly as he began to walk towards me.

Coming closer and closer he began to sing, "The sweet essence of your perfume, washes me away my breath leaving me senseless. Did you know that your name is whispered among many people? Do you know that I too am mesmerised by that wonderful name, Amanda?" Melting into a pile of goo behind the boxes I closed my eyes and listening to the voice that always mesmerised me every time. "Stealing kisses is a bad habit especially when-" cutting himself off he quickly whispered into my ear, "I found you!"

"Damn it!" I murmured and forcing me to face him, I looked into the deep blue eyes of a man named Nathaniel. "What?" I asked but it came out more like a 'wha' as he smiled and brought his lips against mine. Smiling against his lips I began to respond on impulse by putting my one arm around his neck and the other in his hair.

Responding as well by placing his arms tightly against my waist- probably to make sure that I didn't attempt to run away again- he gave me two soft kisses before parting our lips and putting his forehead against mine, his blue orbs staring into the many swirls of chocolate in my eyes. Sighing he admitted softly, "You make it so painful to run away and yell 'Bet you can't catch me." Kissing me softly again and abruptly pulling away murmuring, "I think this means that I'll be speaking more often if you're always going to react like that."

As he smiled down at me, I couldn't help but smile right back at him. "Well I guess I wouldn't mind that, unless well, you beat me to it."

His laugh was loud as he cupped my chin with his hands and kissed my lips gently, whispering after our lips parted, "I won't forget any moment that we share, nor will I regret them."

Nodding at his words, I rested a hand on his chest and breathed deeply, leaning into his shoulder. Feeling exactly the same way I whispered, "I love you." Lifting my face so that his eyes could search mine, he smiled and kissed me deeply, again for the millionth time.

I would not regret a moment with him.