Author's note -

Sorrrry! I hate when I'm reading a story and the author just suddenly whacks an author's note in the middle of it; and yet here I am, doing the exact same.

Anyways, I've been AWOL for a while - like I said, exams took over my life for a while, but now I am free so I have decided to revamp this story and give it my all.

I edited Chapter One - we now get Carmen's P.O.V in third person; Chase also has half a chapter dedicated to his P.O.V, but that's in first person. I thought it'd be quite interesting to get into his mind, and see things in his way. SO, please go check it out and review :) All the chapters will be edited like so - soon, I hope - so please, bear with me!

And also, feel free to review as to what you think to this idea; if you all really hate it, I better go back to the original, hey.

Sorry, once again, and I promise there won't be a whole chapter dedicated to an A/N again. (Hope I didn't get anyone's hopes up - although you have got yourself practically a brand new chapter!)

Love you all,
- iheartshoes.