As I stared at the perfect faces of the ones who sought to take my freedom from me, all I could think of was that these were my last moments with my brother. He was slowly drifting from me, his mind being taken by the sedatives. I stroked his hair, like he used to do for me when we were young, and the soft locks were tangling around my fingertips. His bony fingers, wrapped around my wrist, were quickly losing strength.

"There isn't enough time," he croaked, "I wish we had more time." His eyes were losing the brilliant light that had always shone so brightly in them. My heart cracked. The soft cushions he lay against were going to be the last thing he knew in this world. Tick, tock

The dark sky above me was joined by a round, full moon which seemed an ironic farewell to him. I felt an imposing sense of fear and horror. The dirty park bench I had lain him against looked like bare bone, almost glowing in the darkness. I was curious as to why the Enforcers, the King's henchmen, were allowing me these final moments. They were renowned for their heartlessness, and at times they seemed almost inhuman.

"It's okay, Nick. We won't give up." I told him, my voice breaking. I knew that no matter how hard we fought, there was no chance of survival. The force we were battling against was too much for us. I could not let him die without some hope, though. That is what would happen.

I thought of the bullet that had pierced his shoulder, and the sedative inserted in it leaking into his system. The Enforcers would take him, and he would never be seen again. That is what always happened to those who fought. It is what had happened to our parents. Tick, tock. But how could we submit to this Kings laws? They were unjust, and had many suffering. That is why people like Nick and I rebelled.

"Lia, run." He begged. He slipped his once powerful hand from my wrist, dropping his last weapon in my lap, as if freeing me from my bonds. "Run, or everything we did will become pointless."

I was torn between my love for my brother, and my determination to fight our oppressors. Tears dripped slowly down my face, and I felt empty. The last remnants of my life were evaporating before my eyes, and he was so brave about it.

He closed his eyes, and this time, they didn't open. He was gone. The emptiness that had enveloped me disappeared, and what replaced it was uncontrollable fury. I was enraged that they were responsible for the loss of everything important to me. I kissed Nick's forehead one last time, and stood to face the dark forms of the Enforcers. Tick

They walked towards me in the slow, intimidating pace they were famed for. They knew that nobody in their right mind would try to fight them. They were too powerful, which is why I ran straight past them, following the park's deep path into the trees that surrounded the hedge maze. I heard their thundering footfalls as they chased me, but the fear I had expected didn't come.

I stopped in the dead centre of the labyrinth, and waited. I heard the heavy footsteps of the Enforcers as they came to eradicate their last serious threat from existence. As they came around the corner, they paused as they saw me standing, ready to face them. I had caught them off-guard.

One of them smiles, though it seemed more of a grimace, and bared his large, too-white teeth at me. "Join us." He rasped in his eerie, ghostly voice. I glared at them and held my head high, raising the flare gun that Nick had slipped me to the sky. Tock… The smile disappeared.

"No!" he screamed, as I shot into the air the symbol of the start of the rebellion. The enforcers walked towards me, and I faced impending death. All I could think of was Nick. You were right, brother. We did not have enough time.


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