World War III

by: Strawberripinkcakes/Sherry Huang

Chapter 4.

December 14th, 20xx.

It's been 2 days of hardcore training, and today their going to cut off 50 more people. I seriously hope that I'm not one of the cut off 50. Takeshi and I have been split up multiple times now, since we can't remain together during the entire process of training. Life in general stinks so far. Mother and father called yesterday to make sure that I was alright, they still pleaded with me that I come home so that we could fly to Canada for a bit. I rejected their offer since I already made my promise with Takeshi. I knew he would be disappointed if I left suddenly. Mother and father see it in a whole different light; they think that this training camp is dangerous and not suitable for girls like me. My parents are really outdated, so I guess it kind of does make sense. I can keep up with the others, which is a good thing. Christmas is coming up so soon! I hope this training thing will be somewhat complete by then. I really hope WWIII doesn't hit around Christmas.

"Hikari!" a voice yelled.

"Oh, hey Miyuki!" I responded.

"Did you hear? North Korea just bombed Beijing!" she yelled frantically.

"Oh my God, really?" I said while gasping.

"Come hurry, everyone's crowded around the TV's!" she said while grabbing my arm.

We ran over to the big crowd of people who were talking in confusion. I pushed my way through the crowd and finally stood in front of the TV. The news reporter showed images of destroyed buildings and injured people. 10,000 people were killed during the bombing…

"What the hell? Why would they do such a thing?" I asked.

"I heard Tokyo is next…" someone replied in the crowd.

"What?" everyone all yelled at once.

"No way, what the hell did we ever do to them?" I complained in frustration.

"Who knows? They have some sort of grudge on us?" someone suggested.

"CLEAR THE AREA!" A loud voice boomed.

I turned around and looked up. Commandant Seichi's face looked pale and angry.

"Now that you have all seen this news report, I'm pretty sure you all know what is foreseeable. World War III may be taking place if Tokyo is bombed, and if it is, we have to all be prepared to fight. I will be announcing the names of those who are going to be serving in this war. If you do not hear your name called please stand on my left. If we do run out of people, we will be likely contacting you again, so be prepared." He finished. I looked around and everyone was shuffling their feet uncomfortably.

"Asada Akira…Endo Daichi…Hashimoto Mayumi…Hanako Satoshi…Ichihara Yuzuki...Michiko Ai…Nakada Yuri…Yamada Takeshi…" Commandant Seichi said. Those were the familiar names I heard. I didn't hear my name…Which meant that I was not selected. I felt my anger rising up and I kept my head down. Takeshi looked over at me, but I avoided his gaze. Miyuki wasn't selected either, which meant that we were leaving…today.

(Takeshi Yamada)

What? How could they not choose Hikari? I can't believe it…Hikari wasn't selected…I was so sure that she was going to be though…I quickly ran to find Hikari.

"Hikari!" I yelled. She slowly turned around and gave me a small wave.

"Hikari! Wait up!" I yelled. She turned around and stopped. I walked up to her and caught my breath.

"It's no use anymore…I'm leaving in less than an hour." Hikari said quietly.

"What? You…" I began.

"I may not be seeing you ever again…My parents are planning on leaving Japan on the 23rd. We'll be heading off to Canada…" Hikari said while clenching her fist.

"Hikari, you're seriously leaving?" I asked in awe.

"Yea, I guess I kind of have to. There's really nothing left for me to do here. Maybe going to Canada will give me some new opportunities." She said with a sad smile.

"Hikari, I'll miss you though. Who knows…If war does hit, I may end up dying…and possibly never see you again." I pleaded.

"Takeshi! Don't say those things. You're not going to die! I'll be cheering for you when you're on the battlefield…" she said softly. "But right now, I have to go. My ride is here…" she continued.

"Hikari…" I said softly. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into a hug. "I'll miss you like crazy!" I whispered.

"Me too. Don't forget to write me soon." She replied.

"I don't want you to go…" I said while hugging her tighter.

"I know…" Hikari replied while tears formed in her eyes.

"Hikari…I…"I began. "I…love you." I finished as I pressed my lips against hers. She seemed really surprised, and then, I turned around and sprinted away. I had to tell her. I didn't want to risk the chance of never seeing her again and not being able to tell her how I really feel…I hope that knocks some sense into you…Hikari.

(Hikari Nakamura POV)

He …kissed…me? Takeshi…loves me? Since…when? I don't know how to sort my thought out right now. My face is all flustered and my heart is still beating like crazy. Takeshi…Have I never realized it? Has he always liked me? Was I too blindsided to notice his affection for me? What the hell…? That was my first kiss. Surprisingly Takeshi was the one to kiss me as well. But, I don't like him? Well, not in that way! What the hell? I climbed into the car and set out for home.


When I got home, mother and father were already waiting for me. The house seemed really… empty.

"Hikari! Thank goodness your home! We've missed you so much!" Mom and Dad both yelled while throwing their arms around me.

"Yea…I missed you guys too…" I replied. Suddenly, I noticed something really off…

"Mom, dad, where's all the furniture?" I asked.

"We've already packaged everything and shipped it off to our next destination in Canada." Mom replied while smiling.

"So you've already decided? When will we be leaving?" I asked in bewilderment.

"December 24th. Our flight leaves at 5:30pm." Dad replied with enthusiasm.

"But…What about Christmas?" I asked while trying not to panic.

"We'll be fine, and school is only ending on the 24th anyways. I don't know why they didn't plan on having school out earlier, but it works for us. As long as you get more education, we couldn't care less. We want you to become like Daisuke, his grades were always excellent, and he was always cheerful about it. Come to think of it, we will be visiting him while we're in Canada. It's not that far from the States." Mom said excitedly.

"And, did you know that Daisuke has a girlfriend now? Her name is Mayumi Asada, and she does have the same cultural background as us. She's very smart and beautiful, and Daisuke and Mayumi have been going steady for awhile." Dad continued proudly.

"Oh yea… That's great…I guess. She is Japanese right?" I asked.

"Well obviously. She's half Chinese half Japanese. Her mom is Chinese, and her dad is Japanese. Daisuke sent us some pictures, and she truly is gorgeous." Mom said while smiling.

"Hn. That's great?" I replied while trying to smile.

"Of course it's great! Daisuke is so lucky to have a girl like her looking after him." Dad answered.

"Haahha. Who would have thought that Daisuke would get a girlfriend? His jackass personality, who'd want to date him?" I laughed.

"Hikari, watch your tongue. Your brother should be respected, not made fun of. Is that understood?" Mom said sternly.

"Ugh, yea." I sighed as I marched upstairs.

"Start packing your belongings Hikari, it's better to start now instead of putting it to last minute!" Dad yelled from down the stairs.

"Yea I know!" I answered in frustration. I plopped down on my bed a looked around in my room. The only furniture remaining was my clothing drawer and my bed, everything else had been packed away. I picked up a photo album from before and flipped through it. The pictures were mostly of Takeshi and I. The one picture was Takeshi crying and me giving him a hug. This was taken like years back, in grade 1. The pictures brought back so many memories…

December 15th, 20xx

Back to school, again. This time, I'll have no friends by my side. I walked through the main entrance of the school and looked around, the same as usual. The same cliques, the same uniforms, the same everything. I miss Takeshi, a lot. I wonder how he's doing…? School life really sucks without him… I hope he's okay. I walked off to math class and was tripped by these stupid popular girls, which sent my papers and books flying. I gathered everything up and walked calmly into class. My mind was racing with so many thoughts. What if I never see him ever again? What if I had realized he liked me earlier? What if I didn't go to Canada with mom and dad?

"Hikari Nakamura! Pay attention! If you don't want to fail math this semester, I suggest you listen to me and stop daydreaming. I have already informed your parents about this, they aren't pleased with your learning habits." Sensei yelled.

"I'm sorry." I said quietly, "Sorry that you're a bitchy teacher who teaches us nothing, I don't see why I have to listen. It's just all the same things we learned in elementary school, and I don't see why you always pick on me either? What about the other 34 of us? Hn? Why don't you pick on them? They don't listen? They talk in class, I don't. You actually expect a pay check at the end of each week? You don't actually teach us. You stall, and expect us to not fail our tests. Don't think I didn't notice, our class average is only 52%. Why don't you just fail us all, I really couldn't care less, but I've put up with your nagging for too long. It's time I told the principal about this. I've held it in, but my balloon has long popped." I finished and stormed out of the room. Hikari, Hikari, Hikari. Even though it is the truth, you should not have exploded in front of the entire class!? Now you'll look like some sort of spazzy idiot.I walked directly out of the school and to the little café. I felt my anger rising. Why was I not chosen amongst all those people? Why must I deal with the bullshit in this world? Why are my parents such asses? Why do I have the worst math teacher in the entire school? Why do I have to deal with these problems? Why me?

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