I look up into the sky and see the snowflakes falling. They remind me of Sora's favourite phrase: "Snowflakes are all unique,-just like you, Trixie" They remind me of his eyes, a gentle white that sparkles – and they are the eyes I want to forget. The air around me is getting colder and despite this, I don't shiver. Life has never been easy for me, but it is harsher during the long, dark winter months. It is in this time of year, I long for Sora and his million- megawatt grin to lift my spirits.

"Why, Dammit!" I punch the wall, leaving a dent."Why can't I forget him?" It looks like I disturbed the house owner though, as he storms out, looking at me with harsh, green eyes with the coldest look I have ever seen in them. "Hey, kid! Get lost. Get your lazy butt outta here!" Before I realise, I feel a sharp pain in my face. The man punched me, straight in the face.

Unable to control my anger any further, I lash out at him. I take out the anger from my parents, from Sora and punch him back. Very hard. He cries out in pain and yells at me with words I think I'm not supposed to know. I run away, down the other way of the alley, half out of fear, half out of anger.

As I come out onto the street, I accidentally run into someone. I fall over onto the floor. The person I ran into looks at me. But somehow, his eyes are not like the other man's.

This person's eyes are an ocean blue that is as gentle as the lapping waves of the sea. "Sorry about that" He has a calm voice. "Hey, kid, what's your name?" I can't believe my ears. This person is actually interested in knowing my name? "T…. Trixie" I manage, with a stumble. He gives me a smile – one of those that tell you they care." I'm Kai. Wanna come to my place?" " Erm.." I don't know what to do. He's being so nice to me, but I've only just met him. "N-N-No thanks" I hoped I didn't hurt his feelings.

"Ok, then. Very well. But my offer's always available if you change your mind." It is getting dark now, and my stomach growls. I try raiding some rubbish bins for food, but I couldn't find much, apart from some bread crusts.

It was only now I saw them. Sora's closest friends: Markus, Jamie and Leo. As they start to approach me, fists clenched, I run, hoping to escape them. But they have other ideas, and they ran towards me and I saw something glimpse in the moonlight. A knife!

These guys aren't out to punch me a couple of times – they're here to try and kill me! I run as fast as I can, screaming at the top of my lings "KAI! HELP ME! PLEASE COME, KAI!"

But I have been cornered in an alleyway. I squeeze my eyes shut, holding my breath. But once I open my eyes, I see all three of them of the floor, with one person with silky brown hair, and gentle blue eyes standing there. "…Kai. Thanks. You saved my life" He just smiled and said "Changed your mind about that deal now?"

I nodded and then followed Kai back to his home. As soon as I walk in there, it feels like heaven. It is so warm, with a soft sofa, and plump pillows resting on it. "So, Trixie. I ran you a bath, looks like you could use with a good clean. There are some clothes hanging on the railings in the bathroom" I gratefully nod at him, and then go to take my bath. The bubbles are wonderfully soft and soothing on my skin, and the water is warm and gentle, yet it washes all the dirt away. When I have changed, I look into the mirror, and I don't see myself- I see an entirely different person.

I go to Kai, who is in his office. I am about to speak to him, when I notice a photo. It looks like a family photo, but with one person torn out of it. "Hey, Kai. Who was torn out of that photo?" He doesn't respond, but then mumbles "…My cousin. He killed everybody in my family except for me"

I am shocked at what I hear. Kai is an orphan, like me? "That happened to me, but it was my adopted brother. He was the most amazing brother and friend to me." Kai turns to me, raises an eyebrow." And his name is…" I respond very quietly, hardly unable to say his name. "…Sora.

My ultimate goal is to destroy him once and for all!" Kai turns back to the photo, and says, ever so softly "That makes two of us then" It took me a while to finally comprehend what he had just said. That means Sora is his enemy, as well as mine. "I'm going out to the shop" I tell Kai, and he just nods. But when I open the door and step outside, a surprise awaits me.

"S..S..S..Sora!" I instantly change into a defensive position, drawing out my lucky pen-knife, the one Father gave to me before he died. Sora smirks, and says "Y'know, two can play at that game" whilst drawing a sword out. Then it hits me. This is a fight to the death. Kill or be killed. I charge at Sora, knife in hand.

But I see Kai in the doorway, and Sora charges straight towards him. Then Sora falls to the ground, lifeless. Then I can't stop the tears pouring down my face. I know I wanted revenge, but in a way, I still have the bonds with Sora, my adopted brother. Kai has an evil grin on his face. "So, Trixie, you don't know the truth, eh?" I freeze up. The truth? "What truth!" I angrily blurt out. "You killed Sora. That's the only truth."

Then he chuckles with a cold, heartless laugh. "Don't tell me you haven't realised yet. Sora was under orders to kill both your family and my family. He was under orders from me" I look at Sora's lifeless body, with a small smile spread on it. Then I run away as fast as I can, away from the monster I once trusted. I run into the darkness, into the lonely void…