I run and run until I feel as though my legs would break if I try any harder.

In the distance, I see blue flashing lights. When I hear somebody approaching I dive into the bushes. All my concentration is on steadying my breathing, to be careful to not make a sound.

I see two policemen approach the bush I am hiding in. One has a torch- the other has a dog. Straight away, the German Sheppard pounces on me. The other policeman shone a torch on the bush and said "Come out of the bushes"

I slowly slip out of the other side of the bushes. They notice and start to run after me. But they cannot find my spring, the spring that is magical. Nobody else can find it. But today, there was a green haired girl there. she smiles at me and says

"Hey! I'm Forest"

I half heartedly reply back "Trixie" But then we see searchlights. I mentally yell "Oh Crap! It's the Police!"

My body is frozen to the spot, frozen out of fear. Forest yells at me to run, but I can't. I am about to tell Forest to go without me, when I feel Forest pulling me along. That gave me the motivation to start running. We start running, out on to the road. I don't see it though, the blazing red car that is coming.

The driver doesn't see me either. The driver ploughs the car straight into me, knocking me onto the cold, wet tarmac.

I don't understand what is going on. I don't open my eyes. I hear a siren, voices and other city noises. The last thing I hear is "She won't be able to stay conscious for much longer"…

(Forest's Point of View)

I helplessly watch as Trixie is put into the back of the ambulance.

I cross my fingers that the police don't recognise me. Fat chance. One of the police officers comes up to me "Hey, you're Forest!" Another officer comes up to me as they both grab my arms.

"You're coming with us" I try and get out of their grip, but I hardly get anywhere. They drag me into the car and to the police station. When we get there, I am shaking. Half out of anger, half out of fear.

When they take me in there is a man behind a computer. He laughs and says "What? She's just a kid!) The two policemen holding me give the computer person a look and he nods back at them. I feel my other personality, Ruin, trying to take over.

I try and fight her, but it isn't working. I keep drifting in and out of consciousness. I hear some of what they are saying. "Medical…Identity…Disorder…" I fall to my knees, a loud thud resounding. I feel Ruin starting to move my arm, and I try to warn them, but it doesn't work. I say to myself that if I can't be in control, then neither can Ruin.

She is really strong, I don't think I can match her power for much longer…

(3rd Person Point of View)

From her knees, Forest falls face first onto the hard, concrete floor. The policeman that first spotted her goes over to her, rolls her onto her back and gently shakes her. She was unconscious and had a gash in her head from the concrete. An ambulance arrives to take Forest. They don't see, but Forest stirs…

(Forest's Point of View)

I can hear sirens, and I can see a white ceiling. I try to move my head, but something is stopping my head from moving. I hear a voice saying "Is she coming round yet?" I try and tell them, but I haven't enough energy to.

(3rd Person Point of View)

Forest fell unconscious for the rest of the journey. When they pulled up into the hospital, Forest is put in a bed next to someone familiar…

(Trixie's Point of View)

Everywhere hurts. Not as badly as it did, but it still hurts. I hear somebody get put in the bed next to me. I try to turn and face them, but my head really hurts when I move it. The person says to me "Hey Trixie" I reply "Forest, what are you doing here?" She replies back "I'm sorry. I never told you, did I. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder. The other me is called Ruin, and she breaks the law, is rude, and is just everything I'm not. Friends?" I say back "Forever"

A week later…

Doctors say that I'm being discharged. When I get up to go, Forest bursts through the door. "Hey, Trixie! I see you're looking much better now!" She had two brown haired boys with her. "These are my adopted brothers- Gabriel, just call him Gabe, and Finn. Wanna come with us?" I grin and say "Sure!"

When I'm out of the hospital, we walk to their foster mum's house.

(Forest's point of view)

I open the door and yell "We're back! I've brought a friend too!" Jane yells back "That's great! Does she want to stay with us?" Trixie nods and I yell back that she does.

(Third Person point of view)

Weeks passed and Trixie stayed with Jane, Forest Gabe and Finn. Then one morning, Forest was particularly excited…

(Trixie's Point of View)

I went downstairs, only to be greeted by a massive hug from Forest. It's official- Jane's adopted you!" She yelled. I was so happy, thoughts were whizzing through my head. This is it. My new life, my past put behind me. My future to look forward to. With my new adopted sister, Forest, my new adopted brothers, Finn and Gabe and my new foster mother, Jane. Both me and Forest start laughing as friends and family…