Goodbye, Halcyon Days

He drowned me in the Winter
With lips embracing my heart
A wind with a taste of ice
Showering over the dark
A kiss

My dear, can you please
Rest those stained fingers?
Stroking, rubbing, ever so gently
A breathe of death lingers
A touch

He strangled me in the Spring
Over a cup of tea
Puffs of ink spilling from
His eyes, full of glee
A smile

My dear, can you
Let go of my tongue?
Licking the tar from my lips
Please, pour sanity into my lungs
A lie

He slashed me in the Summer
While butterflies kissed my dreams away
Flames ravage the pit of my throat
Oh, why did the Universe betray?
A choke

My dear, can you please
Let my soul free?
Caged, trapped under this skin
Do you not agree?
A trick

He killed me in the Autumn
Nothing but an apparition, an illusion, a monster
Oh, how I wish I did not remember
The fate I was bestowed by my haunter
A destiny

My dear, can you
Rest those iniquitous eyes?
You watched me die many times
Please, just look up to the skies
A death

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