When Meows Become Words

By Poisoned Twinkles

A/N: This story was published in our school paper. I named Gerard after our crappy principal, but they (the people in charge) wanted to change the name. Grr. School's like some sort of dictatorship now! (And yes, I love cats!)

There was always something about that tricolor tabby, as fat as a football, roaming around the corner of Bede Avenue, the street where numerous rich people would walk their 'purebred' pets. The fat cat meowed when it was hungry. It meowed when it was full. It meowed when it saw people. It meowed when it saw its own shadow. Most of all, it meowed when there was a full moon. The only time it didn't meow was whenever it slept by the not-so-gigantic mango tree near Gerard's house.

Gerard, however, was a different story. He kept silent when he was walking. He kept silent when he stayed still. He barely talked, even to his own parents. He was very quiet all the time.

But Gerard had a special routine. He took care of that mango tree near his house. He'd water it regularly, whether it was in season or not, and he'd sit by the trunk, immersed in its leafy shade for countless hours. He would tap it to check its growing rigidity and he would even hug it if he got bored. As to why he loved that mango tree, not even he knows the exact reason. One thing was that he never uttered a single word near it.

It was one of those sunny days when the heat was intense, and people would buy a cold glass of Coke, or stay in their homes, directly facing their air conditioners. Gerard, on the other hand, knew that it was a hazardous day for his beloved mango tree. He walked hurriedly, carrying his usual watering can which was full of ice-cold water. Maybe people would think he was crazy, but he didn't care. His fragile mango tree needed him!

As soon as he got to it, sweating a little, he was overcome by a powerful stench that made him want to gag. That tricolor tabby was burying its poop in the soil of the mango tree, and then it proceeded to make the trunk a scratch post. This made Gerard so angry, he shouted, "SHOO, YOU FAT CAT!", and tried to threaten it by waving his watering can in front of it, little drops of water shooting out.

The cat meowed teasingly and licked its paws, not even minding Gerard, who was on the verge of a mini meltdown, uttering a rude phrase in front of his beloved tree for the first time. The stinky smell was still there, and Gerard couldn't think of what to do other than approach the tree, and stay in the shade, for the sun's heat was becoming unbearable for him. It was more unbearable than the dissipating odor of the cat's poop.

He carefully walked towards the tree, looking menacingly at the tabby, and quickly decided against staying there for long. Taking his watering can, he hastily watered the mango tree and turned away. The cat stopped licking its paws and meowed triumphantly at Gerard, as if mocking him.

Gerard's grip tightened around the can as he turned back to it.

"I'll get back at you!" he said. The cat blinked once with its bright jade eyes and resumed licking its paws. Gerard's shoulders sagged in defeat as he started walking back to his house, ready for a nice cold glass of tropical punch.

That was the story of how Gerard started talking more. To that fat, tricolor cat.

A/N: My friend wanted me to make a sequel, but it just doesn't feel right to me. Teehee! I love cats! Thanks for reading ~ meowww! :3