We slunk in, heads held high.

Stepping into the gloom, walls glowing yellow yellow blue from our presence. Greeting us.

Shoes stick to the floor from sticky sticky.

We looked for you in the mass of heaving bodies, sweat crawling down.

Strobe lights blinded us when we floated in.

Just trying to get away, baby. You were trying to get away.

But I felt your heartbeat in the club and followed it, sniffing you out. And I thought I saw your ancestors in the flash of a light.

Boom boom boxcars boxcars boxcars, baby. Boxcar, baby, they were all rolling right by.

We were a slave to the music. Vulnerable to that shot of greatness, ill-equipped to resist such temptation.

It was all us, baby. We were one and oh baby, we feel it.

Huff huff cough, baby; air thick from our greatness.

Our coughs tear us apart. Rips our souls away from skin and we lose each other in the crowd.

Track's lifting and I'm sifting through the crowd for you.

Searching for that wild woman way you have of walking.

I thought I caught a glimpse of recognition in that flash. I knew that strobe, that woman, that, oh babe.

Oh, woman. I need my wild woman.

Skirts rustle, shoes thud and I can't hear above the gurgle-hum.

Pump pump pow! I was hit as I slunk past that corner cave of human consciousness, head hung.

Cigarette burn and brush right past, rub ash between my thumb, singed arm hair slink slink—

Slink by that round table with smoke billowing, stretching towards heavenly strobe lights.

Shine down and favour me with a kiss. Give me a shot of your greatness, holy.

Holy! Holy, strobe light.

We are all holy in this underground wilderness.

Holy floor thick with holy life of yesterday; holy sweat pouring.

I have to take off my coat. Sweat drip drip drop my coat on the floor with the others.

The floor pulsates with the heartbeat and a river of sweat life-blood life force life kin.

We were so beautiful!

Oh, wild woman beautiful, where are you?

The song slides as we slip and crash and fall and thrash and and skip—

Flash flash.

I thought I saw you.

Black walls painted neon flash with holy holy.

And maybe I thought we could have lived together, could have sucked in the same air, could have fed from the same bosom.

Baby, I can smell you and I'm sinking.

Becoming one with the bodies pulsating and beating and slap slap slapping skin on skin, hip thrust, twirl jump lunge thrash.

Not sure if I can climb my way out of this hole. We're a heap of bodies, but I still feel you.

Our hearts pump the same life, give the same life-blood, give same life.

We are birth kin.

We sniff each other out.

On the flashing floor, drape arm across woman's breast. I feel her heart beat. It's a hip track, baby, it's alive and it's crawling along to that blare, that comic blare that holy holy.

But it's not you, baby. Only you can give me a shot of that sweet electric love.

It's in the music, baby. Tss tss tss tss.

Boom boom boxcars boxcars boxcars, baby, they're all rolling right by.

I think I saw you in that moment. I saw your kicks; orange leaves still trailing you from yesterday.

I saw you point and aim, baby. You found another, he never saw you coming. Never saw that aim, that old arm point a claw and snatch him up.

He never had a chance.

Oh, my succubus, my baby, my—oh, woman.

Wild woman.

I'm just a voice in the wilderness. No identity here. No individual. We're too lost in the hit of greatness.

I'm a voice caught in the web of the song. It pulls me away from known territory into the darkest part of our souls where only strobe lights can illuminate.

We're tangled, baby. We cough fire water and sweat sex.

That trail... I'm following it to you. I shuffle and I stumble and I mumble, oh, break through that huddle.

But I think I saw you and you ran, oh, wild woman, I'll never catch up.

The salt in the air's so thick it clogs my nostrils and scrapes my tongue.

But the only scent I want is you.

One heartbeat. Pump pump flash.

Huh, and I shiver. Silk slid across my soul and—shiver shiver.

She flicks her hair, golden shining in the green, and it skips.

My heart skipped with the track with the track with the track.

Oh, sweets, shivers run down my spine in the beat of the time of the time.

There's no escape, baby. It's all wild! But I can't get lost in this wilderness.

And golden-flick-shining-green looks at me. But I can't look her in the eye; one glance and flash surprise. She can see that demon dancing in my grin.

Pump pump shiver, baby, shiver shiver, oh!

No exit, no way out now, no going back.

The gloom swallows us. Clog our lungs we inhale-exhale heat. We taste same breath. Suck same stench.

We're lost in the one shot of greatness, one great, we used to be beautiful, oh, so beautiful, my wild woman.

Skip skipping.

We're, we're living it. We're pump pump pumpin. We're jumping and, oh, baby, what a mess.

That smell of decay, but we're shedding it now. Clothes fall to floor.

Strobe lights guide us to holy holy.

Back to the womb, baby. We birth kin, baby, and it skipped again.

Oh, nearly jumped right outta, right outta, right outta my chest.

Yellow yellow blue green blue green blue, she's sick all over his shoulder but he don't even know.

He's too lost in our ecstasy.

It's all right. I'm almost there too. I just gotta find, gotta find, gotta find you.

Pump pump flash pump.

Holy holy holy holy!

We sank into the floor. We sunk, coughing up the call to holy holy strobe.

We shivered as one. And our veins pumped that life force right through us into the floor.

When it jumped with us I could have sworn the walls expanded.

Gotta make room for what we're making.

Oh, baby.

Oh, baby.

I lost you in the wilderness. In the call of my own voice as it answered the roar of the pump pump flash holy holy strobe.

Entranced by my own melody, head held high.

I forgot all about finding you.

And sunk into that holy holy.

Heavily inspired by Misfits Season One soundtrack, Howl by Allen Ginsberg, Severin, Severin, speak so slightly by lookingwest and, of course, the prompt.