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Chapter One

"I need someone classy this time, Potts. Just because I happen to be a homosexual does not mean that it's okay to flaunt around a little twink like the one you brought me last time. Do you understand?"

Christopher Potts nodded and tried his best to keep up with his boss as they walked hastily through the crowd society's highest that formed around the bleachers awaiting the equestrian riders to mount up and ride, his fingers flying over the digital letters on his iPad as he made notes on what his boss of three years requested. Not an easy task when one was trying to navigate around well dressed men and women with obnoxious clothing and umbrellas as they spoke of the prime horseflesh that would be on display in a mere matter of minutes. Not a one of them caring to move to the side when they saw him coming after his employer. Truth be told, he suspected that they moved to make his life more difficult as it fit in with the rest of the rain cloud that constantly crowded over his head.

For Christopher Potts life was depressing. He had no life outside of work with only a paltry amount of friends of whom seemed more like acquaintances than anything else and a small, working class family that were entirely too overbearing for his liking. No, the only pleasure he seemed to get out of life was him. Him, with slate gray eyes and fashionably short black locks that did nothing to subtract from that prominent handsome face that haunted his nightly fantasies. Him, with his 6'2" frame that was ridiculously well built from no less than four visits per week in his private home gym. And him, the man who was currently giving him a recipe for retrieving the newest dim-witted slut to appear at a function and then give a more private showing afterwards.

Christopher bobbed and weaved before sighing in relief as they finally settled next to a less inhabited area near well groomed tree. Grateful to be still for two seconds, he finished typing what he had been told and glanced back up at the man and had to fight down the urge to sigh.

The man that stood before him was everything he had always dreamed of physically and nothing he had fantasized over personality wise. In fact, the man before him was rude, ruthless, conniving, and arrogant to a fault. In short, he made a great CEO of Barrington International, a family business that had been on the top of the investor charts since 1902. His only downfall, in the eyes of his father and the other members of the board was that he was gay. The fact that he was hyper masculine and didn't so much as touch the colors pink or purple didn't help his case either. Not that there really was a case. No, Bastian Barrington was boss and, since his take over of the family throne that was the position of CEO, everyone did as he said.

And to think, somewhere within the three years of running to and fro and being a generic manservant and secretary, Christopher had fallen in love with the man. That was the sad part. And the worst thing was that he just really didn't know why. He'd seen many attractive men that were much nicer and much more aware of his presence on the planet for something other than scheduling, planning, filing, and freaking matchmaking. But no, somewhere in his messed up psyche he had fallen for the biggest asshole in the planet - figuratively speaking of course. Bastian made it well known that he was a top man, a man's man who like nothing more than burying himself in a warm hole.

Had he mentioned occasionally crude when he had listed faults?

Ah, well, it wasn't like it mattered. His feelings were obsolete and totally unknown and since he valued his job and all the things he had become accustomed to such as his apartment, car, and eating in general, he'd make sure it stayed under wraps. No way he was getting fired because he was crushing on his boss. Besides, if he couldn't have the man wasn't the next best thing being here with him and -

"Bring me a blonde this time. I don't like redheads, keep that in mind this time when you find someone."

- taking detailed notes before going out to find his boss' latest tramp. He sighed and typed some more. "Is there anything else I should look for, sir?"

"Yes," Bastian nodded after pondering for a long moment. "Bring me someone about your height. I don't want to have to strain my neck."

Christopher stared hard at his boss. He didn't comment on the fact that he was not only the proper height but also a blonde as his boss requested. But then, he assumed his narrow face and transitional glasses were unappealing to the taller man. Perhaps if he swayed his hips more vulgarly like so many did once they got a look at Bastian in hopes of drawing the rich, handsome man's eyes to their ass. Or maybe he could forget his manners and start chewing gum obnoxiously loud while batting his eyes. No, he would not resort to acting like a tramp or idiot just go get the man's attention.

"Is that all, sir?"

"No, have a room rented out at the Hilton."

Scared to bring the latest slut home, Bastian? He wanted to ask. Missing some silverware or a shiny new Rolex from your last trick? He didn't ask these questions, of course. No, he was bigger than giving in to jealous banter. Well, at least he was outside of his head. Outside he just nodded and smiled. "Very good, sir. I'm going to head back to the office to ensure that Gretchen got those faxes from London before seeing to this."

Bastian nodded and waved his hand in a shooing motion.

Christopher wondered how quickly he'd get fired if he just gave the man the bird. He restrained himself and quickly made his way back to the parking lot and to his car before heading back downtown.


Christopher stared out over the dance floor, eyes skimming the crowded club as man after man poured in. The place had to be reaching capacity soon and with no prospects in sight. No man here would suit his bosses needs without a complaint from the man but he knew he couldn't leave empty handed either. Even if he wanted to. He wanted to show up on Bastian's doorstep dressed to impress and give the man what he asked for.

A 5'10" blonde with a nice ass and a noted lack of twink-ness.

As always, he wouldn't, of course. It didn't matter that it hurt him a little one the inside at the idea of taking prime male flesh to the man he loved, knowing that he would fuck them. That he would use them, build their hopes up with his wealth without ever saying a word about it, before dumping them days later. He almost felt sorry for them and he would have had it been anyone but Bastian they were going to have in a way Christopher knew he never would.

"You look awfully serious over here, cutie." A deep male voice said lowly in his ear. Christopher almost didn't hear him. "Something on your mind?"

"Just shopping," he answered, turning to look up to the handsome, buff, blond man that was presently invading his space. He was doable, he supposed. Definitely attractive despite the bottle blond hair and Christopher didn't even mind the deep laugh lines around his face. But he wasn't what he wanted.

The man laughed, "Shopping, huh? That's an interesting term for cruising."

"I'm shopping for my boss," he shrugged.

"Sounds interesting. But your boss isn't here and I might be 'shopping' for a sexy little fuck like you. What do you say?"

Pushing his glasses back up on his nose, he grunted. "I'm off the market."

"I don't see anyone."

"I put myself on the shelf. Thanks for inquiring though," he nodded and gave a tight smiled before shoving away from the wall, his eyes on a newcomer. As he walked towards the man, he took note of his appearance the closer he came to him. Natural blonde, slender, nice ass if a little small, and just two inches or so shorter than himself. This was the guy, now came the awkward part.

Grabbing the guy before he made his way to the bar, he smiled tightly and introduced himself. "Hey, I'm Christopher-"

"Uh, hi," he guy said and tipped his head, looking from Christopher's hand on his arm and back at the man with a prissy 'hands-off' look that made the taller man regret bothering with him.

But he knew what the boss wanted and made it a point to please. "Sorry. Look, fellow, I am the Administrative Assistant to the CEO of Barrington International." Name-dropping, it always worked, he mused and almost laughed at how quickly the man's interest perked up. "My employer, Bastian Barrington," he pulled out his Android and showed the man the background of his phone - a snapshot of his employer. "Saw you when you walked in and asked me to have you accompany him tomorrow night on a casual date."

The man's face flushed a bit as a smiled broke out one his face before he actually started bouncing a bit. Christopher just smiled back tightly. Hook, line, and sinker.

God he hated his job.


Precisely one week later on one of his many trips in and out of his boss' office throughout the day, a strange thing happened. Bastian Barrington, his employer of three years asked Christopher to sit down. He did so cautiously as the man had a serious expression on his face as he looked down his nose at him as if he were some sort of insect.

"Is everything okay, Mr. Barrington?"

"Perhaps. Do you know what today is, Potts?"

"Um, Wednesday? Oh! We have the meeting with Beecher and son regarding -

"Today is your performance review," Bastian interrupted him with aplomb. "Today marks your three year mark with Barrington International.

Christopher fought the urge to beam. The man had actually remembered. Maybe he want invisible to the man!

"Your performance with us during that time, however, leaves much to be desired."

"Huh?" His bubble burst abruptly at this and his eyes quickly narrowed in thought as he went over his actions, his duties, and even his life outside of work. He had done everything perfectly this past year as he had the years before. There wasn't a single thing that came to mind that he could have done better as he always put his all into everything. "In what respect, sir?"

"I give you specific instructions. Detailed and descriptive and yet you continue to disappoint time after time," the man said, voice deep and curt.

Again he wracked his brain. "I beg your pardon, sir, but I don't think I understand. My work is my priority in life. I would never do anything to jeopardize this."

"Then perhaps you can explain the train wreck you sent to my hotel room last week."

Ah, so that was it. "With all due respect, sir. I should not even be aware of your personal life much less be responsible for finding suitable partners for you. So I fail to see how you can count that against me."

The small show of spirit cost him as Bastian narrowed his own eyes. "You accepted the position with full knowledge that anything I need would be your responsibility should I request it of you. That contract is binding in respect to all of my wants and needs. You read the contract and signed it."

"Your corporate needs."

"Should I have Gretchen head down to the file room to pull it up?" Bastian Barrington growled, surprised by the man's sullen comments and quick thinking. "It's irrelevant besides. When you signed that contract you also gave the company leeway to terminate you with or without reasonable cause."

Christopher's mouth dropped open. "You're firing me?"

"What else can you expect after the way you've spoken to me just now?" he scoffed. "I was merely going to coach you but your demeanor towards me showed a noted lack of respect and that is something I will not have in someone that I must deal with everyday."

"Fired?" Christopher repeated again, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Yes, now I expect your desk cleared by the end of the day. And tell Gretchen to bring me some coffee when you head back that way." When the man didn't move, Bastian told him. "You may go now."

Disbelief quickly turned to anger when he finally managed to get his breathing under control. Nearly springing from his chair, he glared at the man. "I've been here three years. I've been working as your secretary for three freaking years and you can just fire me like this? And over some tramp? How dare you!"

"That will be all, Mr. Potts. Leave or I'll be forced to call security."

"Fuck security and fuck you, uptight prick that you are!" he growled out, smacking the phone off the desk. Rationally, he knew he was not taking this well but as he sat there in shock the realities of getting fired from his current position rained down on him. Getting fired suddenly from a position such as his would lead to speculation, getting fired from a multi-billion dollar corporation such as Barrington International would raise suspicion. He'd never be able to work in this field again. Years of school wasted. Years of building up to be the best Administrative Assistant he could be wasted because he failed at choosing a man to send to fuck the man he love most?

Barrington rose and picked up the phone, placing it back on the desk. Planting his hands on said desk, he leaned forward. "If your finished with this common display, I'll thank you to get out."

Christopher balled his fist up, imagining how great it would have been to sock the fucker one right in the face. He restrained himself thinking of the lawsuit that would soon follow. But with the man in the position he was now, leaning so close, Christopher gave in to the only other urge that struck him. Reaching forward he gripped the man's head hard and kissed him for all he was worth before pulling away and walking out the door and leaving a bewildered boss standing there staring after him.